Tuesday, June 29, 2010

J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs!}

Preface: A big "thanks!" to Cass (in this post) who suggested a "weekly 'Did you try on/receive any JC items this week?' post where we could all "deposit" our reviews for various items". I think it is a brilliant idea. Hopefully this will help out our fellow JCAs! :)

This is the weekly "J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs}" post, to help each other share our reviews.

So if you have recently purchased, or stopped by a J.Crew store to try on an item (or two) from J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Also, this request is not just limited to clothes. Please feel free to discuss bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

In particular, if you could mention a few of the noteworthy details like fit, size, fabric, and the like— that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance! :)


  1. Well it's not a outfit, it's the Crystal Carrington necklace, it's on my blog today, it's insanely pretty and delicate looking in real life.

  2. LOL, Crystal Carlyle, my Dynasty watching days are showing!

  3. Oh yes, I agree. The crystal Carlyle is really beautiful. Both colors but I especially love how 30s the black seems.

  4. Not an outfit either, but I am doing a tiny giveaway on my blog for the crystal abacus bracelet.... I love this one. Not a weighty bracelet, but kind of an edgy look!

  5. This past week I picked up the fleurette pencil skirt and the island paisley shirt.

    The skirt is, as some bloggers have pointed out, running very small. I had preordered my regular size and it was very snug across the hips. I took it to the store to exchange and ended up sizing up both to get a comfortable fit and to get a bit more length. I'm wearing it at the top of the hip rather than near the waist. The silk linen is lovely, a very nice weight. I love the print. It took a few tries to find one with a pleasing pattern placement, the first one had a black splotch exactly at crotch level :)

    Looking at the island paisley shirt online, I thought it was black and white. Its actually a slate grey and blush combination. The colors are soft and very flattering on. I took my usual perfect shirt size. Its too hot to contemplate long sleeves right now. I know this will get a lot of use once the weather cools down.

    Highly recommend both pieces, but trying on the skirt before buying is a must. Don't be surprised if you don't have to go up 2 sizes to get a good fit.

  6. Carylyle dress (Super 120 wool fabric, I think). I bought a petite 0 and it was huge on me. I was swimming in it and the armpits were set way too low. I didn't think the v-neck was as deep as others here have said it was, however.

    Andre dress (Super 120 wool fabric also). I bought a petite 00. It was also too large and the v-neck was beyond inappropriate! It plunged beneath my sternum... this is the second Andre dress I've ordered and tried on since I was sure the first one was defective due to the v-neck... but nope, they're apparently all like this. At least in the petite sizes.

    V-neck cashmere cardigan. I love this sweater and wish I had bought more colors when my size was available. The XS fits perfectly and it's not too long. I'm 5'1" and it hits right at the top of my hips. I have it in sienna and heather dusk (gray).

    Linen-cotton tiered tank. HUGE. The XS was very wide and long... and surprisingly heavy.

    Cashmere turtleneck. I bought it in heather hydrandrea for like $55 during the last promotion and it's wonderful. I wish it were on sale in more colors. Great fit... much more fitted than I anticipated which I think is a good thing.

    Cashmere shawl collar popover. Runs large and I haven't decided whether to return this. I bought an XS and it was really very large on me but maybe because it's a fall/winter piece I'm expected to layer it over a bunch of other clothing?

  7. Last week ordered two of the slim fit scoop neck tees. the one that actually arrived is fine, a basic tee, TTS. the other was labeled scoopneck on the back, but was actually a v-neck. back to the store it went! frustrating.

    also receievd the ikat dot pencil skirt. the dots are really more squares than spots, but that might be my fault for not looking closely enough at the photos before i bought it. i'm still liking it. i'm 5'2" and ordered in in petite and it's hitting probably just about an inch above the knee. if i were any taller i'd want the regular length.

    also ordered the solid schuyler dress in the orchid color-really cute! i'm very busty and j. crew dresses almost never work out for me, but after reading some recommendations on here that it worked for some other chesty JCA's i decided to order it, and they were right! nice coverage on top. hits me right at the top of the knee. its cotton but almost looks/feels like linen. a nice lightweight dress for summer.

