Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekly Share: Other JCrew-like Retailers

Preface: A big "thanks!" to Amy who suggested a weekly "Other JCrew-like Retailers" post about current experiences with other non-J.Crew retailers. I think it is a brilliant idea and will try it out for a few weeks. Hopefully this will help out our fellow JCAs! :)

This is the weekly "Other JCrew-like Retailers" post (similar to the "Off On A Tangent" posts), where we can share our finds from other retailers that have offerings similar to J.Crew (like LE Canvas, Gap, BR, Talbots, Ann Taylor, and the like.)

If you have recently encountered items that are similar to J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including experiences with certain merchandise pieces, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. Both Lands End is having a 3 day warehouse sale, and LE Canvas is having a 3 day Stockroom sale. They have some pretty great deals for LE Canvas.

    I highly recommend the LEC Heritage Cardigans.Same fit as the Jackies, just with long sleeves,much better quality, and really cute colors too! ( I bought 5 to replace my sad looking Jackies!)I wear a small in the Jackies and XS fits me the same for the Heritage.

    LEC has been getting all my $$ lately! Even during J Crew 40% off, I just couldn't find anything I wanted to risk my $$ on. (LE has a return anytime/ any reason policy.)

    Promotion Code JAN20 and PIN 6111

  2. I've been meaning to post this for a while...
    Anyone who's a fan of the Meridien French nautical t-shirt should check out this site:

    They carry the same ones as J Crew but for much less money... even including the shipping from Europe.

  3. Talbots got my money not JCrew during the 40 percent off. I could not find anything at JCRew for the free ship min. of $100

    Talbots had free shipping no min and an extra 10% off their already 50% off sale items with a Facebook code. I placed a couple of online orders and grabbed a great deal on a handbag in store.

    Also I have a code for free shipping all month long/no min. from Talbots.

    I remember when JCrew had makes it easy to try new things:)

  4. The Boden spring catalog showed up at my house a few days ago and I om coveting SO many things (especially skirts and dresses). They have a 20% off inside the catalog, so check that out. I find many thing in the catalog to be reminiscent of the 2007 J.Crew season we all seemed to love so much. If anyone has a tip on sizing or fit of Boden pants, though, I would appreciate it. I have never had much luck with them.

  5. Ann Taylor got my holiday money this year. 40% off, non-final sale, with petite sizes in-store got me.

    And their vanity sizing is not as exaggerated as JC's - i.e. AT's xs = JC's xxs, AT's P0 = JC's P00. Which means I could actually find things that fit.

  6. Banana Republic had an extra 40% off sale prices in-store yesterday. Shoe prices were craaaazy low, like $18!

  7. egyptomaniac,

    Glad you are finding some deals at Land's End. I bought a few things from them as well recently for my daughter and a couple accessories for myself:)

  8. Pansy- Is AT's sizing back to normal? I used to be an SA there before the change in style directors and was generally a size 2. After the switch, I physically got STUCK in a size 8 dress! (haha it was actually hysterical and not all that embarrassing). I like what I've seen online, but haven't really gone back after that one ;)

  9. The AT sizing, at least for pants
    seems to be back to "normal". The first year after the new style director (2009?) the fits all went crazy. This fall I was able to go back to buying AT pants - I especially like the newer "slim"
    cut (sleek fit but not so skinny).

  10. Are the LE Canvas Heritage cardigans different from the regular Lands End Heritage cardigans? A few years ago, I got a cardigan from Lands End, and it was just too boxy on me. I love the Jackies because of their fit, particularly at the waist, yet they do tend to wear out. I do wish Talbots would do a version of the Jackie. For me, Talbot's cardigans are still a bit boxy, and the part with the top buttons flops down.

  11. Devon - AT sizes have been pretty consistent in the past year. Makes shopping online much easier (unlike you-know-who)

  12. himmiefan, The cardigans look the same online but the LEC cardis are just a tad lighter in fabric thickness which makes the fit a little less boxy and more fitted. For me, the Lands End version hangs straight down and gives me no shape but the LEC version flatters my shape better.

    I have to agree that these are a great Jackie substitute.

  13. Himmiefan, I find the Talbots Charming cardis to be virtually identical to JC Jackies, as long as I size down. (I always size down in Talbots sweaters.) The fabric is a tiny bit thicker and the sleeves are a tiny bit looser; otherwise they're very similar.

    I agree with Caroline about the LEC Heritage cardis. As long as I size down from my JC cardi size, the fit isn't boxy at all.

  14. Thank you everybody. I'll definitely try a LEC Heritage because they have a color that's very similar to J. Crew's dark aquamarine. I'll also try a smaller Charming.

    I looked around Talbots during lunch today, and they've got a new sweater that looks just like the Jackie. It's too short to be a Charming. I'm definitely going to try it on when I'm not all bundled up in my winter coat, etc.

  15. Hi,

    Does anyone know how often and when Anthro's sale selection online gets updated? Is it almost daily like J. Crew's or only when they send out those sale emails? Thanks!

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  17. Does anyone have a Boden 20% off code they can share? Thanks!

    Email is

  18. I am so excited to receive my Talbots orders today. Everything is just gorgeous. I got the beautiful beaded scarf and matching hat in gray. To die for. Been watching them for a sale and I also got a silk scarf in a floral print for summer--very tropical looking. I got the same feeling I used to get with JCrew. So happy with these items:)

    I am just really discouraged by JCrews new line/items right now.

  19. FFM,

    I think you have to sign up for their emails. I got one and you have to click through the email to get your 20% and free shipping and returns. I would send you the email but I don't know if it is special code/with my customer information or not.

    I called customer service and from what I could gather it is like Talbots. I use my customer code on the back of my Talbots catalog for free shipping the entire month of Janurary. Giving it out is like giving away my customer number linked to my account.

    So sorry.Just get on Boden's email list and you will get the presale emails and discounts.

  20. Thanks Summer! I'm already on the mailing list but accidentally threw out my catalog while cleaning house the other day. I'm sure it probably had a 20% off code in it, too. I'm going to sign up for the emails again since I haven't received any in a while. At least the website is offering 15% off and free shipping now...not a bad deal. :)

  21. Lands End Canvas, extra 40% off sale and free shipping with $50 purchase:

    PIN: 3311

    Fantastic deals and NOT final sale. You can return to your local Sears store.

  22. Thank you for posting the sale code for LEC, I just ordered a whole whack of t-shirts for $6-7/each!

  23. I started sell/seeking/trade posts for Talbots a la JCA and Effortless Anthropologie:

    * Looking to Buy/Trade
    * Looking to Sell


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