Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's Available at J.Crew Factory Stores {a look inside!}

A big "thanks!" to Robin who shared the following images from her local J.Crew Factory Store this past weekend. Just click on any of the images to view larger.

I love these photos!!! It makes me feel like I am at the store too. It looks like J.Crew Factory (aka Crewlet) has some cute items this Summer.

To check out some other J.Crew Outlet photos/reviews:

What are your thoughts on the latest offerings from J.Crew Factory? Any items you are interested in getting? If so, please share. :)


  1. Thanks for the photos/blogs ladies! I was at the outlet in Ellenton FL last weekend and I was impressed with the selection of merchandise...most of either identical to or nearly identical to the JC original. The prices though really turned me off and I left empty-handed. For lower quality clothing the prices were still quite high. T-shirts for $30 to $50, skirts at $70 or $80...even with their extra $$ or % off were still too high for my taste. I'd rather wait for a sale on the regular merchandise than the crewlet.

    Has anyone had any luck finding actual non-outlet clothes at an outlet?

  2. I love seeing these pics and all the other pics other gracious bloggers post when they visit the factory store. But like Lynzeeroo, sometimes I'm really put off by their prices. They are sometimes right on par with store prices. But nothing beats an outlet store sale, clearance plus 40% off? Remember the good ol' days when the store did that?!

  3. Lynzeeroo: I totally agree about the prices at the Crewlet. I feel as though I can get a better deal with better quality mechandise by buying retail stuff on sale. I have been able to find retail items at my outlet. I always get a rush when I do, like I've discovered a secret! :)

    That said, I did go to my local Crewlet this past weekend and saw some cute stuff. Only ended up getting a couple of scarves (they do have some cute summer ones now!) and a bf v-neck that was on super markdown.

  4. I never find anything at the outlet store.

  5. I was at the Ellenton outlet too, but I thought they were as always, pretty light on merchandise. I couldn't find anything in my size. Shorts were a decent buy, but otherwise not many deals. These pics make me realize how lightly stocked this store is (it was bare after Christmas). I find non-outlet merchandise there infrequently. I pulled a pair of shorts out that I bought last year and was surprised to find they were regular store merchandise.

  6. Those are great pictures. I went to the crewlet this past weekend, and mine had a TON of shorts and summery dresses, but there were no original J.Crew items. They were all made just for the outlet. My most 2 recent blog posts feature my latest crewlet purchases, and I plan on doing an entire inventory of what I bought tomorrow or Friday, once I get time. Their tanks were cute and reallllly low-priced, so I snagged a couple of those, a dress, two belts, two necklaces, and a vest all for about $177 thanks to the 20% off offer.

  7. These pics make me want to cry! Closest Crewlet is at least 3 hours away, and another one 4 hrs in another direction. :-/ Someday I will get there! )I feel like Scarlett O'Hara waving a dirty carrot at the sky, except it's a hole-y tissue tee bought at full retail!) lol

  8. Thanks for sharing the pics! The outlet for me is always hit or miss. While I didn't find much for myself this past weekend, because my fiance needed to stock up on tees and polos, we were able to use the 20% off coupon (thanks, Alexis!) and ended up saving a ton. I've never found any retail items at the outlet though.

  9. I saw ONE lonely retail item.

    Is anyone looking for a size 4 J Crew Mia matelasse citron gown, style 93487? I saw one at a factory store for $19.97 or $19.99 less 20%. It has a little dust on the hem, but I think it was fine otherwise. Not my size, otherwise I would have purchased it. It's floor length, but for the price, one could afford to have it shortened or wack off a big chunk and have a thigh length skirt and a mini skirt probably. The factory stores charge the same shipping price as catalog. I called this morning to make sure it's still there.

    I'm afraid to post the number and have the factory store SAs get an onslaught of calls and get mad at me since they know me from shopping there. First person to post their email, I'll email the factory store location and phone no. Please no resellers. I'm trying to put a size 4 person in touch with the store if she has been coveting this dress for some time.

  10. CMG: I would like the name and number of the store please. My email is:

  11. Dear FFM,

    You have mail re the Mia. It's going to look so awesome on you, too. You rock maxi dresses! Best wishes.

    Fellow J Crew fan


  12. THANK YOU CMG! I just called the store and they'll be sending it out to me tomorrow...YAY! :)

  13. I was at the Crewlet in Osage Beach, Mo this weekend. I did not see original merchandise but there were many items that were an outlet version of F09 items. Most had an additional percent off the outlet price. I got the magenta Frances (pictured above), a gray version of the Hammered Silk tank, and a version of the slub cotton tank with the vertical ruffles (name escapes me) in white and stone. They were 40,30 and 30 percent off the outlet price.

    What shocked me the most was the absolute ignorance of the Crewlet SA about the regular merchandise. When I mentioned several items resembling regular JC items they were dumbfounded. When I asked if the Minnie pants would stretch they looked at me like I was crazy. Clearly these SAs live in this town and never look at either a catalog or visit the regular stores (granted 2 1/2 plus hours a way in St. Louis, but people from this part of the state go there a lot to shop, for baseball, etc.).

  14. I went to the Crewlet at Arundel Mills in Maryland. The Boyfriend picked up 3 shirts for $45 (2 polos and a tee). I got a summery dress for $35. Everything we bought was on additional sale. I felt like the store had tons of merchandise, but the prices were a little too steep for me to purchase.

  15. I am LOVING the Crewlet these days, but agree- the prices are hit & miss and I can end up spending more there than in the retail store.

    I picked up a

    1. a cute black eyelet dress
    2. a yellow ikat summer cotton shirt and
    3. a blue & white halter top (similar to ikat desgin)

    just before a trip and they were all on sale for at least a little. If you can visit often, you can catch the 1-3 day sales and get things before they're gone. I find the quality better than in the past and like the designs as much if not better than the retail.


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