Friday, June 11, 2010

J.Crew Warehouse Sales {oh my!}

A big "thanks!" to Cory who shared the following {fantastic} news from AskMissA (click here).

J.Crew's Clearance Store in Lynchburg, Virgina is having a major Warehouse Sale. This event takes place this weekend as well as one a few weeks from now:
Saturday, June 12th (10AM to 8PM)
Sunday, June 13th (12PM to 6PM)

Saturday, June 26th (10AM to 8PM)
Sunday, June 27th (12PM to 6PM)

From what I hear these sales are awesome! If I lived nearby, I would be there an hour early waiting to get it. (Seriously, I would.) ;)

The location for the store is:
J.Crew Millrace Clearance Store
25 Millrace Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 316-6324

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)


  1. OOooh... I might have to make a trip to the one later this month! I went to college just a few miles from there, and have been wanting to go back and visit my alma mater-- this might be the excuse I need! :)

  2. What a fabulous photo, harking back to the days when J.Crew still knew smiling, exuberant models sell clothes best.

  3. How did they get her out in the water without getting the dress all wet.....

  4. @himmiefan - they probably had a bunch of assistants holding the hem of the skirt up while she walked out. Or, they dressed her in the water. The magic of photoshoots :)

  5. Tiffany: You are so lucky that you are going!!! :)

    La Belle Helene: Isn't that photo fantastic! Those were the days!!! :)

    Himmiefan: LOL! Good question!

    JewelBoxDreams: The image of the assistants holding the hem while escorting her out would be a great picture for the catalog! ;)

  6. Warehouse sales are the best. I went to one years ago in NJ. Prices were like $5 for a bathing suit lol. Please keep us updated on future warehouse sales!

  7. Question: What are these sales like? Everything in boxes by size the way they used to have them or is it in a store setting? How should I prepare? Should we go early? Any tips??

  8. Ann,

    I went to the sale a couple of weeks ago, and warning: it is a madhouse! But, it was very worth it! I got there a half hour before it opened, and there were already about 70 people in line before me.

    When you walk in, they'll give you a garbage bag and a price list. Everything is in boxes-- it was not organized at all! Also, there are no dressing rooms or mirrors. Wear leggings and a tank top or something that allows you try things on easily.

    As an idea for prices... the most expensive items were special occasion dresses which were $40! Non-special occasion were $25. Shoes were $30. Jackets $20. And everything was 20% off of the listed prices!! Amazing. I hope you have the same kind of luck I did!!!

  9. Thank you for the wonderful tips!! I happened to call the store yesterday for directions and to ask about it (never been before). Apparently they have changed their scheduling and the sale is actually on Saturday July 10th. She did say it would have been typically today, but they recently changed the timeline. Just wanted to share. Love your site!!


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