Friday, November 16, 2012

Upcoming J.Crew Warehouse Sale {Lynchburg, VA}

A big "thanks!" to Helena, who let us know that J.Crew is hosting another warehouse sale on Novemver 23rd through the 25th. The post-Thanksgving Day sale will feature Women's, Men's, Crewcuts, as well as Madewell items.

For the event's days/hours:
Friday, November 23rd (8am - 8pm)
Saturday, November 24th (8am - 8pm)
Sunday, November 25th (10am - 6pm)

As with all their sample sales, all sales are final. The location for the event is:
J.Crew Millrace Clearance Store
25 Millrace Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 316-6324

Will you be attending this latest sample sale? If you are, please let us know! If you could also share any information (e.g. merchandise selection, quantity, prices), it would be greatly appreciated. :)


  1. So exciting!! I went to the one last month and scored real big! Everything was messy and in boxes, but the selection was current and not in short supply. I wrote about it here:

    As always many thanks for the tip!

  2. I second the thanks for the post!
    We are thinking of driving down to VA next week to see my hubbys kinfolk. I have never been to a sample sale. Can anyone tell me how you find out about them and what the prices are like?

  3. Dea, I tried the link to your blog but it didnt take me to your sample sale post, and for some reason I couldnt find it in your blog. Id love to get more info on these sample sales.

  4. Megan, There are sign-up sheets for the email list at the Sample sale and at the Clearance stores. You can also call the store itself - prompt 3 usually details upcoming sample sale information.
    Prices are great. Here is what I remember from the September sale: Pants/Skirts $10; Tops $10; Cashmere sweaters $25; other sweaters $20; Coats $45; Pumps $30; Ballet flats $20, and dresses $20(excluding wedding dresses). However, the sale requires a spirit of adventure. You will be rummaging through boxes in a dusty warehouse. There are no fitting rooms or mirrors. There is a per visit purchase limit of $500 per person per trip.
    There are a lot of reports on prior sales in the JCA archives as well as on blogs like Dea's.
    We are planning to stop by on Friday. I will post pricing as soon as I get the price sheet.

  5. Thanks, Muffy :). That answered all of my questions. I remember reading a little about the sales in an older post...I think the conversation was about past season items popping up. Those sound like great prices. I will have to bring up the sale with my husband to see if he'll be ok with the detour through Virginia. :D Good luck to all who go!

  6. The Arden, NC sample sale is for the same dates as above but the start time is 9 am for Friday and Saturday. I have been to 2 sample sales at the Arden locations, but never to a Black Friday coinciding sale. Anyone know if the prices will be even cheaper????

  7. Same prices - just sometimes, Lynchburg will offer an additional 20% on Sundays - not at Arden

  8. The last JCrew warehouse sale was really good, no long lines and staff was much nicer than in previous sales. Prices were as described in an above thread. Lots to choose from and it seemed like they kept restocking. I scored a beautiful cashmere sweater, schoolboy blazer, chiffon party dress, some scarfs and oh the shoe selection was the best I have ever seen it!! Love love love. Very messy though, but expected with the sheer numbers going through their warehouse. They still discouraged tryons and beware if your bag broke and you tried to get another- they would hawk you and make accusations you were trying to have two bags at a time and you were breaking a rule(really???) It does seem like they have better trained staff onsite (vs previous sales this spring/summer) who can adjust to the different zones a customer must navigate through in a sale (ie outside waiting line, inside shopping areas, tally tables, and checkout cashiers). Overall rated one of the better warehouse sales I have attended :)

    I reside in the Lynchburg area and have also attended the Vineyard Vines warehouse sale going on over the past week and this present one. This sale will be going on during JCrew's sale, just down the road. A staffer told me it was extended b/c the sales volume was so high. Very interesting. The staff inside the Vineyard Vines sale will place items on hold for me, allow exchanges, have a big row of tables for customers to sort their items (a no no at JCrew) and overall extremely friendly. Items are arranged by sex and by sizes which made my shopping experience pretty easy. I believe this co is much smaller than JCrew but overall their customer service in a warehouse sale is just fabulous.

  9. @iheartjcrew I also went to the last sale:) What do you recommend based on your experience for not having to wait in line? Going Friday around 12 or coming on Saturday morning at like 10. I usually get there around 6 am on first sale day and wait, but not feeling that this time. Thanks!

  10. I always find the first day has the lines. Last sale opened at 8 am on Sat and I got there at 10:30- no line to get in and a short one to checkout. I don't think this sale will be as busy b/c all the college students are gone for the holidays plus other retailers will be competing for Fri morning shoppers. Happy shopping!

  11. Does anyone know if you can pay with your JCrew card and also if you can use the JCrew coupons/rewards card? I just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I get there! I'm a newbie, and really looking forward to it!

  12. Megan, I suggest that you call the Clearance Center and ask them. In my experience, the pricing sheet has always stated that additional discounts/coupons do not apply. The only discounts I have seen are for employees and the 20% Sunday discount that JCrew1 mentioned. The registers in the warehouse are old school...

  13. I arrived early and was in the first group to enter the sale. JC has reorganized the shopping and tally areas for better traffic flow. Shoppers now enter through what used to be the exit, and exit through tbe former entrance. This created more space but IMO did little to speed up the heckout process.

    Staff were much friendlier. The rules have been updated again: trying on items over clothing is permitted, but everying must stay in your bag. There was a line all morning. By early afternoon it was much shorter. There were some pricing cbanges. Coats were $70 and Collection jtems are $40 (shoes) or $50 (dresses, tops,bottoms),. I was told that collection pricing applies if the item is marked 'Collection". I lucked out in that several of the high end samples I had selected carried no special markings. There were lots of current shoes, and more coats than I had expected. Jackets and pencil skirts were more difficult to find.

  14. when did you get there muffy? we got there at about 9:30 and waited 2 hours. I was on the lookout for ballet flats and evening dresses and got a couple of great ones along with a pair of jeans and some accessories. when we were at the october sale it seemed like it was mainly tops, this sale seemed like it had more bottoms.

    1. We arrived around 6 and there were 60-70 people ahead of us. I think that the shortest wait was for shoppers who arrived closer to 7 and made it into the 1st group.

  15. Reply to Megan: I was at the Millrace store today, and they told me about the warehouse sales. I signed up for the email alerts about that. They told me that you cannot use your J. Crew credit card at those sales. They do take major credit cards, however. I don't know about whether you can use J. Crew coupons (probably not).


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