Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Arrivals Hitting Store Shelves {wahoo!}

A big "thanks!" to Happy Life who shared with us the following from her personal shopper at J.Crew:

Just a note to let you know we have a new shipment of summer styles arriving on Friday, May 8th. Come check out our new knit dresses, Pima cotton cardi's, utility shorts, V neck ringspun tees, and more...

Don't forget it's Mothers Day on Sunday, we have lots of outfits to make the day!

As always, you are welcome to make a personal shopper appointment for the most individualized service.

We'll see you soon!

So chances are, your local store will be bringing out new arrivals for purchase this week too. {yey!} :)

If you plan on stopping by a store to check out the arrivals, please share what new items you spot. Also, it would be super-helpful if you could mention which location you visited and if you recommend other Aficionadas to visit the store. "Thanks!" in advance! ;)


  1. Thanks for alerting us to the new arrivals! I'm so excited to see what's coming out next. :)

    I wonder if the store at Easton Town Center already has these "new arrivals" out - they have (and have had, for the last two weeks) quite a number of other colors in the boyfriend v-neck tissue tees, as well as a few other items I haven't seen online as of yet (the white rosette tee may be one of those as well). Kinda wish I had a local PS who would alert me to when the arrivals are actually in the stores rather than driving all the way over there. Then again I could just call the store too, couldn't I?

  2. I have a list of items that I hope will be in stores on the 8th.
    1. Goldwyn dress
    2. Linen pants
    3. Mica minis
    Everything else I want is only :o(

    I really want to try on a few of the items and get a feel of the fabric on the Space dyed sweater.

  3. @fiyah, the space dyed cardigan is rather thin, similarly to the summerweight cardigans (maybe even thinner). They have some other tanks, including one like the rolling ruffles in the space dyed style too.

  4. The Tysons, VA B&M has ringspun rosette Ts in light pewter last night.

  5. When I was in my local J.Crew last week the manager said they would be getting more arrivals within the next 2 weeks, so I will definitely give them a call to find out the exact date for our store. I do plan to go check all the new merchandise out. :)

  6. Rats,

    I called Easton earlier in the week to inquire about a speicific item and they said that they didn't have it right now, but they would be getting in a new shipment of stuff on Friday and to check back then.

  7. The space dye cardigan is very lightweight, I tried it on and liked it, but found it too be just too long (and I am tall).

    Looking forward to seeing more cute shorts - I badly need a pair!

  8. Rats and Nichi

    Just wanted to say hello. I'm also a Columbus, Ohio JCA and frequent the Easton store. I don't post much but read the blog almost every day.

  9. I am looking forward to seeing some of the new arrivals too! :)

    I would love to see the Silk satin fiore clutch. It looks gorgeous in the pictures, so I am curious how it looks in person. :)

  10. I saw this charm necklace at Tyson's Corner Jcrew last night!


  11. Hopefully, none of the new arrivals are like the Chiffon Cascade Tee... questionable item of the week alert! Check it out

  12. Em: That shirt!!! I am totally using it for a post tomorrow. :)

  13. Chiffon cascade tee= questionable at the least, fugly at most : )

  14. Usually I don't comment on the women's items, but the Chiffon Cascade Tee, well it's just butt ugly. It looks like a home economics project gone wrong. For J.Crew's sake I ope it's better in person.


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