  8. Emilie leather and suede moccasins- I was disappointed. They were more shapeless than expected; the leather was soft & seaming felt like they would blow. Bottoms were 1/4 inch smooth plastic-y rubber and heel just another 1/4 inch on top- v. strange; no traction, no cushion.

    My first time buying shoes @ JCrew and not sure I want to try again :-D

    Cashmere crewneck tees-thicker than I expected and fit perfectly (typical S) sleeves were long enough and hit just at/below the top of jeans. Bought in Navy, Neon Peach and Sienna. I think they can go into fall no problem!

  9. I just got the Lollipop jacket and I love it - got it with the 30% off and for $105 I think it is really special. I generally prefer a Tall size in jackets, but this fits well - I got the larger of my 2 jacket sizes (sometimes I'm an 8, sometimes a 10) and I'm glad I did. What to wear it with (besides jeans of course)?

    I also got the Fiesta Floral Tunic in natural and it's really cute. I ordered it in a M and L and I'm keeping the M (tried it on first and didn't open the L). It's sheer, so I'll wear a tank under it. Some of the embroidery is natural and some is taupe. I don't know if it's really long enough to be called a "tunic" though.

  10. Based on my try-ons of sale items in the past few weeks, this is what I can offer ...

    Ladies Sconset Plaid Shirt runs huge. I haven't worn an XS in anything in the past 5-10 years, and an XS fits me with room to spare. So size down!

    The Seaside Madras shirt, on the other hand, runs true to size.

    I tried on a Suckered Gingham Button-Down and fell in love, only to find at the register that it was mistakenly put in the sale section. :-/ (Y'all know I never pay full price for anything, so back it went.) I was able to put on a 4 without the buttons gapping, but I'd have preferred a 6just to have a wee bit of room to move more. My guess is that it's cut just a tad bit big.

    The Painted Scout Chino has a very narrow opening at the hem of the legs. I couldn't even really roll them up, and I don't have cankles / leg chub either! The models in the pics must have toothpick legs.

    I find the Grand Ruffle Shell and the Canvas Bow Tank to be cut a little on the loose side. I sized down to a Small in both, and I'm usually an off-the-rack Medium.

  11. I just got these two beauties during the past sales - they’re not on the website right now, but in case anyone finds them via pop-back ...

    Blushed tweed pencil skirt (item 17446): Beautiful tweed, runs true-to-size. Will need to have it hemmed, but worth it.

    Blushed tweed Collier jacket (item 17346): Matching jacket. I sized down, just as I did with the Dauphine. Looks smashing with matchstick jeans and a pair of brown peep-toe heels. To put it in J.Crew parlance: I’m obsessed with wearing this couture-inspired jacket with heels and jewelry. Also love it with the matching skirt and brown suede knee-high boots (at least for the nano-second I was able to try that on the other day, shrugging off 80 degree weather for an autumnal preview).

    Thirdly, got the twisted neon magpie necklace (26101) on a whim because I thought it had potential. I immediately shortened it by two inches, took off the neon strings, and re-arranged the bows (I may yet end up taking those off, too). Now it looks like how I want it: Vintage-y and versatile enough to go with anything.

  12. i ordered the island paisley shirt and i found the print way too large, overwhelming, and not my style at all. after i had decided to return it and was taking it off my husband walked in and said "i hope you are not keeping that! it's ugly." the material feels like a silk or softer cotton blend and it is pretty sheer. i also found my normal size smaller in the bust, compared to the perfect shirts i bought last year.

  13. Last week I went crazy with camis and shoes.

    Silk camisoles - received a bunch of them in different colors and I will keep them. They are a nice basic piece for layering. Look good peeking from under perfect shirts with out the bulk. They fit nicely if you size down but imo only work as undergarment. Love them for $13.99.

    Tissue ruffle tank - nothing special. Straps are too long for me even after sizing down. They looked good on other JCAs but they are a return for me, even at $13.99

    Caralie Cami in mushroom - on the fence. It has a nice flowy fit (i sized down) and looks good with jeans but I am not sure if the color works for me. I would prefer wild sand or faded black but do not want to pay full price.

    Pierra balet flats - love them! All leather and invisible wedge. Really worth $76. Got them in black and they have Chanel vibe to them. Very comfy. I actually sized down half size to 8 to get narrower fit.

