Wednesday, June 9, 2010

J.Crew Tell All Book {scandalous}

"Thanks!" to Elaine (in this post) who shared the following:
This is 200% OT, but what the heck is this? a "tell-all" book about J Crew? Something called 'Going Postal' by someone named Nell Bly. An eBay seller has a zillion copies of it for sale -- the author, presumably. It came up while I was searching through women's clothing. ...What do we make of this?
I ended up going to eBay to check this book out. Not too much information is shared except for the following:
Book Title: Going Postal
Author: Nell Bly
Pages Count: 146
ISBN #: 978-0-9793437-1-1

What J. Crew Doesn't Want You To Know!

Read about the horrific work conditions at J. Crew's New York Corporate headquarters in a new tell-all book.

Read about:
*Workers not being paid for hours worked
*Sexual harassment
*Workers being treatened with termination for standing up for there rights as an employee.
I have to say, I too don't know what to make of it!

What are your thoughts on this book? Has any one ordered it? If so, please share! :)


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  2. The Nelly Bly I know of is one of the first famous female journalists of the early 20th century. So I'm suspicious of the pen name, to say the least. Also, I'd be a little upset if someone dishonored the legacy of the the great Nelly Bly by penning a poorly investigated manifesto, then hiding behind her name. But I'm not about to order this off eBay, either.

  3. I'm tempted to order it just to see what comes in the mail. I too was suspicious of the fake name attached to it. Something is up with it, though, as it's listing in the women's clothing listsings -- it wants to be found by people who buy JC clothing. Who knows, I may break down and get it just to see! If I do, I will share. :-)

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  5. The book doesn't exist according to Books in Print. I tried both the title and the ISBN number. It could be a self-published pamphlet. . .

    If the grammar in the promo is any clue, I wouldn't expect it to be credible, if it even exists.

  6. Ha!! I judt died reading this post!!

    Its fashion! every place sucks! DUH!!

  7. "*Workers being treatened with termination for standing up for there rights as an employee."

    I wouldn't buy a book with a description that is full of spelling errors.

  8. i worked as a temp at the jcrew nyc headquarters for four months and i saw no such activity.. or heard of it. actually, i really miss working there!

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