Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You Don't Fool Anybody, Crystal Tides Necklace!

In the recent roll-out of new arrivals, one item stuck out as familiar: the Crystal Tides Necklace (Item 27989; $98.00). J.Crew describes it as: "Rather than the expected progression of small-to-large stones, this sparkly strand—a perfect pile-it-on piece—features a fresh arrangement of crystals in various sizes, randomly mixed for interest and texture."

So why is it familiar? Because it is actually the Twisted Treasure Necklace (Item 25535; $115.00; now $29.99) without the "hand-dyed silk ribbon bows" and "twisted chains of antiqued brass".

How do I know? I purchased the Treasure Necklace two months ago and purposely removed the crap around the round glass stones. I thought the necklace had potential but didn't care for the {terrible} ribbon and {gross} chains, which were just not working for me. Once I removed those elements, there was a beautiful necklace left with an unexpected array of small to large stones. Loves it!

So imagine my surprise that J.Crew is offering the same necklace sans additions, and with a hook closure (as oppose to self-tie ribbon). I think this is a wise move on J.Crew's part because the Twisted Treasure Necklace lingered in the sale section for a long time in the brick & mortar (B&M) stores.

What are your thoughts on either necklace? Do you own either the Twisted Treasure Necklace or the Crystal Tides Necklace? If so, please share! :)


  1. I saw that and immediately thought it was the Crystal Colletto necklace. Definitely similar to a few pieces!

  2. I totally agree about cutting out the excess crap! I ordered the magpie necklace a month or so ago and did the same thing.....I took some scissors and removed all the ribbon. It looks a million times better now, as does this necklace.

  3. It's kind of been the running joke around here lately- tack on an extra button, sequin, ribbon or some other silly embellishment and it's called something else. So original. Good call, Alexis, glad to see I'm not the only one having to watch reruns!

  4. Too funny! I also purchased the Twisted Treasure necklace, and promptly cut off the ribbon. For some reason, the ribbon reminded of swaddling clothes. Or maybe a gauze bandage. Anyway, it's gone, now. The downside to cutting off the ribbon was that the chains that are twisted around the stones are now untwisting and becoming loose. I think the ribbon kept them in place. Maybe I should just hack the chains off too!!

  5. I did the same thing too with that necklace, except I only removed the ribbon. What was left was a cool, punk rock-ish necklace with chains. Glad I bought it while it was on sale for %30 off :)

  6. Can the bows be cut off the crystal carlisle necklace without leaving weird gaps? The bows on this one aren't as bad as the crap on some, but they aren't me. TIA!

  7. I did this with several necklaces that I got for super cheap after they languished on the sale section forever. I love the result of my handiwork - they look great without all of the stuff on them!! I can't remember their names but there was one with pink stone beads, neon string and bows. Without the neon and bows, the pink stone beads are beautiful!! The other two were like the twisted crystal necklace with bows all over - one was purple and silver, other pink and gold. Again - awesome without the bows. That's about as DIY as I get - and it was cheap and easy ;)

  8. Same here...I cut off the ribbon and then unwinded all of the chains. I reconnected the chains to each other and hang them and the crystal part of the necklace separately. It gives me that layered look but I can actually see the pretty stones now!

  9. That's so funny a lot of you ladies removed the ribbon cause the SA wearing it did the same thing the last time I remember.
    I tried on the Crystal Tides necklace and though it was sparkly it was in an awkward length and it wasn't adjustable. You can kind of hook it in between one of the chains but I don't know how easily it can be done if you were wearing it yourself.

    I am TIRED of these twisted chains and "edgy" looking jewelries from JC.

  10. itschaotic: I am so happy to hear I wasn't the only one doing a double take with the Crystal Tides Necklace! :)

    Maggie: I love that you did the same thing by removing the excess!

    Christy: It is so true! It does feel like there is a lot of re-invention of certain items (and not always for the better!) ;)

    Real Working Mom of OC: I noticed the ribbons kept the chains in place too! But I didn't care too much for the chains so I had no problem removing them. :)

    Momoberry: Love that you did the same with the ribbons! They really didn't add much to the necklace. :)

    Corry: I think the bows on the Carlisle necklace are cute. But can understand that they are not everyone's taste. I think removing them would be fine, the necklace already has a beautiful uneven feel to it with its stones.

    Mack: I remember the pink necklace you are referring to! I thought the beads were so pretty on their own. I am also with you on this DIY kind of projects- they are definitely my kind too! :)

    georgia_crew_girl: Congrats on getting the chains to come off! I tried to save my chains but they were so tangled, I ended up getting frustrated and chopping them off. And I agree, the stones were hidden under the other layers- it is so nice to finally see them! :)

    jcrewphd: LOL! I love that the SA did it too! :)

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