    Shimmerveil Lux flats in dark pewter - love them, also all leather and a wedge. Wish the price was as good as Pierras. I paid $132 so I am not sure if it is a great deal but they are quite special and comfy. They have narrower fit that Pierras and I took my regular size 8.5.

    Pom-pom metallic leather ballet flats - fit very nicely and look cute on my feet - I like the elastic band at the front, makes the fit much nicer. Gold is nice and subtle. They are as comfortable as most JC ballet flats, not really for walking a lot but nice for indoor carpeted surfaces. Got the im my regular 8.5 and they fit TTS.

    Reese studded ballet flats in pale oak. Very nice nude color goes with everything. Leather is very soft but lining is man made and no support. Again, not for long walks. Gold studding is subtle an delicate. Very cute shoe but runs wide, I wish I got them in 8 istead of 8.5 which is almost falling off my feet. It will work for summer with bare feet but not with stockings.

  14. Just received my black Sardinia espadrilles and I :heart: them! I am a big fan of espadrilles and I find these particularly nice, good quality, good fit (sized up a half-size as per the ordering instructions). I am going to Paris on Thursday (just for a day en route to Scotland) and plan to wear them, cliched as that may be ;-)

    Also got the neon madras shorts and when I pulled them out of the box I wasn't too sure...the weren't lying about the neon! The pictures online are much more faded. But I tried them on and really like them! They're very cute -- I sized up from a 4 to a 6 because of the shorter inseam and they're great. And somehow the colour makes my white legs look less pasty.

    Less successful was the Glitter Petals Tshirt...I ordered this after seeing it on A Bigger Closet (who wears it so well)...I sized up to a M after reading that it was "fitted". It's just a bit too big, it's also kind of awkwardly proportioned on me so I think a S would be too tight in spots. Too bad, because I think the pattern is very pretty and would work with lots of outfits. Maybe I'll try it with some cardis and see if I like it any better.

  15. ITA, Helene, about the Dauphine jacket running big. I tried one on in-store a week or two ago, it was SO GORGEOUS, and I almost fainted when I saw it was my size ... but then I put it on and realized I needed to size down. :-/

  16. Bright Young Thing...

    I too recently discovered how wonderful the V neck cashmere sweater is. Not sure if you are on the East or West Coast but that particular item has been updating just about every evening for the past week or so at about 9pm PST (even during the minor sale updates last week). I've scored a few of them in medium and large. Even at the $69.99, its a good price for a great sweater.

    Also, on the cashmere shawl sweater. Not ideal, but I have washed their cashmere in woolite and dried for a few minutes afterwards to shrink. I did that with the cashmere boatneck that I scored a great deal on in size large (it was falling off of me) and I got it down to a medium. BTW, I would agree that the shawl sweater runs a bit large.

  17. La Belle Helene, I second you on the Collier Jacket. I L O V E it! The tweed color and texture is divine. After getting it, I returned Dauphine and Lollipop jacket because I thought this would be too much tweed for me. I rather have one Collier than two others at about the same price.
    After getting the jacket I was tempted to get Blushed Tweed skirt since it popped up in my size but I decided against it.
    Do you think you can actually wear it together? I was afraid it would look dated, you don’t think so? I also remember that when I tried the skirt alone in my B&M I loved the fabric but thought it looked heavy and I am narrow in hips. It was long too and I am 5’7”. How do you plan to style it?

  18. Hello JCAs! Could anyone offer guidance as to how TTS JC's "signature black leggings" run? I am 5'8" & 135lbs; a consistent size 4 in JC pants and shorts; and mostly a size 2 in skirts. Can't decide between ordering size small or x-small leggings. Help would be greatly appreciated!

  19. I just received my Roxie peep-toe platform booties. They look great and are really quite comfortable. However, I ordered my normal size (8), and it seems too long -- my toes don't "peep" out at the end. I have ordered size 7-1/2 to see if they work better. So, try on if possible.

  20. I really love the Crystal Milano necklace. I ordered mine in pale oak and it's like a peach/pink color - so versatile! My first impression of this piece was that it seemed very edgy with the longer dark brass chain, but elegant with the glass stones. I imagine it going effortlessly with something casual and formal - and even with a swimsuit (if you're into that kind of styling).

