Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Madewell Email: Summer's Essential Tank

Madewell sent an email featuring their Tomboy Tank. The tank is described as "loose-fitting and laid-back with unfinished edges- we've totally reinvented an old favorite" and retails for $22.

J.Crew is also reminding us about their "Denim After Dark" events that are held on Thursdays, at most Madewell stores. What is great about these events is that they are offering clients: $25 off any pair of jeans, free denim hemming & custom embroidery, & denim styling & fit consultants.

As for the tank, it is a pass for me. Why? Because of the unfinished edges and the loose fit. To be honest, I am over the "loose fit". I want to get back to "tailored". But maybe that's just me. ;)

What are your thoughts on Madewell's Tomboy Tank? Which fit, in general, do you prefer (loose versus fitted)? Have you attended a "Denim After Dark" event? If so, please share with us your experience.


  1. I love that whole ensemble, minus the shorts. Some dark denim would look awesome with that. I really love Madewell's simplicity.

  2. I don't like the tank either. Alexis, I'm with you in being over the loose fitting thing. It's not that flattering. And no more raw edges! I have never been to a Madewell event, store or anything but I do have one pair of their rail straight fit jeans and I love them.

  3. I'd love to get into a Madwell store, and see the items IRL. They style the pieces in such appealing ways. However, I'm hesitant about the raw edges. But I still love this look.

  4. I like this look, particularly the blue scarf!!

  5. The tailored fit is more my style too. The Tomboy Tank's loose fit reminds me of the fit of the molten metallic tank. I had to size down to xs for a somewhat decent fit. The scarf is cute with the outfit for advertising purposes but I know I wouldn't wear a bulky scarf around my neck outside of fall/winter, even it it's a paper thin scarf. The sa's at JCrew wear them quite a bit.

  6. I don't like the tank at all. It looks like they've posed the model *just right* so that the V in front doesn't expose too much, and if she weren't posed she would be adjusting it constantly.

  7. I don't like baggy tank tops. I'd have to wear another tank under it, which would defeat the purpose of wearing a tank in hot weather.

  8. I enjoyed reading everyone's take- thanks for sharing!!! :)

    FFM: The model does look great in that picture. But I suspect you are right, that in real life, that outfit would require a lot of adjusting. ;)

    SallyO: I laughed at your comment- you are right about needing to wear a tank top under the tank top (that or showing off one's bra). :)


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