Thursday, November 29, 2012

JGIC Product Review: Baby It's Cold Outside

A big "thanks!" to J.Crew Guy In Canada who is graciously reviewing Men's items from J.Crew with us. In this review, he looks at J.Crew's outerwear for men:
As the temperature drops it's crucial to stay warm and stylish, not always too easy especially when the temperatures really get cold.  Here's my take on a few offerings from our friends at J.Crew and maybe even a reference to the competition at BR.

The University Jacket (#96037) is a personal favorite.  I've had mine for over four years and while they have added 'kissing welt pockets' the coat is basically unchanged.  Mine is charcoal with Thinsulate and a real work horse.  While mine lacks the kissing pockets (maybe if I had them I'd pucker up more?) it is so very practical.  With the collar popped and yes you should pop your jacket's collar.  From hoodies and denim to turtleneck or dress shirts and tie with wool pants this goes with them all.  The fabric wears like steel and after four years no sign of pilling or adverse wear, take that cashmere sweaters.  While is warm without being too heavy it's no heavy down filled puffer jacket.  I definitely recommend this one, classic well made and a good value especially with sales.
The Dacota down jacket (#17343) is the way to go for serious warmth from J.Crew.  I picked mine up last year right before Christmas with a great discount.  It's very light, slightly more fitted than the University jacket and warm.  I find that if this jacket isn't warm enough I should get inside immediately.  While it does come with an unlined hood in the collar your best best is a cashmere or wool hat, (see #33871 or #33828).  I have a cashmere one from two years ago and it's warm.  The down jacket is what I wear shoveling snow and running errands on the weekend.  It washes beautifully and it's a bonus not having to worry about dry cleaning which is the best way to make a down jacket ineffective.

As to the well advertised pea coat, aka the authentic Bayswater Peacoat
(#87195), I actually picked up on from my friends over at BR.  I know, I know a BR review and recommendation on a J.Crew blog.  The fabrics used in the peacoat are the same as the University jacket and I was after something different, hence the BR peacoat.  It's a faint plaid, fitted and looks sharp, but in all honesty not as warm as the University jacket or as practical.  While a single breated jacket looks good open or closed the peacoat loses something when it's open and unbuttoned.
Finally for a warmer winter day the Boulder down vest (#50836) is awesome.  Worn with a wool sweater it can't be beat.  Like the Dacota jacket it's light, slighly fitted and washes perfectly.  Definitely something to add to your collection.

All these jackets fit true to size and with the sales being offered an even better deal.  No reason to be chilled or cold with great offerings like these around.
Another fantastic review! "Thanks!" again to J.Crew Guy In Canada for his in-depth look at the outerwear collection!
What are your thoughts on J.Crew's outerwear for Men? Do you own any of their coats? If so, please share with us your review. :)


  1. Thanks for the review, JCrew Guy! I was lucky to pick up 3 of the University jackets a few weeks ago for a great price for Christmas gifts. Glad to see that it gets your stamp of approval!

  2. Thank you so much for the review, JCrew Guy! I bought one of the coats as per your advice :P

    I am just wondering why you said that dry-cleaning will render a down jacket ineffective? If not, how should we wish down jackets?

    1. The dry cleaning process will strip the oil off the feathers and ciuse the fill to pack down. The reason down is so warn is due to all the air it traps and therefore insulates; just like the stuff in the walls at home. If it looses the ability to trap air it's not warm.

  3. JCrew Guy your reviews are excellent. Thank you! I buy lots of J Crew for my son and my husband. My son is at U of T and wears his University jacket all the time, it keeps him toasty and lets his mother worry less.
    I may buy a new down jacket for my husband this winter so thanks for that review in particular.

  4. The down jacket is great, very light, easy to wear and importantly warm. I really like the blue colour they are offer.

  5. Thank you for another fantastic review, JCrew Guy! I recently purchased the University Coat for my oldest son, and I'm glad to hear that it wears well.

  6. Yes, thanks JC Guy! I'm starting to scout outerwear for my husband, as his are wearing out and he doesn't really pay attention to quality vs. cost when buying... so I'm taking over, haha. These reviews of yours are very helpful and nicely written!

  7. Hi JGIC and all ladies that shop for their DH,BF and DS,
    Thought I would share that JCrew tailoring will make the odious nonfunctional buttons on the blazer and jacket sleeves functional buttonholes for $15 or gratis for JCrew cardholders. HTHS, it certainly makes me happy to know that $548 jackets can be saved for $15. Apparently the decision to offer nonfunctioning buttonholes was to make it easier for the customer to alter the sleeve length from the cuff rather than the shoulder. Hope they never change the functional buttonholes on the women's jackets.


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