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Product Review: Lollipop Ribbon Jacket

Lollipop Ribbon Jacket
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Item 23162
Regular: $350.00
Now: $149.99

J.Crew describes this sweet jacket as the following:
An exquisite candy-hued weave (from an esteemed Biella, Italy, mill specializing in magnificent tweeds) sweetens this ladylike jacket. Silk chiffon taping and raw-cut edges add a modern couture feel. Nylon/cotton/linen/rayon. Notch collar. Bracelet sleeves. Flap pockets with button closure.
This jacket has been getting a lot of attention from fellow JCAs. Luckily for us, we have a few reviews.

A big "thanks!" to ajc (in this post) who shared the following review:
For those considering the Lollipop Jacket. I bought it FP, decided it was way too much, returned and now I ordered it again. Imo it fits tts. It is somewhat boxy and on me it was similar in fit/sizing to Rose Vines blazer with not much waist definition. I took 6 in this jacket and wondered if I need an 8, while I bought 4 in Dauphine and 2 was a great fit everywhere but the armholes. I am 34D for a reference.

The tweed is very nice but delicate and it will have tendency to snag, I think because of the 'ribbon' content. Overall workmanship, and quality is very good. It reminds me of similar Kate Spade jacket from this season but at $120 it now it has a very good price. It has unfinished edges but from my experience they do not unravel.

The tweed is very different from Collier or Dauphine, thinner and making it much more suitable for spring/summer. It is definitely a 'special' jacket and it will be noticed.

The color is actually quite subtle I think more peach than orange. Overall, if you like it in the picture you should not be dissapointed. When I bought it FP I thought I would never wear it enough to justify the price but at $119 I think it is reasonable for the quality.
Another big "thanks!" to Summer (in this post) who shared the following review:
Just got the lollipop jacket. It is nice but does not super excite me. Lots of fraying bits on my trim. Yes, I could cut them off but for $120 I know this could/would become bothersome.

I am in like/not LOVE and I surprisely LOVED my Dauphine I got a couple of weeks ago in the mail. So while the jacket is pretty just not $120 pretty or something I know I would wear a lot.

I know I would grab another jacket I already own first before this one.
"Thanks!" again to ajc & Summer for their great reviews of this jacket!

What are your thoughts on the Lollipop Ribbon Jacket? Have you seen or own this jacket? If so, what is your review of the fabric & cut ? Would you recommend it to another fellow JCA?


  1. I really like the colours in the tweed, the only bit I'm not sure about is the ribbon collar, it looks a bit messy/unfinished; I'd really have to see it to form a proper opinion because it could be fab in real life.

  2. I received my Lollipop jacket yesterday and sadly it is going back.... I think that the fit is on the small side. The workmanship and detail are amazing, I really love the colors but it is just one of those pieces that would sit in my closet unworn:(

  3. I seriously considered purchasing it during the last 20% off sale but not sure if the color would work with my skin-tone - plus I actually want the jacket for work and I'm not sure if the fraying is borderline too much. Sounds from the reviews that it may be borderline too much. The search for non-boring work-appropriate jackets continues ...

  4. Looks like a pretty jacket! I probably don't have much use for something like this but I'd love to see it in person.

    Slightly OT- I received the Poplin Boardwalk Jacket yesterday and it is definitely going back! It's like a floppy, over-sized, long jacket that is so cheap looking! It has a waist tie that I thought would save the overall look of the jacket but it just ended up looking awkward. The bronze buttons even discolored the fabric! Save your money and don't buy this one! No wonder why it's on sale!

  5. o/t but last night at the Columbus Circle store they were bringing out a whole new roll out. They also had some items that were new and not online yet, like a full sequined chocolate colored cardigan that is gorgeous. Anyway, I assume the new arrivals will be online soon!!!!

  6. I ordered this one too and the fit was great. I ordered my usual size in JCrew jackets. The fabric ribbon detailing up close was very pretty. However, the fraying bothered me as well as the bracelet sleeves. Would have had to trim several really fraying messy parts like Summer said and my daughter did not like the overall look of the jacket on me. Sometimes kids really do know best! I liked it but just wasn't overjoyed so back it goes.

  7. Just saw a great Fall Preview on this blog, it has close up pictures and a brief overview what is to come....unfortunately more of the same ruffles, sequins, military look. Jenna is still wearing that stripe top lol!


  8. OT: Boden fans

    30% off all summer today AND free shipping-- no minimum. It takes 7-10 business days for items to make it from the UK to the US but the wait has been worth it for me. Got some really pretty fall and spring items from them recently.

  9. casual-crew,

    Tried to type in the link but got no where. Oh well, thanks though. I will see fall items eventually.

  10. Thanks for the reviews of this jacket! I ordered it during the Sale but it hasn't arrived yet. I love the color, so fingers crossed on it.