    This is probably really geeky, but my dad has a thing for brass and somehow it's rubbed off on me. Brass won't tarnish as easily and will actually look better over time with use. I would definitely not swim with it on, but I won't be worried about it leaving that funky blueish tint on my skin. This is definitely a keeper!

  21. Featherweight cashmere cardigan (bright plum) -- Loooove this color. So rich and saturated and beautiful.

    Cashmere V-neck ladder-stitch sweater. At the sale price it was a steal I think. Fits more slouchy for sure and the stitch is a nice detail.

    Parlour hobo -- I lucked out in snagging this purse early in the sale at a low price. It's gorgeous, but man, it is huge!

    Tissue flutter tank -- I had been eyeing this online for a while, and bit at the low price. Ack, it's terrible. Like a big flap of sad ruffles hang in front. Blech. Return!

    Tailored denim pencil skirt -- I really didn't think I'd be keeping this one, but of course I'm loving it. I mean, it's a J.Crew pencil skirt, right? Great shape and pockets.

    Lollipop ribbon jacket -- Lots of people didn't love it, but I love the colors, and think it will be a great piece. I'm glad I sized down to a 4. Wish the lapel stuff wasn't unfinished, but I can live with it. It'll be a nice jacket to throw on with jeans, and feel pulled together.

    Solid lieutenant jacket -- Man, for $28, I was hoping this would be cute, but alas, it's bad. Not very interesting, way too big, not flattering.

    Rose vines blazer -- Ok, this jacket is really cute. For $42, it's a sweet jacket that's quite flattering on, with the nipped-in waist.

    Tretorn® metallic T56 sneakers, metallic gold -- Love! Metallic without being at all obnoxious. Comfortable and cute.

  22. @ajc: I’m mad for tweed, and now have both the Dauphine & Collier. Didn’t hurt I snagged the Dauphine for $80 :-) As for wearing the blushed tweed jacket & skirt together, I personally love a matching suit. I swoon a little when I see old movies like Charade, How to steal a million (definitely an island pick for me), Arabesque, name almost anything by Hitchcock, and see the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren wearing darling suits. I think the whole concept of matching has gotten a bad rap over the past few years. That said, I’m picturing myself wearing it as a set with a pink or pumpkin-colored cashmere hoodie and brown suede knee-high boots, just to toughen it up a bit. Can’t picture myself wearing it as a set with pumps & pearls ... Re: skirt length, except for the rare pencil skirts j.crew deigns to design in petites, there is a reason I’m on a first-name basis with my tailor. To sum up: If you can find the skirt on sale, I vote in favor of it. I obviously waited almost a whole year before getting it, but I’m so glad I finally did :-)

  23. All sale items -

    Jackie cardigan and shell in dark charcoal. Love it and will probably be wearing it alot in cooler weather. The shell I got in S and the cardigan in XS and they fit perfect (I'm usually a S in petite sizes).

    Featherweight cashmere cardigan in bright cantaloupe. Love it and I'm wearing it right now to the office. True to size.

    Petite Super 120s high pencil skirt in espresso. I got my normal size of 2P and it seems a big snug in the waist and hips. Not sure if I was just bloated the day I tried it on. Also I normally don't like to wear anything at waist (especially with a little post-baby pouch). Will try again and not sure if i will keep it. Maybe I'll need one size up. The material is very nice.

    Ruffled spring celosia cardigan in warm wheat. Really love this. True to size.

    Cashmere V-neck cardigan in neon cantaloupe. I like it but feel like its a bit matronly. Not sure if I will keep it. Good quality though.

    Twisted chiffon cardigan in light cloud. This runs bigger and I would have had to size down to a XS. It is really sheer (you have to wear a cami and then the cami will show through). Not appropriate for the office so I returned it.

  24. The Hockney tote in rhubarb is a beautiful color, but HUGE & blah. And I adore large bags. But for some reason the tote shape with the dangling leather drawsting cords on the sides and long handles just didn't appeal to me.

    Just discovered the Silk Frances cami (I know, I'm late to the party!) and I adore it. The collar stands up beautifully and all you have to do is steam the front ruffle for a fabulous look. And it's not over-the-top ruffly either. LOVE it.

