Saturday, June 19, 2010

J.Crew Collection Video {what's that song?}

On Thursday, J.Crew updated their website with new arrivals (refer to the "J.Crew Updates Website with New Arrivals!" post). On the homepage, there is a new Collection video which features a model wearing several outfits while dancing. Since then a lot of JCAs have been wondering about the music playing behind the Collection video on J.Crew's homepage.

A big "thanks!" to Kumi (in this post) who shared with us the following insight:
Loveprints- I did a little research, as I really love the song. I found that the text in the song didn't come up with anything on the web linking it to a song or singer. The first lyric is "je ne me laisserai pas seduire" and then some stuff and then "je ne ferai pas l'amour". It's kind of an anti-love song. So I e-mailed J.Crew and here is the response (my e-mail question is in the latter part of this entry):

Hi Kumi,

Wish I had a better answer for you but it's an original song we composed for the Collection Video. It doesn't have a name. I'm sorry for any disappointment.

If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to contact me directly. I've provided my contact information below for your convenience.

The video & song are cute. I thought it was clever how the outfits incorporated one item from the previous outfit. :) However, I enjoyed the videos (e.g. Rome, Patagonia, Paris) from previous years a bit more. (Maybe it's an unfair comparison since the other videos included amazing locales.)

What are your thoughts on the song? Do you like the Collection video? :)


  1. I love this collection video! far more than the ones recently posted to be honest.

  2. Think the models are too skinny? J.Crew thinks YOU should be just as skinny! They carry Spanx...What the eff? I guess they thought we could all use the help...jerks.

  3. I cannot bear that song, it sounds like Vanessa Paradis with Tweety Pie on backing, it truly does my head in.

  4. I thought the video was adorable, though I watched it with the music off.

    I really do need to buy about 14 sailor-stripe shirts.

  5. Don't forget about the video they made when they shot a catalog in Prague! :D

  6. that voice sounds a lot like Carla Bruni but I have not heard that song before.

  7. I had the Collection page up and ready to launch when I took a call. While I'm yakking on the phone I thought the Gal endlessly twirling her hair looks like she missed her last dose of meds. Kinda creepy after a couple of minutes.

    Christy, J.Crew has sold hosiery for ages and is now selling some lingerie, why not have Spanx too? After all, VPL are a scourge on society and must be eliminated. ;)

  8. Hosiery, yes, pretty underthings, yes. Spanx? That's more like, here you go fatties...if I wanted/needed Spanx, I know where to get them. Just seems out of tune to me. VPL, I totally get it, but these are for the VBL. (B=body)

  9. ITA with the Spanx comment! If a clothing item requires the wearer to put on a brutal torture device just to make said cloting item look good, I question the construction and cut of the item- not the person. If its a well constructed quality cut item it should look good regardless of body size.

    I wouldn't own anything that required the use of Spanx, and I'm surprised at what J Crew is insinuating by selling them. Its like saying "Hey, we can't make our clothes to actually fit normal peoples bodies as they are, so go ahead and try to suck,twist,smoosh, and contort yourself into what we think is the ideal J Crew dictated body type.--
    Oh, and by the way, do so effortlessly in sky-high heels while your at it!"

    Bah-humbug to Spanx!

  10. As I commented on a previous post—I'm convinced the song is a deliberate knockoff of Carla Bruni's "L'amour". The lyrics are extremely similar, as is the instrumentation; the melody is just different enough to avoid copyright infringement.

  11. what an adorable video! my favorite part is her little surprised expression when she discovers the shoes.

  12. yes, L'amour....that is why I was reminded of Carla Bruni. It really is similar.

  13. While it's true that a well-constructed garment makes less demands on your figure than something untailored, it is also important to wear the proper undergarments beneath certain items, particularly wedding and formal dresses. Spanx makes excellent quality undergarments in a wide range of sizes that provide smoothing support for women, expanding the options of what we can comfortably and confidently wear. Sometimes a gal might want a little help, like I did when attending a formal event right after having my baby. Spanx were a godsend for me. Frankly, I'm offended by comments that they are for fatties. I'm sure the legions of Spanx fans would not agree.

  14. I like the song in the video. I think that it seems pretty and feminie. :)

  15. Does anyone know who the model is? She's gorgeous!

  16. I too am a fan of Spanx...I don't take any offense that JC is carrying them. I don't see it as them sending a message to their customer base, merely banking on women taking advantage of the convenience of having them available. Purely marketing.

  17. Kumi, thank you so much for researching the song! I really appreciate you sharing the story behind it. And thank you J.Crew Aficionada for this wonderfully helpful blog community! Because of all the comments here, I have new artists and songs to lookup! :D

    The video is so cute. It served its purpose; I want nearly all the outfits the model frolicked around in!

  18. A french friend helped translate the lyrics to this song:

    I won't let myself be seduced,
    I, I prefer staying free,
    Love plays us and... See More
    Plays tricks on me and chases me
    Oh how magic is your skin
    Love strikes us and flees
    Like a thief under the moonlight
    But I, I don't want love.

  19. I love the song too. It's funny because I e-mailed J.Crew about the song the other day and I received the EXACT same response!

  20. :D I've emailed to ask about the song too! I told them if J.Crew make up an album, I'll definitely get one.

  21. Thank you loveprints for posting the English translation of the song. Can your friend post the French lyrics as well. I like it so much I wanted to learn to sing it! LOL

  22. The model is Mona Johannesson.

  23. Does anyone know if she is wearing the crystal patch earrings in the video?

  24. please tell me, what are the lyrics in french?

  25. I love the model's orange lipstick!!! Does anyone know who makes it and what color it is?? Thanks

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  27. Spanx-haters, stop being so bitter.

    "the ideal J Crew dictated body type" is actually pretty healthy; their models are not waif-like by any means. If you can't fit into their or any other brand's clothing, you need to rethink what size you are buying.

    I'm sick of hearing people complain about models being too thin when America's real epidemic is OBESITY. More people die from this than being too skinny.

  28. Wonderful news! J.Crew has this song available for free downloads! Get it and sing away!

    Download here:


    To Be Free (être Libre)

    Je ne me laisserai pas séduire
    Moi je préfère rester libre
    L'amour se joue de nous et
    Me joue des tours et me poursuit
    Que ta peau est magique
    L'amour nous frappe et s'enfuit
    Comme un voleur au clair de lune
    Mais moi je ne veux pas d'amour

  29. oops, here's the full link:

  30. let's try this one last time:

    if that doesn't work, please scroll through the wall on J.Crew's facebook


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