  11. I was so disappointed in this jacket in person. I understand about the lack of finish being on trend. However, this fabric is gorgeous and to make a piece out of it that will be so dated and silly looking in two years is criminal. I like to have a variety of classic and trendy pieces in my wardrobe, but I definitely spend a lot less on those trendy pieces. I think a lot of other people feel like I do, and that is why this got marked down so far so quickly.

  12. I've been considering this one myself and would love to see it IRL. Summerilla got it and posted pics on her blog, btw.

  13. Genny, just copy and paste the link into your browser, it should work. It's old, from late March or early April and you may have seen it already.

  14. I didn't order it since I don't think I can wear it much here in SoCal. I don't like fraying edges since after couple wears it will come apart like so many other JC tees and cardigans that have unfinished edges.

  15. Thanks for the link to the fall preview photos. Not sure about bell bottoms, or feathers (yuk.) I'm anxious to see what JCREW tweed will be like. And I do fear the quality of the sweaters as based on this spring/summer run. But I love the more trad styling (minus the feathers.)

  16. O/T but did any other JC card holders get an email this morning with subject line "Learn More About Your J Crew Credit Card" telling them that they were close to meeting the threshold for a rewards card that included a free shipping code until 6/27? It looks like there's no minimum?!??!?!?!?!

    It's funny because this weekend I heard a sales assistant tell someone she was signing up for a card that the perks included free shipping on the web. I did a double take and almost called her on it but I was rushing out the door and didn't want to get into a discussion about it! It made me think how much more I'd buy if that was true.

  17. Casual crew's link worked for me...just pasted it in google.

    I've seen the JCrew preview before but was happy to come across the links to Gwyneth Paltrow, esp. the April 2010 post. She looks gorgeous and love her outfit in the last shot. Thanks!

  18. Genny: It worked for me, you can do a search on Google J Crew Fall Preview 2010, and scan down a couple of paragraphs until you see the blog post, it is on the 1st page.

  19. jessie b,

    I agree completely with you on your jacket comments.

    Also, the brightness of the colors and ribbon do not seem to translate to fall for me at least. And too hot to wear around my climate in the spring/summer.

    I liked the Dauphine as it can be worn fall/winter and fits the tweeds that are going to be in style for longer as well as this fall. More timeless appeal to the fabric.

  20. JC-Which store is Columbus Circle? Ohio? Or do you have a phone number? I would love a chocolate brown sequin sweater!! Did you see how much it cost? Thanks!

  21. I do not like the color of this jacket. Enough orange.

    OT, I ordered the nadja jacket with the last promo and it is going back. I know many of us were questioning the cuffs. I hated them IRL. The jacket fabric is like a nice suit fabric and then it is just ruined by the baseball jacket/casual looking cotton cuffs. Also, I thought the style was too cropped overall.

    I also got the dauphine for $80, yes much more classic looking. If you are hippy I do *not* recommend sizing down as the fabric is gathered at the waist/hips.

  22. Mary J--Columbus Circle is in NYC. Specifically, at the Time Warner Center.

  23. I looked and looked at this jacket, but wasn't crazy about the color and didn't see myself wearing it in the fall, when I veer hard towards tweed, and I knew I'd never wear it in warm weather. So, a pass for me. Plus I got the charming Dauphine.

    J.Crew Fall 2010? I am so getting that big white confection of a (presumably) wedding dress and wearing it to work with boots, a schoolboy blazer & newsboy cap. And I will do so the only way one does such a thing: Effortlessly.

  24. thanks, Cass! I will give them a call now...

  25. Boston Brit, I didn't get an e-mail like that, but I will be on the lookout. Free shipping for cardholders would be a great perk--lately a silver card doesn't even get me a catalog!

  26. i also got the free shipping card member email.

    i just checked, there is no minimum.

  27. New items alert (just got back from the B&M):

    Jaspe dress - half-sleeved, probably above knee, crewneck and chunky back zipper. It looked like my 5-year-old self drew an outline of a dress and used it as a pattern. The fabric seemed a little heavier than the Jaspe we're used to, so I'm not sure how this would translate to a dress. I think it was $79.50.

    Haya hoodie material in a crewneck - I'm so not in the market for a sweatshirt, but this one was kind of nice. No frayed edges anywhere, but quite fitted - I'd say size up if you're in between. Marled charcoal grey with lighter grey cuffs and collar. $59.50, I think.

    They also had a sleeveless dress and skirt in that kinda washed-out watercolor print we saw in Real Simple a while ago.. it's light yellow, black, and blue on a mostly natural background. Same deal with the shorter pencil skirts. I didn't check the price but I'd be willing to be $118 for the skirt and $148 for the dress.


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