  25. I finally ordered the Bridgeford lace-up platform shoes, which I love in theory, but which are probably too narrow for me. Unlike J.Crew's other peep toes (my toes always peep through a size 6), these are just baaaarely wide enough. I love them though, and will try leather stretcher on them (never done that before). A 5.5 might have worked, but alas, 6 is the smallest size.

    To whomever might give up on J.Crew shoes: DON'T! They are amazing, even more so when they're on sale. Great quality, great price. Don't think I could ever go shoe shopping at a department store again.

  26. La Belle Helene, I wanted to congratulate you on your great sale purchases as well as your patient restraint, which I could learn from! I got both the collier jacket and the blushed tweed skirt FP when they came out because I couldn't live without them. ITA re wearing as a suit. I was surprised JC didn't show at least one picture of the two together! Enjoy!

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  28. Desert Flower,
    I tried on the Island Paisley Perfect shirt also, and it fit perfectly..firstly, the shirt has a boyfriend fit, so why would you need to go up two sizes? If anything it would be already bigger than your normal size, and you would need to go down.
    Second, want to solve the problem with long sleeves? Roll them up, it's super cute! I have 5 of their shirts and I don't wear any of the sleeves full length. And the fabric of each is so lightweight that it isn't any hotter than a t-shirt!

  29. @Corry: I sometimes think it's to our great benefit that j.crew's styling has become so bizarre - I'm convinced, anyway, that the Dauphine was hampered by the atrocious choice to show it with a pair of overalls. .. Congratulations to you on already owning the blushed tweed set - I feel very fortunate to have gotten both pieces at this late a date. Now my punishment is waiting at least two, more likely three, months before I can skip out my front door, ready to conquer the world in it.

  30. Oh La Belle Helene, thank you very much. Now I have to stalk Blushed tweed pencil skirt. And I thought I was done... Btw I was just notified by my PS and they will have new roll out tomorrow at Paramus. They are concept so usually month ahead of time of other stores. I will try to stop by and report but may not make it tomorrow since it is end of quarter.

  31. I have been hoarding the cashmere V-neck at 69.99. I now have the navy, sea spray, berry & sienna. Fits true to size and I like that it's not long and baggy. If you can find one at your size, I highly recommend. At 12-gauge and of sturdier quality than the featherweight, it's great value. I know it's hard to think of cashmere at the height of summer but I can see Jcrew selling it at full-price ($158) in two months' time with different color names.

  32. Bought the Marquee Hobo in antique lilac and had to return it after less than 1 month.

    First of all, the lilac was not a mauvy colour at all, but more like a mocha. Second of all, the handle holders' edges started to become unglued.

    The Ryder Hobo in cabernet made a reapparance one morning so I snatched it. I love this bag so far! It is roomy and it feels safe because of the zipper, so the house I carry inside it is not going to spill out. Plus the 'cabernt' is a nice spot of colour with my otherwise boring office attire.

    Also got the garden ribbon shift dress in size 2. The top was too small, while the bottom was running large. The fabric looked very stiff. Returned that one as well.

  33. @ajc: Ah, the exhilaration of a good stalking! The worst part, IMO, is the time after placing the order until the shipping confirmation is received. I dread clicking on my mailbox for fear I'll see the "news about your order - it's been cancelled" missive :-)

  34. I got the Emilie Metallic Driving Moccasins

    Very cute in gold with the bow but I'm not sure about the size...

    I normally wear a 7.5 in J Crew flats, so I got a 7 but they feel pretty snug.

    Do they really stretch out?

  35. altagracia,
    I have the signature leggings and they fit TTS. I am also a size 4 in JC and I purchased a small and they fit great and bunch a tiny bit at the ankles, but I'm only 5'5". I love these so much that I have 3 pairs. The color does not fade, the material is not thin. And they do not stretch out at the knees like my AA leggings do. I would highly recommend purchasing these. HTHd

  36. Super 120s Naeva dress (item 26864)- Love it! Tried it on at my B&M in black and ordered the gray online. Not sure what size I am in JC dresses yet (I have 3 dresses, each in a size 0, 2, and 4!), but I think it runs big (I took a 0). If you have it at your B&M, definitely try it on first. It hits me mid-kneecap, but I'm only 5'. The fabric is obviously high quality, but not too heavy, which I like.

    Matte jersey Marot dress (item 27594)- Also tried this on at my B&M, did not like whatsoever. The fit is just so strange and it's not flattering at all. The fabric is also too heavy for my taste.

