Saturday, June 19, 2010

J.Crew Video: It's too Hot for Snow {or is it?} ;)

Rosy cheeks, smiling faces, check pattern scarves, and the sound of jingling bells... Could it be? I think so! I might just be ready for the Holidays now! :)


  1. I'm interested in the longjohned cutie and the two dogs. Will my Personal Shopper be able to help me with this?

  2. Am loving all these video flashbacks, Alexis.

    Seriously: Has J.Crew ever had a more adorabl model than Vanessa (I think that's her name, right - the one in here and from Paris & Highlands)? She just glows in every shot - she infuses vivacity into the clothes, IMO. Too bad they stopped using her and the likes of her and decided instead to copy fashion mags and use girls with empty eyes who don't even have the energy to close their mouthes, much less smile.

  3. Wish we got a few more peeks at what's coming in terms of the clothes. I agree about the model, she's stunning.

  4. La Belle Helene: Happy to hear you are enjoying the videos. They are so nice and I love how happy everyone is! :)

  5. I so miss J.Crew '07!

    And speaking of former J.Crew models -- I really miss Anouck LePere! Those were the heydays for me. :)


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