Thursday, May 7, 2009

Product Review: Crocodile Cocktail Jacket

Crocodile Cocktail Jacket
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Item 12154
Regular: $168.00
Now: $99.99

After the Fall and Winter roll-outs, I thought I had enough of the A-line, swingy jackets from J.Crew. But then came the Crocodile Cocktail Jacket. :) I had been stalking this jacket ever since it came out. I finally decided to get it the moment it went on sale in stores, since I had a feeling it would sell out quickly then.

The Crocodile Cocktail Jacket is very similar to the Canvas Atelier Jacket (Item 13105; was $148.00, now $89.99) when it comes to shape and fit. The only difference (besides the design) is the fabric- the Crocodile Cocktail is made of a "refined cotton/linen" which is quite smooth to the touch (but still sturdy in holding its shape), while the Canvas Atelier is made of the classic "cotton", (very similar to the San Telmo Jacket [refer to this post]).

As for the design, the graphic print really is quite lovely. It is neither overly dramatic or understated. The shade of grey is also perfect to wear all year round. Moreover, the jacket can be dressed up (with a pair of black trouser pants & heels) or dressed down (with a pair of comfy jeans & flip flops) very easily- only adding to its versatility.

The jacket also has some fabulous details. First, I love the stand up collar- which has just the right amount of ruffle to frame one's face. Just to clarify that last point, I find that some ruffle collars are difficult to wear with my hair down- but not this jacket. Second, the plastic ball buttons are super cute.

As for sizing, I am normally a size 2 in J.Crew. But as of lately (the past few seasons), I have been a size 0 (with no change in my weight or height). With this jacket, I find the size 0 works best for me. The body of the jacket is an a-line shape, so the smaller the better. Unlike some of J.Crew's other jackets (refer to the "Product Review: Herringbone Fiona Jacket" post as an example of when sizing down), the shoulders of this jacket (in size 0) fit great too! I was pleasantly surprised to find this. :)

Overall, I really love this jacket and would highly recommend it to any Aficionada interested.

What are your thoughts on this jacket? Were you planning on purchasing one in the future? Do you already own this jacket? If so, please let us know what you think of it. :)


  1. I think the jacket is really cute. Gigi's review is what made me take a second glance. I am sure you will look lovely in the jacket also. Keep your head up. I really enjoy the reviews and questionable items alot.

  2. I love it! I finally caved and bought it last week before my Mickey card expired. Can't wait to wear it!

    - smarty :)

  3. i think it's so cute!
    wish i would have purchased this instead of the avelier because i just love the print.

    thanks for the review!

  4. I bought this jacket on sale too!! I'd been eyeing it for a while and i LOVE It. you're right the sizing of Jcrew has been strange lately. I've usually been a 4 but lately i'm a 2 including in this jacket.

  5. I thought I might cave on this one and haven't. Not even with the extra 25%. I don't think I would wear it very much. Cute pattern, though. It's very nice on.

  6. Have this jacket and i love it too. It's classy enough, yet with a special touch due to the pattern. I usually wear size 0 or 0P, so I wasn't able to size down! I wish it would be a tiny bit smaller, so if you're interested in this jacket, definitely size down!

  7. I wish I could have found it in my size! I was able to get the silk gladiola, can't wait to see it!

  8. I bought this jacket the day it came out. I really like it. There were only a few sizes that made it to sale and no way was I taking a chance on not getting it.

    Same thing with the current Gladiola jacket. I ordered it and it is sold out in many sizes including mine so glad I did. I also ordered the poppy jacket and surprisingly it is going fast too. JCrew jackets are very popular. I like them better as I have had many quality issues with their sweaters this year and some last year.

    As for Croc. jacket I love the shape and fabric but wish the buttons were not cheap plastic. I have my eye out for other buttons to maybe swap on this jacket.

    It is very versatile but I cannot see myself ever wearing flip flops with it! Too me it is not that casual....

    Congrats to all who have this one and hopefully those that want it can find it popping back up in the sale section:)

  9. PS

    I did not size down in this one. All my JCrew jackets from the past 3 years are all the same size: an 8

    So body type might be a factor...I am tall and thin.

  10. Genny, I hear you. I am also tall and thin, and I find that I consistently require a size 4 in JC jackets, even when I take a 2 or 0 in their huge billowy tops. I bought this jacket on sale last week, even though I wondered if the shade of gray would be too washed out. But as previous posters have noted, the muted pewter shade of the pattern is PERFECT. I love this little jacket and I'm so glad I bought it.

  11. I have this and love it love it love it. I recently wore it with white Joe's Jeans, a slate cami and silver wedge heels to a party. Got many compliments!

    I too sized down-I am normally a 10 or 12 in J. crew tops, and got this in an 8. (although I have the patchwork Fiona in an 8 as well)

    I think it looks and feels and is made like a collection piece. The lining is gorgeous too, and the fabric is sturdy.

