Wednesday, November 14, 2012

J.Crew Factory {40% Off In Stores!}

"Thanks!" to Sandra, as well as Caroline & Ruby (in this post), who shared the latest in-store promotion with us today: J.Crew Factory is currently offering 40% off practically everything in store! Not sure how long this will last.

So if you live close to a J.Crew Factory store, it might be worth a visit. Don't forget to print out the coupon (click HERE for printout) that takes $25-$30 on purchases of $125+.

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? Are there any Factory items you are interested in getting? If so, please share!


  1. Of course this happens after I spent about 200.00 bucks.

  2. Ladies, I saw the retail Marielle strapless solstice dress in very limited sizes at a Factory store. Style no. 62099. $79.97 less 40% off then if you have coupons, yet another discount. I saw a size 00 and maybe 2-3 in size 2.

    If you're looking for this dress, email me so I can give you the location. I can't seem to paste the link to the picture on this Apple product, but if you Google J Crew Marielle solstice floral, you'll see a picture.

    Ohjoymorelaundry at gmail dot com

  3. Do the factory stores do charge sends? There are several things I am interested in and if I could find them all at one store it would be great. I don't live near a factory store and that sale is very tempting.

    1. I've done several charge sends and it's worked out great. My closest factory store is about 3 hours away from me, so I only get to the factory stores when I'm on vacay.

    2. Thanks Rose and Jruby! It would be an awesome deal stacked with that promo! May be making a phone call tomorrow!

  4. Yes, I have. Since the lace dress is back-ordered on the website to the end of December and I'd like to wear it at the company Christmas dinner, I got one from a store. If you can wait, it' still cheaper on the website.

  5. Went today, got the Wild Orchid Winnies, the bow Charley, the purple sequin top, the blackwatch plaid pencil skirt, and a plaid flannel for my hubs (the man is so absurdly pumped about the return of'd think Kurt Cobain had risen from the dead).

    The lace dress and the blue metallic brocade dress are BEAUTIFUL. If I could think of a single place to wear them I'd have bought them both.

  6. My factory store has the skimmer pant in black watch plaid that I've been wanting to try, so I'm going to try to make it out there in the next day or two. Hopefully they'll have a couple of the tees I've been considering for my 3 youngest boys, too.

  7. Can anyone comment on the difference between the factory anytime dress and retail teddie dress? Which one is longer and is there a noticeable quality and fit difference? Thank you!


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