Thursday, November 1, 2012

J.Crew + Madewell Shipping {delays!}

As many of you have noticed, J.Crew posted a new message on their website (in addition to sending out an email):
Need to reach us? For all customer service inquiries, please call 800.562.0258.
* Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. As a result of the recent weather conditions, there may be slight delays in shipping. Please call 800.562.0258 if you need to reach us--our email is currently down. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
It makes sense that shipping along the Eastern side of the states would be delayed because of the storm.
J.Crew & Madewell have always been one of the faster mailers (for online retailers). So I hope they can get back to normal, and soon! (I am surprised their email is down too- yikes!)

Have you noticed a delay in your orders being fulfilled? Have your orders been shipped since Monday?


  1. I received my Madewell order yesterday. The order was placed early Friday morning and it shipped out very late Monday night. I was surprised to see it because I thought for sure there were going to be delays. The package must have made it out just in time.

  2. I haven't ordered anything online in quite some time, but I know that the rollout that was supposed to happen this week was delayed at the factory store near me because of the storm, and they didn't know when it would be coming. Makes sense, as the stuff has to come up from Asheville, right through WV where all the snow came down from Sandy.

  3. I heard their NYC servers were down yesterday.

    1. That would definitely make sense. It has been a few days since the sale section was updated, which probably is a result of the down server.

  4. Ebay has a similar message but it only popped up when I went to rebid on an item in the last few seconds. I had to click a "Continue" button to close the message and the auction ended before my bid was recorded. Terrible execution on that one ebay. Why not just put a notice on the banner or when you click to open the individual item?

    No disrespect to those affected by the storm, just griping about the way ebay handled their message.

  5. I put in an order two weeks ago am still waiting for it, so their delays also predate the Hurricane.

  6. I placed a factory store on Wednesday and received notice today the it shipped out. I lived in the SE though and I believe JC's fulfillment house is in KY (I think) so we've been lucky.

  7. J.Crew Factory sent a similar email as well.

    I placed an order for two of the cashmere snoods last night and received notification today that it has already shipped. Trying to get my gift shopping finished as early as possible this year.

  8. I placed an order yesterday afternoon and I received shipping notification tonight.

  9. I placed a factory order late Tuesday, and it looks like my local PO received it today! Much faster than I would have expected.

  10. I placed an order on Sunday night, and received it yesterday. I think it depends on where your items are shipping from.

  11. OT, but the J Crew website is offering. 25% off and free ship on your order of $150 witb code OURTREAT.

  12. I'm a stylist at a store in orlando and my email JUST started working last night. :(


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