Wednesday, June 16, 2010

J.Crew Email: Exclusively yours: a behind-the-scenes peek at Fall

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Desert Flower, Marietta, & AnneG, who shared the following email this morning.

The email is a clever marketing video that features a sneak peek into the Fall 2010 collection. To watch the video, click HERE or play the video below.

Love the video! I always enjoy watching the steps to create such an event. The preparation involved is fascinating! Is it just me, or does anyone else not like Jenna's "favorite outfit" too? (Her outfit choice is also shown in the email's image.) Where would you wear that too? (I should add, that I do like Jenna. I think she is adorable.)

The JCAs have seen previews of the Fall 2010 Collection for sometime (refer to the April 2nd "J.Crew's Fall Preview Is Here!" post). In that post, several links were posted with reviews & images on J.Crew's Fall line:
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What are your thoughts on the Fall 2010 Collection? Do you like the video J.Crew released? Would you like to see more videos from J.Crew?


  1. Okay, first off it feels funny to be wearing linen shorts and a polo looking at fall 2010.

    Fall is my favorite season and so I do like seeing what's coming up. Appears that the men's side will continue in the direction they've been going for the past few years. The clothing looks sharp and well-thought out. I expect that the work wear influence will lighten up and clothing will become somewhat more polished soon.

    Thanks for the post Alexis.

  2. I really like a few of the garments. I think the total looks are ridiculous. Too editorial for a mass retailer.

    I also really hate the hair in the shoot. Why are they showing ivy in the girls' hair?

    I do like the clean eyes and bright lips with the fall colors.

  3. Good Lord, no wonder a Crew t-shirt costs upwards of $50. The resources wasted to present a handful of outfits boggles my mind.



  4. @kitsmommy: What, do you mean you don't sometimes finish off a look by effortlessly sticking a few twigs in your hair? :-)

    Hmm, lots of earth tones? More muted than usual? That doesn't sound promising to me - come fall, give me luscious purples and vibrant greens. I hope at least there will be some good tweeds on offer...

  5. Excited to see fall... wasn't impressed by this year's summer selection at all.

    Did anyone get the feeling from the summer sale + free shipping email today that final sale is about to come back? They need to do away with that for good - I may say this every season but this time I am standing by it, I am not getting stuck with any more ill fitting items I cannot return. Please, please, J.Crew, don't do it!

  6. Girl scout camp?

    Did I hear correctly?

  7. Raina, I agree - they're definitely selling an image (although, Edie Beale at summer camp?) and passing the costs down to us. To get this look I'd have to buy probably 7 items for one outfit, then go roll around in a pile of leaves. It seems almost "Derelicte".

    I'll have to see how the items look one by one, but the styling is just so absurd. Plus, it seems like a lot of items they've been pushing for a while - jean shorts, check shirts, chambray shirts, open-toed heels - so one could probably shop their closet for a handful of the fall stuff.

  8. Silver lining, I agree. I have the feeling that when the individual pieces are extricated from the mess (smores, anyone?), I will discover that I have something similar to most of what is offered. I was also disappointed with summer and typically love JC's fall offerings. I'm hoping to pick up three or four great pieces and that's it. My closet is reaching the JC saturation point.

    I enjoyed the video. Thanks so much for the heads up, Alexis!

  9. Thanks for posting this, it is interesting to see.

    Dara, good point. I have a feeling July 4 may be the switch over point to FS. Blech.

    Of course Jenna's fav outfit also features a miniskirt. In fact there appeared to be a bunch more miniskirts in the fall offerings. Ugh.

  10. I saw a few pieces that I liked individually, but I don't know anyone who could pull off those overall looks... way too much going on! I'm disappointed that fall will be more muted neutrals, I much prefer vibrant blues, greens, purples, etc. We shall see. Here's hoping for some great tweed skirts and blazers!

    Btw, sale site updated with newer pieces (that recently came out!).

  11. @kitsmommy. Um, last time I had leaves in my hair, I was on the ground. Dirty jcrew girlscouts!

  12. Yes I agree with others. I think the FS must be coming soon... I also think that they need to offer a % off in stores. I have never seen such a jam packed sale section full of stuff I have no interest in...
    I liked the video as I love to see how everything gets put together etc... but goodness it all seemed like a big dark hot mess. Thank goodness for the pink lipstick! I cracked up that the Jenna is STILL wearing that same bateau top! I love mine and wear it often, but not as much as Jenna:)

  13. I love fall! I liked a number of the looks and am thinking that buying a handful of new pieces to mix with items from my own closet will achieve it without breaking the bank. There did look to be quite a bit of carry-over with items they've been selling recently.

