Wednesday, June 2, 2010

J.Crew Email: SUMMER SALE: new styles added

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Marietta & Desert Flower, who shared the following email.

J.Crew announces that the Sale section (click here to shop online) includes additional new styles! I really did not notice that new items were included and there was not a big update today (or maybe I just missed it on both accounts).

So I have been saying this for awhile, but I really feel like another "percent off sale" promotion will come around soon. I have a feeling that when I finally pull the trigger and get a few items, a new promo will appear immediately afterwords! ;)

Will you be checking out the Sale section? Are there any items you are interested in? If so, please share. :)


  1. It's not about the sale, but my P.S. emailed me to say that "we will debut a number of new items on our website this Thursday, June 3rd." Yay!

  2. I didn't notice any large increase in sale items?

    I have several items languishing in my cart, waiting for a code. Clearly they are not selling out at regular sale prices.

  3. Thanks fashionancient! Can't wait until Thursday!

  4. Like you Alexis I did not notice any new items nor an update today. Maybe we both missed it:)

    I don't have anything in my shopping cart right now so nothing I want.

    I am going to be so busy this summer that I might try and go without buying until August as will be gone most of June and July.

    I have a lot of returns to make and am just keepting so little anymore--only what I really LOVE:)

  5. Here's what I could tell:

    Adriana tank went to $39.99
    Linen-cotton wrap cardigan went to $34.99

    Added to sale:
    Turkish delight and impressionist pencil skirts
    Embroidered siesta dress
    Luxe terry zip cardigan
    Victoria tissue cami

    Seemed like mainly sweaters:
    Painter cardigan
    Linen-cotton shawl-collar cardigan
    Argyle V-neck cardigan
    Featherweight cotton tipped pocket cardigan
    Featherweight torque tee
    Long beach cardigan
    Featherweight cotton ruffle cardigan

  6. I'd love to see the swim section updated.... I need another new swim suit, and have one in my bag at full price, but I've been hoping that maybe something may land in the sale section that I like more!

  7. I agree, the small sale update was hardly worth sending an e-mail about.

    And, seems that I've officially joined the "JC won't send me a catalog" club. I've received catalogs regularly for what has to be at least ten years, and I've been skunked on two out of the last three.

  8. I checked the sale section this morning and I didn't notice anything new.

    Thanks for the heads up about the new arrivals, FashionAncient. I doubt I'll buy anything, but I'll definitely check out the new items. I was thinking about ordering the madras shorts and madras shirt from the last group of new arrivals, but I bought several shirts and shorts at Gap instead. I may still buy the madras when they're marked down, if my size is still available.

    Totally OT: Has anyone successfully altered a sweater? I have several LE cotton cardis that are too large/boxy for me. I took in one and it looks much better, but I'm afraid it will disintegrate after a couple trips through the wash since I cut the knit.

  9. Shoot! I really regret waiting to buy the Painter Cardigan in yellow. Now it's gone.

    Fingers crossed for a pop-back!

  10. I noticed few new items but will not in desperate need of them. The sale section was such a small update... nothing to send an email about it.

    However there are few items I might get with an extra % off promo.

  11. A couple cashmere sweaters I had in my cart went on sale. Another that was on sale already dropped in price further. I'm still waiting on a percent off sale with FS. I'm guessing there won't be one tonight if there are new additions arriving, but maybe this weekend. It's been months since they've done extra 30, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that.

    Also, I stumbled across a couple of what I think are tomororw's new additions while searching. I wonder how many additions there will be.

  12. They marked down some men's shirts and shorts.

  13. OT, does anyone have the Julienne heels?

  14. The Natalia Dip-Dye Satin Ballet Flats are on sale but now that it is summer they aren't on the top of my wish list!


  15. i think the Luxe zip terry cardigan is new... I am considering it. Does anyone have a fit review? Trying to decide between a x-small or a small... Just can't tell if it is cut roomy or not.

  16. Raina Cox, I wouldn't be too disappointed about missing the painter cardi. It is thinner than kleenex and fits about as well as one would if made from same. I returned mine in the purple even though the color was perfect and I am a sucker for cardis.

    I noticed the skirts that were added to the sale section but honestly, that is the first place I look every time I check the sale section. Would love to see a bit more suiting on deal.

  17. My local J. Crew, The Grove in Shrewsbury NJ, recently moved the sale section and it is now tiny! It is the size of a small closet. If one other person is looking at the merchandise, it is nearly impossible to squeeze in. Very disappointing.

    Off topic: I noticed a line on my J. Crew credit card statement that they have "waived the $1 monthly fee" to give me more time to sign up for an online bill -- what is this?

    Also, I tried to pay my bill online today, and it said that my payment wouldn't be posted until June 4. Is this new too?

  18. @ JCK: I don't remember from when, but JC charges $1 for paper statements to encourage cardholders to go paperless and sign up for online billing.

    Also, if you want to post same day payment they will charge $15 fee. I'm thinking since it's past 6pm EST you probably can't schedule for tomorrow's payment, but for the day after which is the 4th. I found my BR card payments to be pretty much same day or the day after but JC payments to be taking few more days.

    If I'm wrong please add to my comments. Hope this helps.

  19. Re:the luxe zip Terry cardi. I ordered the xs and found it to run big and boxy. For reference I wear an xxs injcrew and sometimes an xs but I found this to run larger than the other xs sweaters I tried.

  20. Thanks for response jcrewphd.

    I tried to pay my bill online today @ 2pm EST June 2 and they said it wouldn't post until June 4. I know I shouldn't cut it so close, but if memory serves me correctly, I was always "Okay" if I paid it one day before it was due. I ran to my local store because it is due tomorrow June 3!

    I guess I'll have to switch to an online statement unless I want to pay a $1 fee for a paper statement.

    Maybe I'll just stop using the card. It's becoming less convenient, and the perks aren't that great.

  21. You can set up your online JCrew card for your payment to be made ahead of time by a certain date of your choice. I always do that so I don't miss a payment.

  22. @JCK - I did the same as you today...knew my bill due date was June 3, so I went online to pay today. Saw that it wouldn't allow me to pay until the 4th. I called CS and they said you have to now go online to pay at least 2 days before your bill is due. This is definitely new policy! They were kind enough to allow me a few days grace so that I could pay today online and not be charged a same day payment charge or a late fee for posting payment on the 4th. So, that was nice of them... It's always worth a call to Customer Service for stuff like this because I find that they generally find a way to accommodate their really good customers -- and I know all of us who follow the JCA blog are REALLY good customers!

  23. Did anyone else notice sale items much cheaper in store? Various denim minnies were $30 in Seattle but they are still $70 online..? I bought the black zipper minnie which is super cute for 30 bucks

  24. I'm looking for a new swimsuit and stalled at the $15 shipping & tax for a sale suit. Can anyone compare JC to LE Canvas suits? I love my JC suits and have some from years (and years) ago that look new still.


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