Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Madewell Email: Summer's cool jewels

"Thanks!" to Irina & Marietta, who shared the following email from Madewell today.

The email announces that Lizzie Fortunato Jewels are now available for Madewell. They describe it as "a curated collection of artfully inspired pieces, all with a hand done feel". To shop Madewell's Jewelery line, click here.

The item featured in the image above is the Lizzie Fortunato Jewels for Madewell Bouquet Necklace (Item 29697; $118.00) which is lovingly described as:
In the spirit of its true artisan sensibility, this emerging jewelry line designed by talented twin sisters from Delaware has crafted some exclusive pieces for Madewell—including this statement bib necklace of florets sculpted from scraps.
LOL! I love how the price tag is a whopping $118 while the description acknowledges the pieces are created from scraps.

Also, don't forget that Madewell & Tablet is offering customers a chance to win a NYC shopping weekend, a $1,000 Madewell gift cards, & VIP shopping discount for the rest of the year at madewell.com. There is even a daily prize of "a summery tote with a $25 Madewell gift card inside".To enter, click HERE. This sweepstakes ends 7/20/10.

What are your thoughts on the latest partnership of Madewell's? Do you like the Bouquet Necklace? Have you seen it in-person? If so, please share! :)


  1. I love Lizzie Fortunato Jewels. Their necklaces and bracelets have an eclectic, summer camp feel to them. I would buy every LF piece if I hit the bigtime (i.e. money starts falling from the sky, but only over my house). :o)

    Last year, the designers partnered with Urban Outfitters and sold several braided necklaces and bracelets for $20-$60 if I remember correctly. I bought one of the necklaces and the grey/coral/ivory combination gets many compliments! The necklace feels sturdy and has a good weight to it.

    I think the necklaces offered for Madewell are cute, but the apricot necklace looks very similar to a necklace I received over the holidays from Anthropologie with a gold chain and fabric/chiffon rosettes. Any Anthro shoppers remember that necklace too?

  2. OT, sorry, but this morning I tried on the Contessa Tweed jacket (size 8) at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC ... it was a tad too big for me, but if anyone is looking for it, CALL and see if it's still there. It's divine. How I wished it fit! It's marked at $99.99 so it will only cost $69.99.

  3. Elaine,

    Thanks for the post. Might call and have to see if they will hold it for me:)

  4. Little Tin Linda: I didn't realize that Lizzie has also teamed up with Urban Outfitters (& for lower price points). That is pretty cool! :)

    Elaine: Thanks for sharing! :)

    Genny: Hope you get it! :)


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