Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Lady Watch from Timex For J.Crew

A week or two ago, I stopped by one of my local brick & mortar (B&M) stores and noticed a new Timex for J.Crew watch being offered. But it was different from its current offerings (click here to shop Timex for J.Crew online). This new watch was smaller and the band was thinner. I thought to myself, "Dang it! I love the look of this watch too."

The following is a post from the New York Times Magazine Blog (click here to read in its entirety) that discusses this very watch:
The High Low | Timex for J. Crew
By Edward Barsamian
January 20, 2011

What: Timex for J. Crew watch

How Much
: $98, watch; strap, $12 at J.Crew stores or, as of January 27, at jcrew.com.

Two years ago, J.Crew introduced a Timex watch for men. Recently, Marissa Webb, the head of women’s design, decided it was about time the girls got one of their own. “The dial is noticeably smaller than the men’s watches,” she says, adding, “Not all women want to wear a large, men’s field watch.” Other feminine twists include a range of stripy straps. “They are a nod to our men’s styles, [but] the colors are vibrant.” Think green and orange for prepsters and shocking pink for those who still have their calendars set to 1987.
I do love the simple look of this watch. Although I did not try the new version on, I have a sneaky feeling that the strap length is the right size too (not so long that I have to double fold it.)

I already own the Timex Military Watch, so I can't justify another one right now. (Well, give me time! I mean Valentine's Day is just around the corner.) :)

What are your thoughts on the latest Timex for J.Crew watch? Do you like this new version? Have you seen or purchased this new version? If so, please share! :)


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  2. What? Women don't want to keep borrowing from the boys???

  3. Anyone know if this watch is going to surface in other parts of the country? I life in CA. I desperately wanted a smaller version of the other a few years back and searched to no avail... :( Thanks!

  4. Whoops, that was to be 'live'! And I missed the 1/27 online bit... Yay, can't wait to see the strap colors! :)

  5. I got one a couple weeks ago and just love it. It fits (but I still double-fold the loose end) and looks so pretty! FYI: I've got the large one too and have worn it so much over the last 2 yrs. I imagine alternating eventually.

  6. I have the Men's version and wear it all the time with some of the fun color straps. But the straps are too long... I saw this one in my B&M but it seems SO small and too dainty for me.

  7. I saw it at the Easton store here in Columbus and liked it. Maybe I can convince my mom that she wants it as a gift by next Christmas. She needs a casual alternative to her dressier watches.

  8. It looks cute and I'm curious to see it IRL. I have both the black and white ones of the original style so I wouldn't be getting this one any time soon.

  9. I'm intrigued. I personally like the larger watches so had been tempted by the mens version. But I'm more curious to get feedback on the straps.

    Are the straps really long? I've seen a couple people mention folding over the end? Are they coming out with special straps for women that you could use on the men's version? The reason I ask is that I do have a very tiny wrist so long straps could be an issue. TIA!!

  10. I returned the men's version last year because the straps were absurdly long... And I don't have a tiny wrist. I haven't seen the new women's version in real life but I have a feeling it's going to be too tiny - I like the idea of a larger face. What I really want is the men's size with a shorter strap in the fun colors. Anybody know where to buy straps that would fit???

  11. Lots of websites sell 18mm-wide "Nato" straps, and some might offer them in shorter lengths.

    I did a quick search and found this thread where people talk about how to shorten longer straps:


  12. Christy, you crack me up.

    Seriously, if I hear "borrow from the boys" one more time I am going to more than question the intelligence of our friends at the Crew.

    Lesson: Tag Lines need to be kept authentic & fresh with a clear cut-off when deemed it has run it's course.

  13. Saw this at the Walnut Creek, Ca B&M. And although I think it's cute, it does appear a bit cheap compared to the other Timex watches that they offer.

  14. Just bought the girl version today. it is freakishly cute!! The strap is a bit long, but if you take the watch face off the strap, and mess with the strap configuration a little bit, the strap becomes shorter. The one issue I have with it is that the second hand ticking is SO loud. It drives me kinda nuts.


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