Tuesday, June 1, 2010

J.Crew Email: Shop for Pop

"Thanks!" to Marietta & xoxo, who shared the following email J.Crew sent yesterday.

The email gives customers a new gift option for dads on Father's Day: the Shirt of the Month Club! The email states:
This Father's Day, treat Dad to our world-class shirts. We'll handpick our favorites and ship one to his door each month. Just let us know his size. For details, call 866-739-5944.
J.Crew has offered similar "Of-The-Month" clubs in the past (like Cashmere, Jewelry, and Shoe clubs). However, they are usually promoted around the holiday season. I wonder how profitable they are... In any case, it's interesting to see the offer for Father's Day.

Would you consider joining the Shirt of the Month Club? Do you like the concept? :)


  1. Alexis, I remember the shoe-of-the-month but forgot about the jewellery and cashmere-of-the-month offers. I don't think I'd be confident in J.Crew's selections, given some of the items they like to promote. The men's shirts are usually quite good though, this could be a winner for the guys, if you can afford to splurge.

  2. I love the idea, but I also don't trust their selections. I suspect I'd be stuck with the duds they can't get rid of... at full price.


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