    You're right Alexis, it looks great with black, denim and white. Casual or dressy! I too might be wearing it on Mother's day, I will wait and see what the weather is like.
    Good post!

  12. I like the idea of this jacket but it doesn't fit my body shape. I'm an inverted triangle and if I buy the size large enough to fit the girls the inverted pleat makes it look like a tent. I prefer to accentuate my small waist with more fitted jackets. Just can't do the boxy or A-line ones.

  13. I have this one and really like it a lot. I wore it out to a restaurant with black capris, the perfect fit cami in pewter, and spectator peep-toe mary janes in graphite. I agree that it can be dressed up or down, as well.

    I personally find it to run smaller than the Atelier jackets. I can wear a 0 in the Atelier, but the size 2 in the Crocodile *just* fits my shoulders without being uncomfortable.

  14. Hi, I too was stalking this jacket since the moment it came out and quickly ordered it once it went on sale. I love it! I panicked that I should have sized down, but my normal size fits perfectly. Like many others who said they didn't size down, I'm tall (with broad shoulders) so I have to buy jackets to fit my shoulders not my waist.

  15. Fiyah: Thanks for the nice words- you are lovely! :) Also, I agree with you that GigiOfCa's Blog is fantastic! I ended up getting several items because of her great reviews.

    The Marty Party & Genny & Lady Cake & FFM & It's a Southern Thing: Congrats on getting the jacket as well!!! :)

    FashionFoodCulture-Life & Ceclia Chan & JCrewLover: Congrats on the jacket too! :) Also, its good to know that I am not the only one who needed to size down in this jacket.

    Kelly: The avelier jacket is very pretty as well. If I didn't buy the San Telmo jackets already, I would have definitely gotten a Avelier as well. ;)

    Pakcola: Congrats on the silk gladiola! I have been eyeing that jacket too! I would love to hear your review on the jacket once you receive it. :)

    CaptainCrew: To be honest, I am all for bringing back the fitted jackets. :)

  16. I loved this jacket as soon as I saw it and scooped it up the day it got marked down. My store was out of it awhile ago, but I was able to use the 25% to order it online. I am so glad I did - can't wait to wear it!

  17. I like this jacket, but would prefer different buttons.

  18. i bought this jacket with my winter rewards card when it was first introduced and i absoultely love it.

    even though i bought it at full price, i have worn it enough to justify the expense.

  19. Love it, just ordered it online when came on sale, they only had one in size 4 left, would have preferred to size down to a 2, but nothing in that size left. Love the ruffle collar to faceframe, colours are very neutral, but, the print makes it unusual enough. It looks sooo expensive IRL. I can't wait to get it.

  20. I just ordered this jacket when it went on sale, as the BM was NOT on sale, but a few days later was. I agree, need to size down, but, like the other poster said, there weren't many sizes left, once it went on sale, so, I had to get my normal size 4, hope its not toobig,but, love the colours, and the ruffle colour which is so pretty face framing. I agree can be dressed up/down, very versatile.

  21. i really liked how the jacket looked online and after hearing all the great reviews i broke down and snagged it with the 20% off promotion last week. i did size down b/c it's boxy like the fiona and i absolutely adore the buttons. i got tons of compliments on it and i'm glad i took a risk on it :)

  22. Great review, Alexis - thanks for the scoop. It looks like a great jacket!

    I'll have to check this jacket out when I get out to the B&M.

  23. I adore this jacket for all of the same reasons. I think the collar has just enough ruffle and the texture is wonderful!

  24. Did I see this print in a skirt? Can someone point me in the right direction, please?

  25. I'm in the same boat as Captain Crew. No boxy or A-line jacket has ever looked good on me. It's like Spongebob Squaretorso with stick legs coming out underneath.

    Glad it's such a hit with the rest of the JCAs.

  26. I think this jacket is great. I love gray, and the white makes it POP! The print is interesting but sublte enough for everyday use.

  27. ShuLvr, you are KILLING me!

    "Spongebob Squaretorso with stick legs..." Ha-ha.

  28. Nice visual ShuLuvr!

    The crocodile jacket is gorgeous. Congrats to all the lucky gals who were able to get it.

  29. Caliglam & BKP: Congrats on getting the jacket too! I am thrilled to hear so many Aficionadas have gotten & loved this jacket as well. :)

    Black Labs & Lilly: I agree with you about the ruffles around the collar- just the right amount. :)

    Indigo Girl: Thanks! :)

    ShuLvr: Your comment about Spongebob was hysterical!!! ;)

  30. i love this jacket! i just recently did a post with this jacket! Check it out when you have a chance!

    i just picked up some more stuff today!

    its under lookbook!


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