Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Product Review: Buena Notte Bag

Buena Notte Bag
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Item 29477
Regular: $188.00
Sale: $99.99

I really liked this bag when it first came out back in August 2010 (refer here). It has that classic styling with a twist. J.Crew also loves this bag, as they affectionately describe it as the following:
A bit of couture-inspired arm candy in ladylike metallic tweed with downtown-cool touches. Our designers used a luxurious buena notte jacquard (a stunning metallic tweed we found at an esteemed Italian mill) and added tough-chic accents: a handle of raw-edged silk chiffon woven on a curb chain, a silk chiffon side bow and a cluster of gunmetal jewels. For day or night, it's perfect for keeping all your accoutrements safe and ultra-stylish. Acrylic/wool/silk/poly with leather trim. Top flap with push-lock closure. Hematite-plated metal hardware. Interior back-wall zip pocket, front-wall split-patch cell pocket. Cotton twill lining. Part of J.Crew Collection. Import. 3 1/2" handle drop. 6 1/4"H x 10"W x 4"D.
So for starters, I really love this bag. I am a sucker for tweed on an accessory. Full disclosure, I own {and love!} J.Crew's Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag (Item 20279; $198.00) too.

The size is great for a small handbag. By no means is it meant to carry your everyday essentials. However it does manage to carry a full size wallet, cell phone, and a few other odds and ends, with ease.

The tweed fabric is amazing. It's substantial enough to make you feel like your bag will stay together (and not fall apart). I also see it hiding any dirt pretty well.

I also love all the embellishments. The bows on the bag are a nice touch of femininity. The handle (of "raw-edged silk chiffon woven on a curb chain") is amazing! Definitely easy to hold and lovely to lay flat on your arm when you want to be hands-free.

The downside: that push-lock closure is so annoying after awhile. It definitely becomes a hassle to use the closure. When you want to close the bag, you have to push the lock closure again. This is annoying and as a result of fumbling, causes some scratching on the closure.

Overall, I really enjoy the bag. I definitely recommend it! For a review and real life images, check out AudreyBella's posts (here & here).

What are your thoughts on the Buena Notte Bag? Have you seen or own this bag? If so, what is your review of the style? Would you recommend it to another fellow JCA?


  1. Thanks for the great review, Alexis!

    I've "almost" bought this bag about 20 times. Seriously, it is so cute. I never looked up any reviews on it so this is so helpful.

    One question: are the embellishments removable? I love them, but thinking about options of a more simple look as well.

    Thanks again. Happy Tuesday.

  2. Crew Cricket: I know what you mean! :) I was curious about this bag for so long but never got to see it in-person.

    Most of the embellishments can be removed. The two bows for sure. You can also remove the gunmetal jewels although you would have some undone string (but I can see how one could tuck the undone string into the woven chain). Hope this helps! :)

  3. Thank you for the detailed review Alexis. I really wanted the Buena Notte bag, but like you, I own the charmed mini bag and I found the similar closure to be quite annoying. I told myself that one tweed bag was enough. Still thinking about it though...

  4. xoxo: The charmed mini bag has the same problem too!!! I don't know why the closure has to be so difficult to close. But it is a pretty bag! :)

  5. Thanks for the review, Alexis. I keep looking at this bag, but have (so far) resisted successfully but your positive review is not helping! I keep telling myself that one small tweed bag is enough (charmed mini) but this is so tempting. Love its ladylike style.

  6. I have this bag still in its plastic wrap...thinking I'll keep it (got it before final sale, yay!) but not sure how useful it is for me without a shoulder strap. The design is so lovely I'm hanging onto it until the very last return day :)

  7. MommyDearest: I totally understand. I was hesitant to get the Notte at first, because I owned the charmed tweed mini. But the price ended up being right (with the additional 30% off). What I like about the Buena Notte Bag is that it holds a bit more than the Charmed Tweed Mini. :)

    JCBelleMarie: I know! I love that the Charmed Tweed Mini has a long strap to wear across my body. Both great bags, but will be used differently for me. When I need a bit more space, I will use the Notte Bag. When I need my hands free, I will use the Charmed Tweed Mini. :)

  8. It's a cute bag but I was never able to stay up late for a pop back. LOL!

  9. jcrewphd: LOL! I don't know how I was able to get either since I usually didn't make the morning update on time. :)

  10. Thanks Alexis for the in depth review. I had been wanting this bag since it first came out. When it popped back I ordered it at the last additional 30% off sale. It is really cute and like you I feel the push lock closure is a hassle and HAS resulted in some scratching on the plate. : ( I love the price at 30% off and I am glad I didn't buy this at full price.

    I also own the Metallic Tweed Charmed mini bag and do see that I will use these two purses differently even though they are both tweed. I also LOVE a tweed bag! I debated on the Studded Tweed Invitation clutch and the Buena Notte but decided since I already had the Metallic Tweed Charmed mini I didn't need another cross body mini bag.

  11. lisabfashion: At least I am not the only one who struggles closing these bags. ;) I am also happy to hear you got both- they are really great bags and will be used differently thanks to the design & features. :)


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