Friday, June 11, 2010

J.Crew's 9th Sample Sale {is it 9? I am starting to lose track!}

ClothingLine (click here) will be hosting yet another J.Crew sample sale in NYC.

This sale will run the last week of June. For the event's days/hours:
Monday, June 28th (10 am - 7 pm)
Tuesday, June 29th (10 am - 7 pm)
Wednesday, June 30th (10 am - 7 pm)
Thursday, June 31st (10 am - 7 pm)

What to expect at J.Crew's latest sample sale:
- for Men and Women
- limited availability in crewcuts
- summer apparel, footwear and swim
- mostly stock
The location for the event is:
Clothingline | SSS Sample Sales
261 W 36th Street
(between 7th & 8th Ave)
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

I mentioned this before, but this event is so not worth it unless you happen to be in the area. I have gone to a couple of them and they were all the same. Crappy. Although the last one I went to, I did get one item & one item only... the {gorgeous} Mila Gown (Item 11729; $495.00) for $75. And that one purchase was totally worth my visit. ;)

I posted the following before (refer here), but it's worth posting it again:
Some tips and advice for these kind of sales:
  • The majority of items for sale are items rejected from customers during the X previous Sample Sales. So, check clothes for holes and stains.
  • The shoe section will be divided by size which is convenient. See a pair of shoes, grab it and try on later. Seriously, the shoe section sells the good stuff quickly.
  • That last point brings me to another tip I learned from fellow customers... the really good stuff we never see. I was told that the ClothingLine employees get "first dibs" and buy all the sweet merchandise before the doors even open. Great.
  • Keep expectations in check. I went to 2 Sample Sales hoping to snag some great finds like a Jaime Bag for cheap. Totally did not happen. Most shoppers barely buy and those who do only get a handful of items because the items there are just okay (especially for the price points).
  • Think hard whether you want it before you buy it. Most items can be bought for a lower price point with some patient stalking online and in-stores. (Moreover, items from J.Crew will come in better condition than the Sample Sale.)
Will you be attending this latest sample sale? If you are, please let us know! What are your thoughts (in general) on these Sample Sales? :)


  1. I live in NY so I can probably stop by. :)

    I've never been to a J. Crew sample sale before. What can you usually find there? In terms of clothing, accessories, etc.

  2. I'm in the area and it's not worth bothering with to me. As Alexis noted, you can find better prices on better quality items elsewhere.


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