Wednesday, June 16, 2010

J.Crew (& Madewell too) Spotted in InStyle Magazine!

A big "thanks!" to Desert Flower & DrDrama, who not only let us know about J.Crew items being spotted in the latest issue of InStyle Magazine, but also scanned the images for us to view! (Click on the image to see it larger.)
And there is also a Madewell item featured in the magazine too...
How cute are those ballet flats!?! I think I am in love. ;)

What are your thoughts on the items featured? Do you like the style of the jacket? Do you own the ballet flats? If so, please share! :)

1 comment:

  1. I lost track of all the different cargo, army inspired jackets from JC...

    I love JC ballet flats (though some of them take several wears to break in).

    Yikes, the Louboutin spike ballet flats are scary lookin... not to mention the almost 1K price tag.


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