Saturday, June 12, 2010

Crewcuts Email: 20% off all boys' graphic tees. 3 days & online only.

"Thanks!" to many of you, Desert Flower, Marietta, & Ketan, who shared with us the latest email from Crewcuts.

The email announces Crewcuts' latest promotion: 20% off all Boys graphic tees (click here to shop online). This offer expires 6/14/10.

What is great about the promotion is the price reduction is already applied. No need to input a code. And of course, there's free shipping on all Crewcuts orders. If only J.Crew would extend a similar offer (20% off & free shipping) to the men & women tees! ;)

Will you check out the boys graphic tees during this promotion? Any tees you are interested in getting? :)


  1. Love love love the boys graphics tees, for both of my kids and for me, too. :) I just wear a 12 (the 14 is actually a touch too big--even though it is perfect in the girls size).

    I recently purchased the lagoon green (I think) lobster tee that says "Don't Be So Shellfish." It is darling.

    I don't know if I am going to be participating in this promo, but I am hear to give a rah-rah to the tees. They are wonderful!

  2. Should read "I am HERE to give a rah-rah..." ;)

  3. Dina: That Lobster "Shellfish" tee sounds adorable!!! :)

  4. Still too high for me. Not to mention, I sent back quite a few of the boy tee's this spring due to quality and cut. The only time I splurge is for items like coats, sweaters and sweatshirts that can be worn a size up and last a year or two.

  5. I was desperate for something besides the old navy/gap primary color scheme for my 5 year old. I just bought a collection of tees with the 20% additional off sale--the colors are gorgeous! I agree the cut is slimmer-more a European fit; but I like that. Also the tees (solid pocket)are thinner--but again, I liked this for the 90 degree weather we are having.

    BTW, I got the knit camp shorts, and my son really likes them. Again, they are narrower than most but I think that is cute w/an over-sized tee. The colors are unique,I bought 4 colors. HTH someone :)

  6. For me, I haven't liked the boys tees from'10 at all. The fit and quality has change dramatically since Summer of 09.

    The size 3 from older seasons is the same width as the 4/5 of more recent rollouts. I can lay a size older sz.3 up against a recient sz.4/5 and the only difference is the 4/5 is longer. All my son used to wear was Crewcuts, but now because of the wonky sizing, the tees that fit him around the middle look almost like a dress. And its not like he has a buddha belly or anything. Just a normal sized 3 yr old.

    Plus, this is the first year I've ever returned something for quaility reasons. I've have 2 tees fall apart after only 1 washing. So dissapointing. Glad I stocked up on varrious sizes last summer when there were deals and the quality was still there.

  7. So sad to hear the kids tee quality is going down hill as well as the adults.

    I won't be buying them. Thanks for the tip, egyptomanic.

    Was at the store today and ended up buying all my daughters clothes from Land's End/Sears. 40% off most all kids clothing. The others not in the 40% were 30% off. With the quality SUPER HIGH and no time limit on returns. Got some fantastic and super cute clothes.

  8. it's interesting to hear about the new cut of the tees. my 5 year old wears size 8/10 and is a string bean, so thinner and longer is perfect for him (even though it may not be so for his brother). HTG81 (a forever 21 brand) has some cute boy tees too that fit well and are sometimes $6... and i bought some girl stuff for my 5 year old boy there too (don't tell him).

  9. I am, for the first time because of so many hand-me-downs, shopping for clothes for my 6 year-old son. I want stuff that is a pleasure for him to wear and also holds up over time (think boy). I ordered six various tees from JCrew last week and just received them yesterday. I am so glad I ordered up a size (8 for a tall thin 6 y.o.) because they just barely fit him now around the middle. Some of the shirts are shockingly thin. The true test will be how they hold up over the summer. I went back to the JCrew website this morning to see if I missed some reviews regarding the sizing and realized there are no reviews on their website for any of the crewcuts - what's up with that? I will give these tees more of a chance, but... hmmm... I'm not sure I would buy again unless Ben loves them (given the cost, even on sale). I would love any leads you can give to other brands of boy clothes to try. BTW, thank you for this blog! I found it interesting and useful.

  10. I love the boys graphic tees for myself!!!

  11. Haha, as a follow-up to my previous post regarding Crewcut tees, my 6yo son (after wearing the shirt twice) says, "you have NO IDEA how soft this shirt is mom". If it holds out all season, I may be a convert. This particular shirt is item 24394.


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