Tuesday, January 25, 2011

J.Crew Email: Fashion forecast: the rainy day utility jacket

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Ketan, who shared the following email J.Crew sent this morning.

The email features the Rainy Day Utility Jacket (Item 33368; $188.00 , described as
Our sleek spin on the utility jacket—in water-resistant washed nylon and cotton, with sublime sherpa lining, an easy hood and a chic, shape-shifting drawstring waist. A piece you'll reach for day after day because it goes with absolutely everything. Nylon/cotton. Standing collar. Zip front with snap closure. Long sleeves. Welt pockets, chest patch pockets. Functional snaps at cuffs. Fully lined. Hits at hip. Import. Machine wash.
I tried on this jacket at my local brick & mortar (B&M) store. I love that the jacket comes with a hood. A lot of water-resistant jackets don't, which always bother me (I have to protect the hair from frizz!) ;)

I tried on a size 0 and felt it was true to size. With that said, the jacket is a bit boxy. So cinching it in at the waist with the drawstring definitely helps create a shape (but by no means, is it overly tailored).

It will keep you warm with its super lovely sherpa lining. It's definitely a cold weather coat. My only thing is that I like my cold weather jackets to be longer (for more warmth). So I found this jacket short for my needs (as it hits right on the upper hip). But since the jacket is boxy, it probably looks better at the current length it is (versus it being longer).

For awhile this jacket was on sale for about $150 plus an additional 40%. Some lucky JCAs were able to score this item for an amazing price. (And who knows, maybe B&M stores are still carrying the promotional price.)

What are your thoughts on the Rainy Day Utility Jacket? Have you tried on or own it? If so, please share.


  1. I was able to grab this jacket at the sale price less 40% off (so came to only about $90). I was very excited to get it (I loved the catalog pic!). However, I just sent it back in a 10 in the forest color. It just didn't "WOW" me (I'm trying to be much more selective with my purchases). While it is very well made - I found it to be a bit boxy and I felt it visually added weight. I felt it made my shoulders look large. The sherpa lining is very nice. The overall fabric seemed "noisy" when I moved my arms. And - I do wish it would have been just a few inches longer.

  2. Elizabeth: Thanks for sharing your review! I kept nodding my head at your analysis. :) It's a nice coat, but not "wow" at even its sale price. (Which is why I didn't get it at the end of the day.)

  3. I was able to get this at the sale price of $90 as well and it is supposed to arrive today. Orders take forever to get to me here in Canada and it's not like I live in some remote location either. Anyway, I'm disappointed to hear it is boxy on others but I often need to size up to fit my bust so perhaps it will work out for my shape. I didn't find the buffalo plaid jacket to be too boxy for me and many other JCAs did. Will report back how it fits me, if it does get delivered today.

  4. xoxo - I do hope you like it. It is a very nice jacket and very well made. I just wasn't "feeling it". I hope you do!

  5. It looks a bit short and boxy to me. I think this one is a pass for tall girls with hourglass shapes!

  6. I like the jacket, but apparently JC didn't deign to make it in a size 14 (unless that size already sold out). Oh well. For $90 would be nice but $188 is overpriced for a cropped mid-weight jacket.

  7. Saw it at the store and I'll have to agree that while I lobe everything about it, I found it to be too short. When you cinch it, it sort of poofs in the middle. I think the jacket would have been perfect if it had the structure of the downtown field jacket, which I own and love.

  8. I was so tempted to order it but wasn't sure about sizing so I left it during the first 40% off. Now it's back to full price which is absolutely ridiculous, but doesn't surprise me. J.Crew when will you stop playing these pricing games?

  9. I love this utility jacket. In fact, I've worn in so many times this month since it's perfect for SF weather!






  10. The jacket colors didn't thrill - BUT they just brought back the rainy day jelly ballet flat! For whatever reason its in stores only - my store was out of yellow in my size and they told me it was a "retail only" product, luckily there was another store that is shipping to my house - they are SUPER cute - so if the rainy day jacket doesn't float your boat, try the rainy day ballet flats!

  11. I was suprised J. Crew sent out an email about this jacket...when I went to look at the site it is only available in sizes 0 and 2. I do know it is full price in the store, as of last Saturday night.

  12. My rainy day jacket arrived today and I have to say that I do like it. At first I thought it made my shoulders look wide but I noticed the way it was folded there was a crease and they did not fall down from the seam but actually a short way down the sleeve so they stuck out at the shoulders more than they should. I pulled the sleeves down and smoothed it out, they lay much nicer, hanging right from the seam. I'll steam it to make sure the crease disappears.

    I also found it a just slightly boxy but that is something I have to live with a lot. I am a size 4 on the bottom and have to buy size 10 on top to accomodate my large bust. Usually that means tailoring or fabric flapping around at the waist. This jacket was actually a little less boxy than many others. For example, the Maggie jacket that everyone loved was a total box on me. I kept it with the tags on for two years and tried to find some way to make it work but eventually gave up and returned it.

    Like the buffalo check jacket, this may not be one that draws attention or compliments but it is functional, cozy and warm so I'll keep it. If nothing else I can wear it out in the country when walking the dogs or gardening.

  13. I also grabbed this jacket in green during the sale, and returned it today. I have to completely agree with Elizabeth in MO. It's very boxy and really didn't WoW me either. It adds considerable bulk to my frame and shoulders and only looks descent when one middle snap is closed. It would have possibly better just bit longer as well.

    Unless you make use of all the snaps and zipper, you will have a fair amount of noise when wearing this item. I don't mind the noise that comes along with nylon though.

    Having said all that, this jacket is very well made and the Sherpa lining is a nice touch for anyone considering this item.

  14. hello, my name is randy. what a great website you have created. i can't believe i have just stumbled upon it now. i saw a post you did a couple years ago, where you contacted mickey drexler via email. i am a recent fashion design graduate and would be ecstatic to be able to work at j. crew. i have attempted to send my resume twice to j. crew, and have never gotten a response, i know i am talented and have even won the critic's award for best designer at my school, (fashion institute of technology). i am eager to contact mickey, and beg for a job. do you still have his email, or have any contacts in the design department? thank you!

  15. This looks like a great jacket for the Pacific NW, but even at $90, I'll probably want to try this on at a b&m to know for sure about fit. I usually do okay with slightly boxier jackets because I'm broad shouldered. I appreciate everyone's feedback though :)

  16. I want this jacket desperately in navy, but they are sold out of my size (12)! If anybody comes across one...

  17. Hi there! I love J.Crew, and interviewed one of their stylists in Boston -- here it is if you want to check out their style perspective!



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