Tuesday, June 8, 2010

J.Crew Spotted in Marie Claire

A big "thanks!" to Desert Flower, who not only let us know about a J.Crew item being spotted in the latest issue of Marie Claire, but also scanned the image for us to view! (Click on the image to see it larger.)

The item featured is the Cashmere Short-Sleeve Tee (Item 90589; $98.00). J.Crew describes this top as "Chic as ever, now with a true short sleeve. Made of soft, luxurious cashmere from a world-famous Italian mill in a fine 12-gauge knit".

The image to the left shows the top paired with shorts. I always pictured wearing short sleeve cashmere tees over a long sleeve blouse. So this got me wondering, can you wear cashmere short sleeve tees in the summertime? I mean, wouldn't it be too hot to wear?

Would you wear a short sleeve cashmere sweater in the summer? What are your thoughts on the top featured? Do you own this short sleeve sweater? If so, please share! :)


  1. I lived in San Francisco a few years ago, and frequently wore short-sleeved cashmere sweaters during the summer, since it just doesn't get that hot there very often. I'd usually wear the sweater w/ a skirt or pants, but occasionally w/ Bermuda shorts.

  2. It'd be too hot for me to wear! I'm pretty interested in the bee pins :) I think one would look cute on the schoolboy blazers!

  3. No way, too hot. I would never wear a lightweight cashmere sweater in the summer!

  4. It's all geography in my mind. :) Like Emily said, San Francisco and other spots in CA would be the ideal place to wear a cashmere sweater (short-sleeved or not) in the summer. All of my extended family lives in a central coast beach town and it can be downright chilly in the morning with the fog...but you know it will warm up once the fog lifts, so you don't want to wear too much on the bottom, hence the shorts or skirt option, which will help keep you cooler later in the day.

    Here in Virginia where we have some nights that the LOW is 75, I would never have the opportunity to wear cashmere, featherweight or not! :) Ugh!

  5. I live near Tampa Florida and often wear light weight cashmere sweaters during the warmer months as well as the 14 gauge merino (sitting here in my spring celocia sweater right now and it was 85 when I walked out of my house this morning). I prefer them to cotton sweaters as the wool breathes. Cotton just gets wet with perspiration and takes forever to dry out again.

  6. I live the northeast and wear a short sleeved cashmere sweater in the colder months to events where I know it is going to hot -- like crowded holiday parties.

    I would not wear a short sleeved cashmere tee in the summer months here.

  7. I live in Houston and love the featherweight cashmere cardigans for year-round. It can be so air conditioned that you will freeze in just a tank or tee.

    I could see the short sleeve cashmere tee in spring or fall here - but not this spring - it is already so hot!

  8. I live in CA and wear PARKAS and hats in the summer and often times just a light cardigan in the winter... it all depends on where you live and thankfully JC is one of the few retailers that recognizes that.

  9. I own one short-sleeved cashmere sweater: I like wearing it with skirts in the summer. I live in Canada and am naturally chilly so it is a no-brainer for me. I love the short-sleeved cashmere and plan to pick up more of it this year!

  10. My grandfather had the perfect statement to deal with short sleeved sweaters:

    always to hot to wear them OR always too cold.

    It seems to me that it is NEVER the right temp. for a short sleeve sweater.

    I bought two many years ago(thinking of his voice in my head) and wore each one once. I was either too cold or hot in them!!

    Grandfathers are very wise!

    I believe short sleeve sweaters are a waste of money for MOST climates.

  11. Just goes to show that everyone and every place is different! I have quite a few SS cashmere tees and wear them as layering pieces in fall and winter, and by themselves in spring and sometimes summer. Here in the PNW springs are chilly (this year has been even worse than usual) and all but the warmest summer evenings I need a cardi outdoors.

    Personally, I don't like the look with short shorts as depicted, but I'd be perfectly at home in bermudas and a SS sweater.

  12. Being in Canada and close to the mountains it can be very chilly here on a summer night but I loathe to take off the shorts because I wait so darn long to be able to wear them. So occasionally I've worn a 3/4 sleeve featherweight cashmere argyle cardigan with chino shorts and yep, sky-high heels to go bar-hopping. I don't have any ss cashmere sweaters but I will have to go check them out now. Soft wool can be very comfortable in warm weather. It's not linen but still, it can work for some climates.

  13. i too live in canada (vancouver) and have 2 ss cashmere tees from BR. i've worn them in cooler weather layered with long sleeve tees or long sleeve button downs, then when it gets warmer i'd wear a tank underneath for opacity. i have always felt very comfy in them at work dressed up with pants. don't know if i'd pair them with shorts though, cos if it's warm enough for shorts, i'm out in tanks and cami's.

  14. I lived in San Francisco Bay Area for years and there are many days when you need a wool sweater in July! The hottest months here are actually late Sept & October.

    So yes, I frequently layered a lightweight cashmere or wool sweater over a tank top worn w/short-shorts in the summertime. My legs don't get as cold as my upper body & I can take off the sweater when/if it gets too warm.

    Now that I live in the Southeast I miss being able to layer creatively once it gets past mid-April; too hot!


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