  14. thanks for the post!! I think it's fun/fantasy and creates excitement. I can't imagine wearing any of the spreads in vogue either and would never wear a mini, open toe shoes in fall or braids but I love the tweeds and earthy tones. If I had a JC card I would be preordering. maybe they will accept my order with out the card??? anyone know?

  15. gem twin- they will take your $$ in any form for pre-orders

  16. thanks Twiga! I am new to commenting on blogs, now I see why it is so endlessly gratifying.

  17. The colors are nice and muted, but the overall look is more "homeless bag lady in the park" than girl scout camp... esp with the twine and leaves in the hair...

  18. First of all, let me just say, I love Jenna the designer. I really like the personality I see from her in interviews. Her designs are gorgeous and come from a really strong point of view. However, I really do not like these designs for J. Crew. I like change but a total departure from what the brand has stood for over time is really frustrating.

    Also, did anyone else see how Nate Berkus picked Jenna Lyons out as his favorite designer in the VF "Favorite Things" column this month?

  19. I haven't commented in a while because I got so frustrated with J. Crew sending me the wrong items. But I am going to have the dissenting opinion here. I like what they are showing for fall. I don't expect to see cloche hats on the street but the mix of textures and layers look really great. I love the pins, the tweed, herringbone, cashmere, these are the items that become favorites for me. J. Crew had a year, I believe 2005, when they had the most beautiful fall, great textures, jewel box shoes, it was gorgeous and I still have it all, bought a ton, and wish I had bought more when the quality was so good. I was less of a fan of Fall 2009...

  20. It is wrong that it is 105 degrees outside (in AZ) and I can't wait to shop for fall items?! Summer didn't impress me either.

    Definitely over-styled, but I think I spied a few great tweed or herringbone jackets that would be fun additions.

    So silly question . . .how do you spot out an item from the barrage of images to actually place a pre-order??

  21. Pansy, lol--"homeless bag lady in the park." I assumed they wanted to hark back to Edie Beale's model/socialite days, but a few of those outfits seem to be from her Grey Gardens years.

    I have to admit, though, I like some of the hats. I wish hats would really and truly come back as a fashion staple, not just an occasional costume accessory. I especially love the garrison cap with the red flowers.

  22. I love hats, too - every fall I lament their disappearance. I know JFK going bareheaded is blamed for the demise of hats on the men's side, but don't know why women stopped wearing them - other than maybe impractical while driving/joining the workforce en masse? ... I've got two cloches in gorgeous tweed from fall 2005, when j.crew was off-the-charts good with beautiful tweeds. I still wear them every fall. I like
    newsboy caps, too, and I've got some wool felt berets that I feel particularly dashing wearing. I would just love, on the whole, to see women's hats make a big comeback.

  23. The over styling really hides the individual pieces, so I can't get a good look at what is what. Personally, I'd call this collection Big Mess. Hopefully, the individual pieces are much better since fall is really J. Crew's strength, in my opinion. I do hope they include some nice, rich, fall tones and don't get too muted as they did with summer. I can't wait to read other bloggers' reviews of the items.

  24. CCS, I'm in Arizona, too! It will be a long hot summer before I can even begin to think about fall.

    I have seen the fall preview quite a few times, mostly on the blogs Alexis mentioned. I agree with some posters that there may be individual items I may like and buy. The overall styling of this preview does not appeal to me and until I do see things on their own, I have no interest at all.

  25. I think as individual peices we will see many beautiful things this fall right now though I am feeling overwhelmed! Hopefully they'll have some pretty silk shirts like the Frances and Victorias of back years along with some nice pencil skirts. Otherwise I don't see anything that I must must have.

  26. CCS--I sent the photos I liked to the personal shopper online with questions. They were instantaneous, polite and helpful. IMO the customer service at JC is unparalleled.

  27. I don't see much that I like, but then it's hard to tell when there are at least 7 items on each model. :) Hopefully, there are some good pieces. And I'm tired of shorts with tights, not to mention I can't really wear that look to work. And some longer skirts would be nice - enough minis already!

  28. I saw quite a few things in this preview that are quite similar to items I already own so was not too excited. The browns are not my favorite either, I hope there will be some cool tones in jackets, skirts and pants and not just the colorful cashmere.

    The way Jenna was giggling when she was describing the theme of the collection made me take it a lot less seriously. Using "it's like... giggle" repeatedly had me rolling my eyes a bit. OK gal, you're almost twice my age and you're talking like my little sister. Hey Jenna, like, is this for reals?

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  30. I know that I am in the minority here, but I just really love the risks that they are taking. I love it all and feel inspired, certainly not dull preppy stock. The fabrics look lovely and the colors are just great. It's a really fun and thought provoking theme. I am putting the navy blouse with the white dots on my wish list, including many of the tweeds and jackets. The peacock blues and greens and the rusts and browns, just perfect for fall. This collection is why I am attracted to J.Crew.


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