  37. Forgot one last review...

    Fleurette pencil skirt (item 26577)- Really beautiful print, nice light fabric. It does run small as a few people have mentioned. I was still able to fit into my regular size, but it was snug. If you're on the larger end of your size, I would definitely size up.

  38. I have the Garden Ribbon shift dress (for now), and found it smaller in the hip than the top. ITA with Rose on the material though, quite stiff. This dress would have been great in cotton or silk, or cotton/silk blend and a bit of stretch.

    I tried the fleurette pencil skirt and thought it snug too. While i didn't have to size up (probably because i'm in between sizes), this skirt is dying for a bit of spandex. In the end, i didn't care for it because of the color -- more blurred than watercolor -- and the fabric.

    I'm with others on the the blushed tweed pencil skirt: Love it! The fabric, drape, colors.

  39. Altagracia, definitely go with the XS. I am 5'10", size 4-6... and I got the smalls at first. They were baggy at the ankles and just not tight fitting enough for leggings. The XS (I rarely buy anything in XS) fit perfectly. No bagginess at the ankles, great fit everywhere else.

  40. I placed an order with the last 30% off promo and am deciding what to keep and what to return.

    Roses vines blazer ....very cute but it's so hot here in TX that I may not be able to wear it until next spring! I usually wear an XS or 0 in tops but ordered this in a 2 and I think the fit is good. Tried on a 0 in the chambray blazer in the store and it was tight in the shoulders, hence the 2 in this one. This looks great with an orange-ish top and either white or jeans and have seen it looking great on several blogs.

    Striped cotton popover....it's been in the sale section forever and I ordered a 0. It's a piece that I am definitely keeping....looks good with white shorts or jeans.

    Boyfriend shorts in cognac. I love the color, but I don't really need more shorts and I am a bit old for the shorter length and the distressing.Even on sale they are a bit expensive for "hanging out at home" wear. I got a 00 and they are still sort of loose, although they are supposed to be. They are probably going back.

    Tissue cascading twist tee in red clay (close to UT's burnt orange). Thought this might be good for game days, but it's nothing special. I ordered an XS but might keep my eye open for a S....don't want this too tight.

    Both my daughter and I recently bought suckered gingham shirts. She chose the abyss blue (a 4) and I bought the lilac in a 0. I would say these run tts. Look great with white and denim. We get her student discount when we shoop together, so they weren't full price. I would love to get another color!

    I will probably try on some newer arrivals when I return a few things later this week.

  41. i got the amazon version of the timex watch (same dimensions, etc). i'm so sad. i LOVE it, but it looks outrageously large on my tiny wrists. i wish the jcrew straps fit on a ladies watch or they offered a ladies version. any ideas on either a watch with 18mm band width that's smaller or similar straps that are smaller?

    btw, i also have a timex watch to sell (i already cut off the ugly leather straps from it)

  42. i also got the andre dress and agree that it's pretty inappropriately low cut. but, it is a flattering fit, so i'm contemplating keeping it and putting a cami on underneath.

  43. I just got the tailored denim pencil skirt and love it!! I wore it with a tee & flips the day after I got it to go shopping. Perfect fit, now i will be shopping for more pencil skirts :)

    I also got the dark charcoal jackie cardi, in what i thought was my normal size-XS, and it was super small. I'm breastfeeding, which usually makes things larger on my top half so maybe that was the reason, but I took it back.

    Any comments on the Racerback Shirred Jersey Dress in heathered cement? too casual? boring? I'm leaning towards the darker gray color but thought that at $49 it was worth asking. whatever you ladies say, i will order tomorrow!

  44. Bright Young Thing,

    If you decide to return the cashmere shawl popover, would you mind emailing me at shop316@gmail.com? I've been looking for one forever! Thanks! :)

  45. Does anyone have any comments on the Tasca zip cardigan? It looks like a really cute piece. Just curious about sizing, etc. Thanks!

  46. Coralie cami - I got this in both wild mushroom and pecan. I love the pecan, but it looks terrible with my coloring and will be going back. The wild mushroom is a very pretty plummy-brown. I wish this cami had a slightly tighter fit, especially around the hem (at the hips). I wouldn't pay full price for it for this reason, but for $34.99, I'll keep it.

