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Product Review: Rose Vines Blazer

Rose Vines Blazer
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Item 25959
Regular: $168.00
Now Online: $99.99 $59.99
Now In-Stores: $59.99

J.Crew describes this floral jacket as the following:
Our favorite schoolboy blazer, refashioned in a fabulous floral pattern (our designers fell in love with a vintage print they stumbled across at a flea market in the South of France and had it recolored exclusively for us). With a touch of ruching at the back for a sleeker, more feminine silhouette. Specially washed for softness and that broken-in, had-it-forever look and feel, this is a piece that will slip into your closet and seem like it's been there forever. Cotton. Fitted. Lapel collar. Long sleeves. Welt flap pockets, chest pocket. Fully lined. Hits at waist. Import. Machine wash.
Let me start by saying, "WTF?!?" about the price discrepancy between the store and online. I don't understand how stores are selling it for $59.99 and online it is $99.99. Whatever...

This jacket has gotten a lot of press from the JCAs and I can understand why. It really is a super cute piece to wear.

Let me start with the fabric. The cotton used for the jacket is super light, which makes it comfortable to wear during the cool Summer evenings. Since the cotton is so light, it also does not have too much structure to it. As in, it doesn't look as crisp as a suit jacket. But this isn't meant to be a suit jacket, so I do not mind this.

The cut of the jacket is super feminine. It is fitted, which is a delightful treat (considering how many boxy jackets J.Crew offers now). There is also ruching at the back which actually showcases the contour of your back. Super lovely!

As for the color, it is a light print. From far away, it almost looks white/grey-ish. But when you are close, the adorable floral pattern shines through.

The jacket actually looks better with the sleeves rolled up. I don't know why, but they just do. (I don't think I see myself wearing it with the sleeves down.)

When it comes to sizing, I would say its true-to-size. (As far as J.Crew's new sizing goes. What do I mean by "new sizing"? A few years ago I was a size 2 in tops. Now I am a size 0. I didn't lose weight, it's just vanity sizing on their part.) For this jacket I went with a size 0 and felt it was the perfect size.

For some reviews & real-life images of this jacket from fellow JCAs, check out:
What are your thoughts on the Rose Vines Blazer? Have you seen or own this jacket? If so, what is your review of the fabric & cut ? Would you recommend it to another fellow JCA?


  1. personally I wasn't a fan. I felt like a grandma in it. It could have been due to my short stature. But it did not work for me.

  2. Alexis, thanks for the link. Online price went down this morning (I had a sixth sense about it)...
    And I totally agree with you on the jacket, it's super-cute.

  3. I thought it was adorable too, Alexis, and almost bought it at my B&M for $168, but decided it was a wait-for-sale piece. Also agree it looks MUCH better with the sleeves rolled up for some reason, I think it "reads" more casual, and the sleeve rolls cuts the sweetness of it a little.

    In the end I bought one of the Crewlet liberty print floral jackets. Identical style with full lining, contrast piping, and back ruching, but after discounts mine was $28. I don't often buy Crewlet because I haven't had good luck with the quality vs. retail items on sale, but this was a pleasant exception for me! I've worn it several times and gotten lots of compliments.

  4. not original, but the price is right.

  5. I adore the Rose Vines print in the button down shirt and the bandaged dress, but not so much on this blazer. The colors in this one is a bit too faint for me and didn't look so cute on me.
    I also agree these blazers look so much better with the sleeves rolled up. I would never wear mine without rolling them up. I bought the Stripe Blazer (25757) marked down to $89.99 at B&M last week and it's the same cut as this.

    I *HATE* price discrepancies with B&M and online/catalog!!

  6. Ooh, this has been in my cart; thanks for the heads up! I'm shirt size 2 and ordered a 2--hoping that works since it is "fitted."

  7. Alexis,
    In addition to these individual product review posts, perhaps we could have a weekly, "Did you try on/receive any JC items this week?" post where we could all "deposit" our reviews for various items. I know I usually want to leave reviews for items I have received after the UPS guy comes, but sometimes it doesn't fit under the topic of any post so I forget to do it.
    Anyway, just an idea.

  8. I would like to second Cass. I feel like with my time constraints I am only able to get reviews up sporadically on my blog, but would love to do mini-reviews here. I hate going off-topic, so having a dedicated post would be AWESOME. :) That said, if you can't do it because of your own time constraints, I certainly understand that! Thanks again for all you do, btw.

    I have the rose vines, in a size 4, and have worn it with a dark grey shift dress and felt it was a nice complement to the dress. I look forward to wearing it with some cute summer shorts and a tank, though. I also agree that the price differences between on-line and in the stores is ultra-frustrating. I have often not bought a product because of makes me ill to know that people with no access to a B&M are getting jilted like that.

  9. I don't love it. For me the colour is too washed out, and the pattern a bit too twee for my tastes. But to be fair I haven't seen it in person and I know sometimes online photos don't do an item justice.

  10. lilone1987: Sorry to hear it didn't work for you. :( But not necessarily bad, since it is good for the wallet. :)

    StuffIWear & Ema: Happy to link to your great posts. :)

    Ruffles: I agree with you on the sleeves! Definitely better rolled up. It looks weird if they are not. ;)

    wellfedfred: Thanks for the link! :)

    JCrewPhD: I am with you that it sucks when stores & online have different prices for the same item!

    Karen: Congrats on getting it! I think the size you ordered will work out fine. :)

    Cass & Dina: Love the suggestion!!! I will do it too. I am thinking the weekly post should be on Tuesdays. What do you think?

    Clicquot: I hear you since the color/print is super light. I think in-person you will like it much more. :)

  11. Alexis, glad you like the suggestion. Tuesdays or Wednesdays sounds great, whenever you want to intersperse it with other weekly posts. :)

  12. I bought the Rose Vines jacket right when it came out in March at full price. I love it! It is a perfect weight for AZ and I've worn it many different ways . . .with an orange tank and jeans, a gray shirt with a cute orange flower pin (really brings out the orange color). Glad to hear others like it too!

  13. Cass: I love the suggestion. I will be sure to have a post for next week. :) Thank you for the great idea! :)

    CCS: Congrats on the jacket too! :)

  14. Oh, I third Cass! I would love to have dedicated reviews posts!! Thanks, Alexis

  15. The jacket is down to $59.99 now on the website, I believe last week it was at $99. I might have to call and check if the B&M has it in my size, this seems like a really good price :D.

  16. I bought this blzaer during the 20% off promo but that only brought the price down to about $80. I returned it but may reorder now that it's $59.99. I liked the fit and it looks great with an orange or salmon tank or tee and jeans....which is how I would wear it, but just wasn't in love with it at the higher price. Plus, in TX, I would only get use out of it when in a cold grocery store or at the hot otherwise during the summer to get much use out of it!

  17. Glad to see a review of this. The first one I bought was defective in the lining but fit great. The second one I received the fit was off and too tight even though same size! Go figure. This jacket was not meant to be....

  18. Like Ruffles, I bought the crewlet version of last year's poppy floral jacket which is the same style as the rose vines blazer. Much better price for what it is, and it is the same quality as the retail version. I love it! I still might buy the rose vines blazer though... I love the print and already have it in the shorts and "romper" (bathing suit).

  19. Thanks, Alexia, for link to my blog. I love this blazer, especially the color, and think it's totally worth its current price for anyone that likes the print.

  20. There's often price discrepancies between the online store and actual stores. I've gotten embellished T-shirts at my local J. Crew for $15, while they were still $30 online (and $50 originally). Maybe it just takes the online prices/quantities awhile to catch up.

    ...or maybe the local stores need to move merchandise more than the online warehouses?


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