FAQ {about the JCA Blog}

I have a product review of a J.Crew item that I would like to share with the blog. How can I?
First, thank you so much for the offer! I would love to post your review. Just send me an email {jcrewaficionada at yahoo dot com} with your review and any additional info (like pictures). I will be sure to post it. :)

How do I post a comment?
To post a comment is relatively easy, you just need to have an account with Blogger (or another OpenID source like AIM, WordPress, etc.). Unfortunately, anonymous posting is no longer available on the blog.

Need more help? Check out Blogger's "Leave comments on a blog" page.

What's up with JCAs writing "sub" or "subscribing" as their comment?
It just means members of the blog are subscribing to all the comments (which are then automatically sent to their email) in that particular thread. This way they can stay aware of all the comments posted. :)

How do I subscribe to a post? I typed "sub" & "subscribing" when I left a comment and it didn't work.
Writing "sub" or "subscribing" as a comment (or part of a comment) will *not* subscribe you to the post.

When you leave a comment in the text box, there is a section below that text box where your log-in appears. One of the options underneath your log-in info includes "Email follow-up comments to ...". By clicking on that check-box, you will become subscribed to the thread.

I subscribed to a post and now I want to stop. How can I?
Unfortunately, I have no clue how to end your subscription to a post. :(

How do I find an item? I am desperate to find that item from J.Crew.
I know exactly what you are feeling. Many times I realize that I must have an item and find out it is completely sold out. Then the great search begins...

Let me start off by saying that I have *no* inside (or outside for that matter) connection to J.Crew. So I can't help you get the item from their warehouse, back room storage, etc. However I do have some tips that might help you:
  • If you are looking for a regular priced item, that's out of stock at your store/ online, you are in luck! J.Crew offers a "We Will Find It" service. They will actually send a notice to all their stores to find that item in your size & color. Just use J.Crew's Red Phone (in-stores) or call customer service (800-562-0258). By the way, if you use the "red phone" you should get free shipping too because it is a full priced item.
  • Post a comment on The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find} post. This post (which happens each week) is exclusively meant to help J.Crew Aficionadas and Aficionados track down items. Members of the blog are very good about letting each other know if they have the item to sell, or even if they see the item at their local B&M store.
  • Check out The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to sell} post on this blog. A lot of times, another JCA is selling the item you are looking for.
  • Don't forget to check out e-markets sites like eBay, Craigslist, and eCrater too.
But I really need to have the out-of-stock item! It's for this event... Can you create a dedicated post to help me find it?
I feel for you, really I do. Especially since I have been there myself. In the past, I have posted a special request to help someone locate something. Every time I did, I would get flooded with similar requests of dedicated posts to help locate an item. So now my policy is to refer to the above steps to help JCAs locate items. Hopefully you can understand my position. :)

"I have found that this particular item has this flaw, has anyone else experienced it? Can you ask the other JCAs about it?"
You should feel free to ask the other JCAs on the blog since I may or may not know the answer to that specific question. Just pick a semi-related post topic and start off by saying, "Off topic: ...". The other JCAs are very good about helping each other out where we can.


    1. Does anyone remember J. Crew from the 90's? For a long time now I've been fondly remembering their styles and catalogs from that era. It was more collegiate in style, more "I'm hanging out in a field wearing beat-up brown boots", more "I'm touring a 3rd world country" -- and less urban, less NYC. I so wish I could see some of that old stuff archived online, somehow.

      I like J. Crew of today, but I loved and bought a lot of it back then. I would love to see some sort of nostalgia post as tribute to J. Crew of the 90's!

      PS: I finally had to make myself give up the now too-beat-up brown boots that were my first purchase ever from J. Crew, 15+ years ago.

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