Tuesday, November 13, 2012

J.Crew of Seasons Past: {a look in the closet}

It's that time again, to take a look at an image of J.Crew pieces from seasons past! As caribbelle (in this post) so beautifully termed, "ye olde j crew of yore".

This post features a few ballet flats from J.Crew in 2008. So many great patterns and styles. They could all easily be worn today without looking dated.

What are your thoughts on the look(s)/item(s) from the past? Do you find the look(s)/item(s) classic or do you think they are dated?


  1. I was rummaging through my closet yesterday and found a J.Crew cardigan from 2007. It could have been a St. John knit.


    I miss those days.

  2. I'm wearing a merino cardigan from Fall 2008 today. Perfect, not a pill on it. The good old days . . .

  3. Love the ones in the middle, still regret not getting those!

    I agree with you, Raina Cox and shopalot. Those were the good old days!

  4. J.Crew's ballet flats are a preppy classic. I've only ever had theirs in a navy suede pair from 2007 and last year's leather bi-color oxford style. It's not a style I wear often but I really love them when I do. I think any of the ones above are just as wearable today.

  5. Speaking of items from the past, I picked up a dress from the J Crew clearance store. It is from J Crew Collection, Spring 2012. It is a wool/silk shift dress, grey, with purple flowers and butterflies on it. It has pockets. Does anyone know what this dress is and what it originally retailed for?

    1. Althea, that sounds like a sample to me. Did you check the inside of the dress for any sample tags or markings?

  6. I'm wearing a Crewlet a-line wool skirt (separate lining!)from 2005 that I inherited from my dear SIL. Still looks great, thick wool. Though WOW, vanity sizing - it's an 8, but fits the way a current 4 would fit me now (it's loose in the waist on me).


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