Tuesday, January 18, 2011

J.Crew Collection Store: A very private sale...

A big "thanks!" to Cass, who let us know about J.Crew's most recent email, which delivers some very exciting news to J.Crew Collection shoppers in NYC.

The Madison Avenue boutique will be hosting a closed-door event where customers will enjoy 50% off their "top floor Collection designs, including to die for dresses, jewelry and limited edition pieces you won't find anywhere else".

This event will be held on Wednesday, January 19th from 4-8PM. You do need to RSVP as space is limited (212-209-2737).

The location for the store is:
769 Madison Avenue
New York City, NY 10075

Congrats to all those in the area! :)

P.S. "Thanks!" also to Jacquie who let us know the following {related} tidbit: "Just wanted to give a heads up that a few stores will be closing for renovation and (get this) the Madison Ave store has closed and sent ALL of their leftovers to the Annapolis, MD location. So spread the word, if fellow JCAs are looking for collection or hard to find items, they may want to call." Quick update: "looks like I made a mistake, this happens when I think of NYC streets. It's the 5th ave store that's closed for renovations. Also, sometime in February Pentagon City location will also be closed for a week for renovations." Interesting!


  1. I work near Annapolis- woohoo! I may swing over there after a meeting tonight and check out the offerings. I'll report back if I'm able to get over there.

    However, I haven't had good luck with SA's over at this location. Unfriendly attitudes, nasty looks, etc...

  2. Some NYC geography: the bridal store - now known as the bridal/collection store - is at 769 Madison Avenue, at 66th Street. This is the store with Big Bird's Nana in the window, and this is the address on the invitation.

    The original collection store (the one where they actually welcome shoppers) is at 1035 Madison Avenue, at 79th Street. Festive smiles every day, IMHO, but no party-like sale.

    The other Madison Avenue store is at 347 Madison between 44th and 45th. The Fifth Avenue store (the one that needs help) has closed for a makeover, and not a moment too soon, but this is the first I've heard about another NY store going dark. Must look into this.

  3. WFF, you are right, they should have specified that the sale is at the Bridal boutique. So what's the other store that has closed? Madison at 45th?

  4. Ema, I haven't heard that 45th has closed, and doesn't it seem unlikely that 2 stores in NY would close at the same time? And wouldn't they send out an email about how wonderful it will be when it reopens, like they did re: the 5th Ave. closing? Anyway, this morning's weather has put a "hold" on my curiosity, but if anyone passes the 45th street store on the way to work/train, maybe they'll notice if there's anything unusual and post the news.

  5. jbird, if you get time, pls let us know what you see.

  6. I was at the 45th and Madison store yesterday, definitely not closed or appearing to be closing anytime soon!

  7. They probably meant the 5th Ave store which closed last week for renovations.

  8. Wow, 50% off still makes it 85% too expensive. No alterations + lousy quality dress + snobby ladies to help you out + a couple of bridezillas? I'd like front row seats to this show...

  9. I don't understand who gets these invitations...I think it's kind of rude for Crew to discriminate this way. Not that I would hop on a plane to NYC if I were invited, but...what's with giving deals only to certain people?

  10. i too would like to know how the annapolis store is. i am in baltimore and it's not far, but I have never been to the annapolis mall before.

  11. Re Annapolis store:
    Stopped in there tonight after my meeting. There were a number of collection pieces in the sale section. However, nothing fantastic stuck out for me. Many short sequined skirts, a couple of short dresses, a few cashmere sweaters in blah colors and two grey fur? neck wraps. I perused the items for a bit, so if there's something specific you were looking for, I can probably help. I walked out empty handed. They are still offering 40% off sale.

  12. Just a follow up to my previous comment. There were also some silver sequined pants at the Annapolis location as well.

  13. I heard about the private sale on Tuesday via the Feast NY (via JCA!) and called to RSVP on Tuesday night. Stopped by around 6pm Wednesday and thought I'd share a few bits -

    - the RSVP was completely unnecessary. I actually stood in entry way for a few minutes before asking a staff person whether I needed to do anything.

    - staff weren't proactively telling shoppers about the sale, so, again, I asked. Clothing, jewelry, accessories were all 50% off. Some of the exotic-skin/feather pieces were still $500+ even after the discount. Lots of sequins, gowns, cocktail attire. Silk harem pants were still $200 after discount!

    I picked up the Galaxy bag, which I've loved for ages. Never mind the fact that it was still $200 . . .

    Bottom line - I kind of feel like the effort was to generate media buzz. There were maybe 20 other women shopping and it's a teeny space. I had anticipated a much bigger crowd. Just my .02!


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