Thursday, June 10, 2010

J.Crew Email: Jenna loves

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Marietta & Ketan, who shared with us the latest news from J.Crew this morning.

The email announces that J.Crew's sister store, Madewell, has a new online shop (click here). (Although, we JCAs have known this tidbit for awhile now.) ;) Creative Director Jenna Lyons also shares the following fashion advice:
On my wish list: skinny denim, anything gladiator and easy tees. [I'll be wearing them all season long]. I'm in love with these Italian leather sunset sandals— the vintage-inspired wooden platform is equally chic and comfortable.
The email's sign-off of "Have a Madewell moment with me..." made me giggle! It reminded me of all those cheesy 80's commercials for coffee creamer, chocolate, shampoo, and body wash. I guess its going for the feeling like we are old friends talking over a cup of coffee in a cafe. Um, okay. ;)

As for the shoes, they feature the Sunset Sandal (Item 23604; $148.00), which Madewell describes as "Seriously, how cool are these sandals? Vintagey wood soles, wide leather straps—we can't get enough of them. Leather upper. Padded man-made footbed for extra comfort." It might just be me, but I am so not feeling these heels.

What are your thoughts on the Sunset Sandal? Do you think they are worth the $148.00 price tag? Do you own or have tried them on? If so, please share! What are your thoughts on the "Have a Madewell moment with me..." sign-off? :)


  1. Once again Jenna knows how to pick the ugliest ones of the bunch! These are note cute and way overpriced in my opinion.

  2. The Sunset Sandal is BORING! and overpriced. You can get similar versions that look better for less cost.

    Also, on another Madewell topic: the jewelry looks like a rip off of JC, but cheaper materials and again the pricing is to high for what one gets.

    What is the point of Madewell when you have JC? I don't get it. It's all mediocre.

    Sorry to rain on their parade, but it's the truth. Disappointed and bored with Madewell :(

  3. and wooden platforms murder your feet.

  4. As I mentioned over the weekend, I had my first chance to visit a Madewell recently and was unimpressed. All I walked away with was a pair of beat-up denim shorts and a bottle of nail polish made by Butter of London (and incidentally, I love both items!). I saw a cami I sort of liked in the store, but it was almost $40 and definitely not worth it. I'm not sure how Madewell is going to do long-term. I know they don't really mean for it to be the same as Old Navy to Banana Republic, but that's how it's perceived, and then you get in there and nothing is low-cost! I also thought the styles and details were odd.

    That said, the store was super cute and had a vibe very much like a small Soho / Tribeca boutique. I just wish I'd liked the merchandise more.

  5. jcrew guilty of clipping their models...

  6. In defense of Madewell, I don't think that the customer they have in mind is necessarily the quintessential customer that shops at JC. JC is more clean cut and classic, while Madewell produces clothing that is a little left of center, while still retaining its classic roots. For example, I can see why people don't like the sunset sandal because of the clunky clog(ish) heel, which is definitely not a mainstream look. But if you followed the runway, clogs were a big hit this season at major shows like Chanel. I think they're making these shoes for a demographic that'll appreciate trendier items. Don't get me wrong, I love that I can go to JC and find something classic and basic that I can wear forever, but I often feel like it lacks a little twist. And I think Madewell offers that. Of course, that might not appeal to everyone.

    Personally, I think the clog heel is adorable, and I wish they were cheaper, but I haven't seen anything similar to it at that low of a price point. Also, I hear they're super comfortable :). I plan on buying them!

  7. was just going to comment but Vivian said it all. If they were trying to appeal to the JC client they would be competing with themselves, this is for a different consumer.

  8. Yes, I also see Vivian's point. What steers me away from Madewell is how cheap the materials appear to be. I have only viewed online. But none of the styles are "so unique" or of a material/quality that "I have to have" or in a so-so price point so to make me go out of my way and order.

    JCrew is guilty of the same, I have seen this season for sure...and I believe that is why we all chat so much as we are all on the look out for something unique & well made, or something classic (like a staple) but also well made made and enduring.

  9. I actually like the sandals and think they might be comfortable given the padded foot bet and chunky heel. They're definitely a trend item and seem kind of spendy for a summer shoe. After scanning the new arrivals the only thing that appeals to me is the legère ruffled vest, Item# 26390. However, without free shipping and no store nearby to take returns, I'm not tempted.

    I've never been into the store, but it looks like a place I'd have loved to browse in college, but could have never afforded.

  10. Pass for me!!! I am in love with the flat gladiator sandals from Ralph Lauren, on sale now, so I'll get another pair just in case I wear the pair that I own out...

  11. Agree with Vivian.

    As for the sandals, I think they're nice. Not my style, but much better than the crazy-ass sky-high stiletto or humongous wedge heels I've been seeing on most sandals this season. I appreciate the lower profile and simple design. I bought a pair of wooden heeled sandals at BR recently and found them to be quite comfortable, actually.

  12. Well, I wasn't trying to say the clothing should look or feel anything like J Crew's. I was more trying to point out that I felt let down because the hype for this little retail offshoot was so strong, and then when I finally got a chance to see it in person, I couldn't really relate to anything I saw in the store itself.

    No matter, it's likely at 37 that I'm just way too old to find any of it interesting. Left of center or not, the clothing looked cheap and uninspired to me, like stuff I'd find in H&M for $4.95. Saggy pockets on cardigans made of snaggy, shiny threads. Generic camis that looked like ones I'd find at Target. (No offense to anyone who shops at Madewell intended.) I was in and out of the store in about 8 minutes.

    And as for these wooden heels, cute though they may be, those hard wooden soles are murder on pretty much anyone's feet. Cute on the shelf, cute when photographed and merchandised properly, but they're the kind of shoe you find yourself cursing out as you hobble and bobble along a city street!

    [JMO of course, as a withered and clearly out-of-touch old lady who left New York years ago and relocated to the Southern US ... and who no longer follows runway activity. ;-)]

  13. I have some older wooden-soled J.Crew slides and clogs that I totally love! I dabbled in the boho look as a teen and found the wood shoes to be really comfortable and I still do. Also have an adorable pair of Miss L-Fire Strawberry Sundae woodies from Anthro that are just TDF cute.

    Unfortunately though, I'm not a fan of glads and these have that look, even with the thick wooden sole. So definitely, not for me. I'll stick with the Chie Mihara wood platforms that are much more feminine, stylish and prettier IMO.

  14. I forgot to add that I find the wooden soles to be extremely comfortable. Maybe it depends on your foot shape or how you move your toes when you walk or something. Or maybe it's me. I can wear almost any kind of shoe and seldom have issues.

  15. I don't have a problem with wooden soles if there is rubber on the bottom and a sufficiently padded insole. I actually have the Chanel studded clogs and they are comfortable (just really high!). I wouldn't buy these sandals, though, since I'm a bit tired of the gladiator look.

    I agree with Vivian for the most part but I also agree with some of what Elaine has to say. I like the fact that Madewell offers a perhaps trendier twist than J Crew but the merchandise seems cheaply done to me. And I'm really not sure about Jenna's ability to pick!

  16. I actually like these better than most of the J Crew shoes.

    But then, my most comfortable pair of shoes is a wooden pair of sandals from Ann Taylor. They have more delicate straps than this one and rubber soles, but no padding at all. I can walk for hours in them.

  17. I love the sunset sandal, I plan to buy similar a pair from Swedish Hasbeens (SJP wore a pair in SATC 2!) at a similar price. They are supposed to be super comfortable! Though it is a trend that may fade soon, wood clogs keeps coming back again and again so I think it is worth the price.


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