Thursday, November 15, 2012

JGIC Product Review: My Go To Guy - The Washed Favorite Shirt

A big "thanks!" to J.Crew Guy In Canada who is graciously reviewing Men's items from J.Crew with us. In this review, he looks at J.Crew's Washed Favorite Shirts for men:
Everybody should have a go to guy; that person that you bounce ideas off of, share a beer with and is the one you can count on to get you out of a tough situation.  My go to guy is the washed favorite shirt by our friends at J.Crew.  He fits me perfectly; not tight and poor quality yeah I'm looking at you Zara; the fit is always the same with odd sleeve length or varying cuts (eyes cast towards BR); they always wash up beautifully and keep their shape *cough Gap* and it's easier to find a deal *nods towards Ralph*.  Maybe they don't offer real shell buttons and some logo on the chest, but do you want to advertise something you had to pay for?

My bromance with the washed favorite shirt began years ago when I picked up a white button down in what was then the 'new' J.Crew cut shirt.  This 'new' cut is known known as the classic.  That white button down has worked with ties and v-neck sweaters, dark washed denim and even worn untucked with shorts and a pair on sneakers in the height of summer.  I checked the label of my good buddy and he's from 2007 and still going strong.  Yeah he's slightly worn and a little frayed and while he may only come out on weekends now, he's the first one.

Lately some new guys have shown up.  Okay, in all honesty there are more than 25 of the guys hanging upstairs in the closet, all washed favorite shirts.  Quite
the collection I know, but in my defense it has taken several years to amass my army of J.Crew shirts.  And you must admit, for me J.Crew nailed the name, washed favorite shirt.  I've got gingham, micro in red and black; blue and a purple in medium gingham #47358, plaid #94694 and many more, some end on end action #25314, a stripped one in grey and yes there are solids too #68015.  So many of the shirts are from the past few seasons, but the cut and the quality remain the same.

J.Crew does offer a light weight option in the spring, but I find that the fabric wrinkles so much easier than the standard weight cloth.  If I'm going to spend all that time ironing it better last longer than the drive to work.  While the style guys at J.Crew might be recommending the rumpled, wrinkled look I prefer to look at little more polished when I'm being professional, earning my keep.  The standard cloth that J.Crew uses works great for me, either pressed with a tie and maybe a sweater or blazer or hung to dry and then just tossed into the dryer to soften the crunchiness and wear on the weekend.

The washed favorite shirt works for me and is my go to guy.  Whether button down or point collar, with a tie looking polished and professional or all rumpled with rolled up sleeves on the weekend it can't be beat.  And like so mnay of us do buying them on sale is even better.  Because of the fit there's no need to worry if it will fit.  Right now I'm eyeing up the golden beach tattersall #94686 (got to love a name like beach at this time of the year.)  And by the way all the oxfords, tartans and secret washed shirts have the same cut.  The flannels and workshirts are okay, but are slighty looser and usually feature two chest pockets with exterrior buttons that leave nipple marks when worn with a sweater, not a cool look for me.  So I'm sticking with the washed favorite and all it's close cousins, in my mind it just can't be beat.

Another fantastic review! "Thanks!" again to J.Crew Guy In Canada for his in-depth look at the classic staple of washed favorite shirts!
What are your thoughts on J.Crew's Washed Favorite Shirt for Men? Do you own any of their shirts? If so, please share with us your review. :)


  1. great review. DH loves these too and I had not seen this latest colour...

  2. These are my husband's favourite to!

  3. I buy these for my husband too. They are great (as is the review from the JC guy in Canada).

  4. The mens shirts are better made than the ladies button front shirts. The inside finish of the mens shirts is amazing. The ladies--so cheaply made even the liberty shirts are badly finished inside.

  5. Thank you for the great review! I was contemplating these as gifts for the younger(and more fashion conscious) males on my Christmas list.

  6. Great review! I like the fit of J.Crew ladies' shirts, but I am not a fan of the rumpled look and I hate to iron. Brooks Brothers tailored fit no iron dress shirts are the BEST shirts for a professional appearance IMO. I generally save my "rumpled" shirts for the weekend or after work.

  7. Great review! My husband takes the tall sizes which really limits the colour/pattern selection - I wish they made all of the shirts in tall sizes.

  8. Enjoyed your writing style, as always j crew guy! Thanks for the fun review!

  9. just wanted to say i am enjoying the JGIC posts!

    my guy doesn't care for the plaid shirts, he prefers solid and stripes. his favorite jcrew shirts in general are the brushed twill utility shirts.

  10. Late to the party, but let me chime in and say "thanks for the great review" to JGIC! I'm a total shirt geek, and is insanely jealous that the guys have way better made shirts than us ladies, at JC or at other retailers. Before the economy took a nosedive, companies use to invest in a ton of detailing in the shirts. Since then, cost-cutting has rendered most women's shirts not much better made than pj tops. Hopefully the women's designer takes a cue from what the lads are sporting, and bring the quality/detailing back!


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