Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Madewell Email: Introducing My Madewell: Our clothes, your way

Madewell sent an email recently announcing their "My Madewell" on their website (click here). The new feature showcases four different women, wearing Madewell, and how "these stylish women mix Madewell with their own favorite pieces- and get inspired".

To sum up how I feel about this new feature ... Loves it!! What a wonderful concept. I would love it, if J.Crew would also consider using some of their stylish Aficionadas and Aficionados for something similar. I find that I get a lot of "outfit-inspiration" from several Aficionadas through this blog (especially from the holiday/will you wear J.Crew posts).

What are your thoughts on "My Madewell"? Do you like or dislike the concept? Would you like to see J.Crew consider something similar for their site?


  1. I bought a J CREW jacket off of EBAY AND I LOVE IT! Its posted on my blog as my picture. I have never seen it anywhere..SO CALL ME JCREW!

  2. I like the feature, especially how other stuff is mixed in!

  3. I am 99% sure that the featured writer/editor Emily works for Lucky magazine (Lucky often features its staffers on its pages, trying out beauty products or picking out their favorite pieces). I think she also has a blog at

    I don't have a problem with her being featured, although it's a little disappointing to see that one of their picks isn't a "regular person." Of course, a well-connected fashion editor is likely to have great style (what about the rest of us)!

    I just always assumed that advertising in any way for a company would violate some sort of rules set down by magazines. It just seems like a conflict of interest. I know Lucky is essentially a magalog and the editors "endorse" J. Crew/Madewell by featuring it on its pages. But, this feels a little different somehow. Maybe the fact that it's her personal endorsement (and not an endorsement connected to the magazine, which isn't mentioned) changes things? Maybe they figured no one would recognize her, so it didn't matter. But, Lucky's my favorite magazine, so I knew exactly who she was!

  4. Wait, Emily is 30? I thought Madewell was for kids.

  5. wow, i love this feature! way to go Madewell...I second your thoughts, Alexis. If we could get JCAs on the j.crew website modeling their style, how awesome would that be? although i'm guessing that the feature for madewell adds to the "trendy" aspect of their website...and j.crew is not all about that.

  6. i've always been a big fan of madewell so i really love this! i think it's great that they are trying to show a range of looks you can achieve with their clothes...and that they're not just limited to college kids :)

  7. Nice jacket Tamstyles. It's the Domino jacket. There was a skirt as well. Looks great on you.

  8. Here's the actual J.Crew link, hope it works.*OweSimg

  9. I've only just become aware of Madewell this week (I live in Canada, so no stores here!), and so far I like what I see. I'm in my late 30s, but still see some basics on the Madewell site that appeal to me and could mix in well with my current wardrobe and JCrew pieces. I like the real-life people modeling Madewell styles -- it's more helpful seeing skinny jeans on a real woman rather than a model!

  10. The Madewell store in Boston is hosting an open casting call this Saturday. Dress yourself in Madwell, hightail it to the store to meet the model casting agent and head stylist, and be photographed for a possible cameo spot.

    May. 16th
    1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    329 Newbury St.
    Boston, MA 02115


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