What NOT to Post on JCA

Every once in awhile, there are comments posted that I get a concerned email or two from fellow JCAs about. I can understand the confusion so I am making a quick bullet list of what comments are not a good fit with this blog...

  • A reseller on the Weekly Exchange who mistakenly (or maybe not so much...) posts their items for sale there. The Weekly Exchange is just for individual sellers. It is not for resellers, retailers or businesses.
  • A fellow JCA started a business and is now posting on the Weekly Exchange or elsewhere on the blog about it. I am thrilled about the new venture! However, the Weekly Exchange is for individual sellers only. Moreover, the blog (in general) should not be used for advertising the business.
  • A JCA posts items with direct monetary links -or- links to rewards programs to earn credit. My concern is that the comments of the JCA blog will be full of these comments and not be as informative. As a result, the policy is no direct monetary and rewards program links in comments posted.
    (NOTE: Please do not confuse this with personal blogs. I am very supportive of posting links to fellow JCA blogs about the topic at hand.)
  • A JCA posts a link to their blog in almost every post with no additional comment. I love that there are so many fashion and style blogs out there. However, promoting your site should not be by spamming this blog. Instead, check out the "Want to join the JCA Blog Roll Call?" post. A win-win for everyone.
  • Someone posts a link about conducting market research in exchange for a potential gift card to J.Crew or the like. This is inappropriate, unless I am contacted about the research beforehand to verify if the source is reputable. I urge JCAs to not respond to these comments as they may be questionable.
I try my best to monitor the blog and let the posters know that the comments in question are not appropriate for the JCA blog. In almost all cases, it is a simple case of misunderstanding and I appreciate how quickly it is resolved. Sometimes I hear back that there were no terms of what to post on the blog. Thus, this post! Hopefully it will help clarify what to avoid in the future.

If I miss a questionable comment -or- you have any questions (e.g. you aren't sure about a comment you want to post), feel free to reach me at jcrewaficionada at yahoo dot com.

Lastly, thank you all in advance for complying! :)