Thursday, June 24, 2010

J.Crew Personal Shopper {share your story!}

J.Crew's Personal Shopper service has been discussed a few times on this blog (refer here). For those new to the blog or J.Crew, the service essentially helps customers select pieces for their wardrobe. They will also work with customers after (or before) store hours, and help track down hard-to-find items. To sign-up, click here.

A big "thanks!" to Camille who shared her experience with the service:
Several months ago, I decided to try out J Crew’s personal shoppers (PS). Overall my experience has been fabulous, and my PS has saved me a bunch of money so I highly recommend the service.

Here’s what I found:


As I like to place orders very early in the morning, I called the J Crew customer service line and asked that I be assigned a PS that started early – I was told there are fewer of these people than those that start late, but the next day I got a call from a woman who starts at 8am. I have placed almost all of my orders through her ever since, most before 9am which means I sometimes get new to sale items before they “ghost out”.

My PS and I don’t have the same tastes, as she likes louder/brighter things than I do. For this reason I listen, but do not generally rely on her sense of style – although after the multiple orders I placed in the last couple of months, I notice she is becoming accustomed to my tastes so I am giving her opinions more weight.

My PS and I are building a wonderful relationship and I highly recommend the service, except of course it may cost you more in the long run as I am more inclined to purchase the odd thing.
What a great story! It would also be great to hear from you on your thoughts of a personal shopper. Especially in terms of expectations (e.g. what a personal shopper is able to do versus the reality of what they can do).

Do you have a personal shopper? Have you been utilizing the service? Would you recommend other JCAs to get a personal shopper (if they do not have one already)? Please share with us your story! :)


  1. My PS has been very helpful. Even though they don't typically track down items that are no longer FP, on a few occasions she has tracked down final sale and deeply discounted items that I have searched for and even given me free shipping and additional % off. Her suggestions have been pretty good about how to tame down some prints/colors down for a conservative work environment.

  2. I don't have one in particular but every time I phone someone delightful picks up. I had a wonderful woman help me with fall preorders, she was amazing, so fast and efficient. I had another try to help me figure out a sweater I had seen attributed to JC in Italian Vogue. I am quite sure it wasn't JC but they were helpful in ideas for getting the look by washing a cashmere sweater and changing the buttons... THIS is what makes JC so special. You can't get PERSONAL service like this anywhere. The way they will track down items in all the retail shops is unbelievable as well.

  3. Well, I got an email, unsolicited, from a PS recently. And last week I emailed the PS about a recent order but guess what, it takes 6 (!) days for the PS to get back to me. So much for timely service.

  4. My experience has been that my PS on the phone has been helpful w locating items, placing orders, and exchange issues.

    I'm less enamored w my PS at my B&M, which is a Collection store. She has talked me into a few FP purchases and combinations that I have later really regretted, and I honestly do feel a little more pressure to buy when she is following me around the store. I know others have had great in-store experiences. Like anything else, there are great ones and not-so-great ones.

  5. I don't have an online PS but would like to find one soon.
    I've only dealt with B&M PS and she's really nice of letting me know if there are mark downs and will hold few items for me to try them.
    I've also have dealt with a guy PS at another larger store but he likes me to try on FP items. He has a good sense of style (more preppy) so I tend to ask him what items would go well and such.
    Thanks for great tips on the post!

  6. I have had mostly good experiences with PSs. I had one where I used to live who I loved. Super nice and NO pressure in any way. Now I have two at my B&M and they are both very nice and low pressure. I feel only slightly obligated to buy. One puts much more effort into our relationship than the other, though - sends me updates about new roll outs and things, offers to place catalog orders for me even on her own time. And we're friendly outside JCrew. I am mostly a sale buyer - it's all getting marked down eventually - and I do wish they would let me know when things are on sale.

    Online has been a different experience. I received that white card with the PS number on it last fall and have called that number exclusively with online questions/problems with mixed results. One person rather rudely told me I was calling a special number, implying he was too important to deal with my request. I have been kind of surprised no one has proactively offered to help me in the future, UNTIL my most recent request for an extra button for a knit jacket from 2007. Not only was the lady really nice on the phone, she sent me the button and a follow up email offering to be my PS. Yes, and done! :)

  7. I love my PS. Her name is Lynette Russsell and she is fabulous. So helpful and kind. I don't know what I would do without her!! She is def the best PS I have worked with at J. Crew...always willing to go the extra mile.

  8. I absolutely adore my new personal shopper Mary at the St. Louis Galleria. After a couple of the older PS's left Mary was brought on and I can't tell you how lucky I am. She is so helpful, such a sweet lady, and always fun. She even sent me an e-mail yesterday letting me know about the last day of the 30% off sale and letting me know she had pulled a few items she knew I had been eyeing!

  9. My experience using a PS was not what I expected. I made an app. at a collection store, and the PS was helping numerous people while helping me. When I needed another size I had to go looking for her. I could have just as well walked in and used any sales person. I tried it one more time with a different PS, and she was a little better than the first but I never heard from her after that time. As far as calling a PS from the website...haven't found one that seemed any different than when I call the website to place an order.

  10. Okay, just emailed my request for a PS...I love alot about the JCrew style, although sometimes I think it can be too young for me and I am not a stick, so really looking for guidance on how to get the look AND the fit! I'll let y'all know how it goes!

  11. I made an apt. with a store PS a year ago. He helped me a little bit (I waS looking and trying on full priced items). But he was more interested in helping some really big $$ clients. So I did not even let him have the credit for the sale. Not impressed.

    I have had a couple of good online PS though that were very helpful.

  12. The PS in the stores earn 1.5 - 3% commission on all of their sales, so they SHOULD go above and beyond for you. They have the ability to waive shipping and track down sale items. Well, any sales associate has this ability. If they're not meeting your expectations, don't use them!

  13. My personal shopper is the greatest! I couldn't ask for a nicer person to talk to. As far as sale searches and free shipping goes THAT IS NOT THEIR FAULT! Do not get angry with them for following what they're told to do! If you are really passionate about it, why don't you e-mail Mickey or something? That said, my PS doesn't make commission but still makes exceptions FROM TIME TO TIME. If you're being silly wanting 9.99 items all the time of course they're going to get frustrated. That comes back on them! So all in all, I think they do a splendid job. Kudos Personal Shoppers and shame on you abusive customers!

  14. A few times I have had a PS at the B&M who has put together a few really great outfits for me. However after a couple of appointments she doesn't return my emails or seem interested in scheduling another appointment. Am I not spending enough to make the appointments worthwhile for her? I spend about $200 per appointment. What do you think?

  15. Can anyone please tell me the current commission rate for a J.Crew personal shopper in April 2012? Do they make a higher percentage on every sale or is it only a higher percentage if it is a "client" sale? Thanks so much!

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