    Flutter fold shell - I got this in blush stone and love it. The color is beautiful. My only complaint is that the edges of the flutters are not finished and one has already started to unravel just from me trying it on.

    Jackie shell in sand dune - exact same color as my skin. I put it on by itself and looked like I was topless. Also shorter than I expceted. Definitely going back.

    Cashmere V-neck cardigan - I liked this, but it was too snug. I would have liked to exchange for the next size up, but this sucker is sold out now. Great deal.

    Metal nastrino necklace - love. It's heavy, but not too heavy. Will look great with fall stuff.

  47. Nice to read all the great reviews. Thanks for posting. This is a very helpful thread:)


    Luckily, I bought everything I wanted recently and nothing in my shopping cart.

    I did not see one thing in the July catalog I even liked. My hubby about fainted when I told him so;)

  48. Thank you all so much for the detailed reviews. Especially helpful now that final sale is back, although we all knew it was coming after that fiasco last Wednesday. :(

    Does anyone have a review or sizing information on the Camden leather brogues? Would love to know how they fit.

    Also, if anyone has a 20% off coupon that they won't be using I would be so grateful if you would consider passing it on to me. I am dying to purchase the brogues and 20% off would be more of a deal than the free ship code. Thanks so much.


  49. xoxo,
    I own the Camden leather brogues in light ginger, i took my usual size 6 and they fit perfect. However, they might be somewhat narrow for someone with a wider foot. The leather is really soft and i found them to be quite comfortable (for a JCrew shoe). The light ginger color has a peach undertone, not quite the nude color i expected. Even so, the shoe is beautiful, very well made and looks expensive. I really want another pair, the suede ones, but it will have to be until/if they go on sale.

  50. Thank you Miss Penny Z. I don't have a wide foot so should take my usual size. I'm happy to hear the light ginger has a peach undertone as that would be my preference. They are beautiful shoes. :)

  51. Silk-Cashmere wrap-I had high hopes. The purple is decadent, it is full and billowy. However, it came with a snag and I could tell it was destined to snag more. Very thready-thin, thin fraying edges made it look "ratty." (similar to ones you find in the cheap "Marrakesh" stores at the mall.)

  52. @ Zoelicious and @ Em-- Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) I placed my order before seeing either of your responses and ended up choosing a size small, primarily b/c I don't think I've ever worn a size x-small bottoms ever during my adult life (i.e. for the past 10 years)!!! Sigh, if only J.Crew were consistent enough in its sizing for this *not* to be an issue! Oh well. If I have to send them back for an xs, so be it-- and if I can keep them because they work, all the better! Thanks again!

  53. Ikat Dot Pencil Skirt: I bought a 6 petite during the 30% promo, thinking that it would fit like my crewlet tweed/wool pencil skirt (size 6). Ha! Not only was it 2+ inches above my knee (I'm 5'1"), I could barely get it over my hips :P I talked to a really nice CSA, who sent me a regular size 8 for the same price I paid during the sale + free shipping! The 8 fits just right everywhere, and the length hits at the middle of my knees. A sidenote about the pattern: the "dots" are actually rough-edged squares... like brush-stroke squares, and the skirt is definitely cream, not white. I think it's adorable, and the lightness of the fabric makes it versatile for 3 out of the 4 seasons! Lesson learned: never assume anything about the sizing at j. crew... (then again, this was my first pencil skirt purchase from retail j. crew)

  54. really wanted to like the Rugby Print Ginny Dress, but I had some major issues with fit. I usually size down on a-line dresses because I'm smaller on top and usually it balances out nicely. I tried a 0 (normal dress size is 2) and it was way too tight. Because of the super tight fit, I sized up to a 4 and found that it was still too small because the lining under the dress is cut incorrectly. It is cut straight and small while the actual dress billows out over top. The fabric is also really stiff so it gets bunched up in the front and the back. It was also too short for my taste...I'm 5'2 and the regular dress was 3-4 inches above my knee.

  55. I put up a review of the lightweight cotton tunic in this post.

  56. Bought the Lorelei beach dresses in the antique purple and light blue dots. Rave Rave Rave they are gorgeous, lovely tecture, and light weight. They also have a extra strap so that they tie tighter in the back so no worries about slippage.


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