Saturday, January 29, 2011

Darlings, is it time for a coupon code?

Yes, it is that wonderful time!

A big "thanks!" to Rose (of the lovely "1 More Shopping Blog"), who is super nice to share with us that J.Crew is offering free shipping on orders of $100+ with promo code TNC8X2. This offer expires 2/18/11.

P.S. I have noticed that other blogs & websites post J.Crew codes & coupons *after* this blog does. If you happen to get codes & coupons from the JCA blog & post them at your site, could you please give give a "shout out" to the JCA blog? This way more JCAs are inclined to share. TIA! :)


  1. There was a big update in the sale section as of earlier this morning, including some of the new swimwear marked down (already!) ... but until I see what's what with my last epic whopper final sale order, I'm going to sharpie over the 3-digit codes on the back of all my cards! lol

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  3. I cannot believe I asked an online CS rep. for free shipping this AM and was told "We are only offering free shipping for Crewcuts orders". And then I log into your site and see there is a free ship code ! UGH....Jcrew owes me 15.50 for shipping costs ! Oh, and I LOVE this blog. This is my first time writing here. I could not resist, given the circumstances.

  4. Hi, Thanks for the Promo Code :) I just Used mine and worked like a champ. Thank You so Much. I left u kuddos on "Little Girl Big Closet" and will Post on my blog as well. Thanks!

  5. My email reads, "We're so happy you signed up.. we're giving you free shipping." Umm.. what did I sign up for??

  6. Not that I'm complaining about receiving free shipping!! Just a little odd


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