Wednesday, June 23, 2010

J.Crew Spotted in More Magazine

A big "thanks!" to Desert Flower, who not only let us know about J.Crew items being spotted in the recent issue of More Magazine (click here), but also scanned the images for us to view! (Click on the image to see it larger.)

The first item featured appears to be the Daisy Day Skirt (Item 26575; $98.00, now $59.99). J.Crew shares that the skirt is "the quintessential summer skirt—equal parts easy and chic—covered in a sea of sunny daisies". The floral print (from London's Liberty Art Fabric) of the skirt looks cute. Although I am not a fan of this particular elastic waistband and the length (17" long).

The second item is J.Crew's Impressionist Floral Cami (Item 26996; $88.00; now $49.99) in "Golden Beach". J.Crew describes this top as the following:
We love this sumptuous silk cami for its enchanting waterfloral print (it comes straight from a vintage swatch that our designers re-colored) and the sweet-but-sassy front overlay that ties at the neckline. We're wearing ours with ladylike skirts or over our most broken-in jeans (and shorts) for a cool contrast.
For some product reviews & real life images, check out:
What are your thoughts on the skirt & top featured in the magazine? Do you like the print & style of the top? :)


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  2. I love the silk & the print on the Impressionist cami, but I didn't like the fit of it. Also, I stop and think for quite a long time these days about whether I need another dry clean only cami from J Crew.

    The daisy day skirt have been tried on by Ema and also by Summerilla

  3. ....has been, not have kwim

  4. I don't purchase many dry clean only items from J.Crew these days, either. My closet is full of them and they don't get worn enough as it is.

  5. Gigi, I handwash almost all my J. Crew silk tops, then press with a cool iron while damp. No problems thus far. Although it does take me a while to press collars on ruffle tops like Kelsey!

    I don't care for either the silhouette or the length of the skirt pictured, and I'm surprised it made it into a magazine that caters to women over 40. The cami I love and I wear often. It looks great with skinny jeans, and I've work it to work with the cotton slub pencil skirt.

  6. I dryel all my dry clean only tops from jcrew; sometimes they don't even need ironing afterwards. Saves me lots of money and time, so "dry clean only" is never a dissuading factor for me on buying new items.

  7. Re: the skirt, I was in the JC dressing room and another woman was trying it on. They kept bringing her different sizes to make it look better and it was "now it's too poofy." "It's too short." "It's still too short." I think we have heard this before!! I hope the SAs are passing this feedback on to the design team.

  8. I bought the daisy day skirt in a size 2! The 6 was massive on me. Definitely a size down kind of skirt. Very pretty print, but I LUUURRRVVE Liberty prints, so I kind of knew I was sunk when I saw it the first time.

    Here is the post of it (with some other new arrivals). I was feeling terrible that day so excuse my eye bags. :P Tiny URL of post:

  9. Odd timing on the mag featuring the Impressionist floral cami ... it went down to $29.99 in our stores in NC and they're all pretty much gone by now. I had to size down to a 4 from my usual 8 to get it to fit properly. For $29.99, I love it!

    For cleaning, I will really only take things to the drycleaner if they have a spot that needs to be removed or if it's been a while since it's been cleaned. Otherwise I use Dryel or the handwash cycle on my washing machine, air dry and cool iron. Can be a pain but so far no problems!


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