Wednesday, June 9, 2010

J.Crew's Latest Catalog + Jezebel = Hilarious!

"Thanks!" to La Belle Helene (in this post) who shared a {very funny} link from Jezebel about J.Crew's latest Summer catalog (click here to read the "J.Crew's Summer Abroad: Sweet Swimsuits, Sharp Shorts & Dreadful Dresses" post).

The line of "Memorial day is the unofficial start of summer, and J.Crew has what you need to kick off the season: Slinky little bathing suits, preppy little shorts, and dresses so hideous you may need to shield your eyes." is great. My favorite might be (because they are all so good!): "I'm all for swimming in jewelry — I am the kind of person who keeps all rings, watches and bracelets on while frolicking in the Mediterranean — but this ensemble — long necklaces and long-sleeved, belted sweater — is not conducive to doing a laps in the lake. Do not attempt!"

And remember to read the user comments below. Some of them are hysterical!!! ;)


  1. Love it, and so true. I was actually just on a few minutes ago, perusing for a dress to wear to a wedding, thinking I'd at least find something...and the only thing I walked away with was an odd feeling that Jenna and Mickey must be playing some sort of odd, odd joke. That...I don't get.

    And cry.

  2. On a side note, there are many new additions to the men's sale section as well as new inventory of a couple previously sold out items.

  3. I had a good chuckle at no. 11 - sums up how a lot of us on here feel, both about picks and sequins, lol.

  4. OT - decent update to the sale section, I grabbed a handful of things that I liked, but wasn't willing to pay FP for. With the extra 20% off + FS, it's worth a shot.

  5. Great laugh.. Esp. Gutaemala travel notes from Jessica-hilarious!

  6. Longish post, so apologies in advance. OMG thanks for the link. read through this and some of the other commentaries, and it's a GAS. Echoing her sentiments about the stylings... very un-real-life-like. i concur with some of the other JCA's past posts about previous years' catalogs... models looked healthy, happy, PRESENT (as opposed to the vacuous looks that all the models now wear) i.e. glad to be wearing the clothes. has jenna or her boss at JC stopped to look at the catalogs and then at their customers and realize that there's somewhat of a reality gap??? there's "inspirational" then there's "WTF were they thinking"... don't get me wrong, i think most of JC's merch/offerings are very pretty but i find myself looking at other JCA's stylings more and more for MY inspiration.

  7. Omg this is too funny! Sort of reminds me of this website (?) I used to look at about 10 years ago called "annoying j crew model of the day." hysterical!

    hope the catalogue people will take these comments to heart re: the June 2010 catalog and tone things down. Sone of the styling is such a turnoff.


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