Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cardmember Email: A sneak peek, just for Cardmembers

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Irina, who shared with us the latest email from J.Crew to its card members.

The email above features the not-yet-officially-released-online the Desiree Studded Gladiator Sandals (Item 36164; $138.00). J.Crew describes these sandals as:
We glammed up the gladiator with alluring wraparound straps fashioned in vachetta leather (it only gets better with age). Completely refined and utterly elegant with gold studs and a sleek silhouette. We're stepping out all over town in this pair. Antiqued gold-finish buckle. Leather footbed. Man-made sole. Made in Italy. Half sizes order up. Catalog/jcrew.com only.
I really like the gladiator sandal look as I own many {similar} pairs from J.Crew. These are super-cute for those of us who have not yet given into the style.

Incidentally, the email states these sandals are comfortable enough to be worn all day. I can tell you they are not. I have sandals from J.Crew with the same footbed and it's hard on your feet. You need to add an insert from Dr. Scholls or the like. Nice try, J.Crew!

On another note, this email means that new arrivals are once again just around the corner (as in later this week!) :)

What are your thoughts on the Desiree Studded Gladiator Sandals? Do you like the style- the studs to wraparound-ankle buckle?


  1. I agree with you, Alexis. While my gladiator sandals from last season are super cute and fun to wear, they are completely flat on the bottom and offer no support. But I do get compliments on them!

  2. Firefighter Wife: You summed up J.Crew's sandals in general quite nicely: super cute but no support! J.Crew redesigned their ballet flats to be more comfortable, maybe they will consider doing the same for their sandal collection. :)

  3. I'm not a cardholder so did not receive this email. Not feeling the love for these sandals, something about gladiators just doesn't do it for me. I think it's the flat sole as I much prefer heels. I should never say never though, I just ordered the oxford ballet flats and I have been saying for some time that I wouldn't buy another pair of ballets since I don't wear the few that I do have.

    Nice to see something for cardholders though. J.Crew needs to give a few more cardholder perks IMO.

  4. Personally, I like the Irena gladiators a bit better. But alas, only black seems to be left (at least right now) and a search of the site doesn't yield success for the brown ones. I ended up purchasing the Milano gladiators over the weekend in sand dune with the 20% off. Also, love the Lana lace up wedges but only black left there as well...Boo.

  5. i completely concur about j. crew sandals being cute but totally not comfortable. they're flat and hard with no protection from city sidewalks.

    as for these gladiators, i'm not overly excited as, like others, i've had a few pair over the years and would rather find something new and comfy.

  6. I totally agree about the comfort level on these sandals. They are hard on your feet and most certainly cannot be worn all day, say to the zoo or outing that involves a lot of walking. I have a similar sandal from last year and will not be buying these. I personally don't like all the straps on the ankle as I don't have the thinnest legs. Also from my past experience, the straps on the ankles and such have been pretty short and I've had to use the last or second to the last hole. But maybe cause I don't have Marissa's legs. ;-)

  7. I don't mind a flat sole... perhaps because I alternate between high, high heels or flat, flat flats! Plus, I prefer the simplicity of the slim profile. My problem is with all the straps since, like I said, I like simple.

  8. Love the sandals, and also love that as a non-cardmember, I can search on 'vachetta' and see the sandals too.

    Not lovin' the multiple buckles on the sandals. Although I loved the Irena Gladiators, after the crewlade induced fog lifted, I ended up returning them due to the fact I would not feel like the hassle of dealing w/three (!!!) buckles in the summer. Plus, somewhere I saw JC is coming out w/another similiar styled sandal w/a single buckle on the ankle strap.

  9. Just looking at those shoes makes my feet hurt.

  10. I had to bite on these sandals... They are so cute! I have the vachetta sandals from a few years back in the same color, and love those so I'm sure these will be great too. I do agree with you that they can't really be worn for all day walking. It's such a thin sole that you feel everything. They have gotten comfier over time and now that they are a bit more broken in I usually can wear them for longer periods of time without much trouble.

  11. i find jc ballet flats rather uncomfortable (i get blisters every time!), but strangely--their sandals have stood the test of time (and my feet!) for me! 2 summers ago i wore the danielle sandal to death and last year the reese gladiator. i pound the hard streets of nyc all summer so i'm pretty hard on the shoes and my feet..was pleasantly surprised that these sandals held up so well!

    i like these new vachetta ones...not biting yet though!

  12. you're amazing! the only code for free shipping that was valid. thank you. thank you.


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