Monday, May 25, 2009

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to sell}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves. This post is where you can mention your items and outside listing/ auction site (like eBay and eCrater & the corresponding user ID). Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site?


  1. NWOT Ruffle Linen Cardigan, XS, Ivory, $20 shipped.
    NWT Tissue Ruffle Tank, Slate (Light Grey), S, $50 shipped.
    NWOT Tartine Cardigan, Snow, XS, $30 shipped.
    NWT Hemp Textured Blazer, Navy, 0, $68 shipped.
    NWT Whisper Lame' Zoey Tank, Blue Jasmine, 0, $45 shipped.
    NWT Meringue Blouse, Navy, 0, $45 shipped.
    NWOT Airy Dotted Blouse, Grey, 0, $22 shipped.
    NEW Safari (Serengeti Print) Juliet Midheels (Slingbacks), 10, $70 shipped.

    Paypal only.

    jcsusan87 at gmail dot com

  2. Hi ladies!
    I have a NWT Kate Flannel Dress size 10 in black selling for $45 shipped

    EUC Clara Chiffon Cardi in Light Pewter size medium $30 shipped.

    I will consider all offers!
    email me at crocokat at gmail dot com

    Happy Memorial Day! :)

  3. Florentine print skirt, NWT, size 2 $55.00 shipped

    Duchess dots pencil skirt, NWT, size 2 $60.00 shipped

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  5. NWOT Chain Bow-tie Necklace in Natural (item number 13894) $40 shipped.

    NWOT Lisette Cashmere Ballet Flats, Brown, Size 6 $50 shipped.

    paypal only. Thanks!

  6. Candace sweater jacket in sweet orange, size XS, gently used. $35 shipped.

    email me with questions at:
    themelbatoast AT gmail DOT com

  7. Offers welcome on all items...happy to provide pics, just email me...all prices include shipping.

    * NWB Juliet shoes, size 9, driftwood: $90

    * EUC Trixie shoes, black w/polka dots, size 9: $125

    * EUC Serengeti Peep Toes, cool graphite, size 8.5: would like to trade for size 9 or $60

    * NWT Madeline dress, eggplant, size 6 (I ended up with 2 of these -- don't ask): $150

    * EUC Hammered Silk Tank, black, size 6: $20 shipped

    snapsparkchik (at) gmail dawt com

  8. One more:

    Chiffon Rosette Tee, Shell, XS, gently used, $25 shipped.

  9. Hellow JCAs,

    I am cleaning out my closet, so here are the items FOR SALE:

    Cotton Taffeta Nicky skirt, size 4 - in light chartreuse color, NWT, $25 shipped

    Hammered silk Laura dress in size 4, in color bright rhubarb (almost red) - $55 shipped (it's the dress that's on my profile picture)

    Mendocino Jacket, size 4 in pink, NWT - $55 shipped

    Also I am considering selling the cotton jersey bateau dress, size small in charocal? - but probably will not part with it under $40... Just in case if someone really wants it... I took the tag off, but it has never been worn.

    Serengeti Dress in size 4, NWT... Make me an offer if you are interested... a reasonable one, please)

    Also for sale is a black Jamie bag, NWT - make me a reasonable offer, if you are interested, but please consider that I paid a lot to get it =)

    I also have a gorgeous swimsuit set (separates, but match each other perfectly- an XS Miramar pattern String top, and a side-tie bikini bottom, size Small. Both in kelly green, both are NWT, the bikini bottom is in the original package - never been opened (I found both in my size later). Will sell the set for $25 shipped. I wore the set in my size in Hawaii this month and got a number of complements on my swimsuit. The quality is superb!

    One-shoulder floral dress from Express, size 3/4 - I bought it from ebay, but it is a bit tight on me - would be a better fit for a size 4P or size 2? It is gorgeous..

    For the pictures of swimsuit and dress from Express - follow this link plz:

    Some fall items:

    Flannel Wool Wrap dress, size 4 - in dark charocal or black (I bought two colors, but they are pretty close to each other, so I am selling one of them - you pick), NWT, $55 shipped

    Taryn Coat, size 6, in majestic purple - NWT, $85 shipped
    Lady Day coat in ivory? - size 6T - WT, $85 shipped

    Cashmere Tessa shell with sequins, size M, in color heather oatmeal, NWT - $40 shipped

    I will offer a discount if you buy multiple items.. Please e-mail me with any questions/details/ask for pictures:

    Thank you and have a happy Monday!

  10. Oops.. sorry the post is so long.

    Also, offers to trade are welcome - my sizes are listed on my blog (on the right hand side).

  11. Hi all! I have for sale:

    EUC Chino Cooper Jacket, worn once, khaki, size 10 ($30 shipped)

    White Chino Skirt, NWT (from J. Crew outlet, size 10) $15 shipped

    Semipermanentvacation [at] yahoo [dot] com

  12. Hi..
    If someone is looking for pleated lawn skirt, I saw all 3 colors for 19.99 at a store in texas ((210) 366-4886) in various sizes. Online its 49.99 but $30 less instore

  13. Hi, if you are finding your P0 or P2 SILK GARLAND GLADIOLA CAMI a bit too small, I have a new with tags never worn P4 that I would love to trade. Please email

  14. 1)NWT Astrid boucle jacket,black -4 -$50 shipped

    2)NWT leopard print silk twill dress 6ize 2-$50 shipped

    3)NWT Ringspun rosette tee/shell/M - $52 shipped

    4)NWT Jenna bracelet - $100 shipped (bought off ebay, new with tags)

    6)NWTChiffon bow city tee cardigan size small - $30 shipped

    7)NWTJeweled plume clutch - $50 shipped

    8)NWT chiffon pleated cardigan/L/honey glaze - $49 shipped

    9)NWT Dream ruffle herringbone cardigan / small / camel charcoal- $50shipped

    10)New Cobra enamel bracelet -$39 shipped

    **Crystal pillow necklace - $39+shipping
    Crystal pillow earrings - $49 +shipping
    Crystal pillow ring -$39 + shipping.

    Free shipping if all 3 crystal pillow set is purchased**

    happylife.ut at gmail dot com

  15. For sale - XS Striped Cashmere Rosette Cardigan in Snow Heather Graphite and Bright Citron. Both are NWT. Here are pics:

    $45 each shipped.

  16. NWOT Charcoal Grey Wool schoolgirl skirt, sz 2. $25 shipped

    EUC Tan SEERSUCKER vest and city-capri set from a few seasons back. Vest sz small, capris size 4. Paid full price for this and wore it sparingly. $50 shipped. (Looks great with heels, wedges, or flats!)

    NWOT Stretch City Fit pants....don't know the name but the are fabulous. Purchased them at the last sample sale. British Khaki, sz 2. Dressier than your average city-fit khaki. Wide hem at bottom. $35 shipped.

    EUC Gabardine Pencil skirt from last season. (worn 2-3x and dry cleaned & put under plastic) Dark Chestnut. Sz 4. $45 shipped.

    Non-J. crew
    Banana Republic linen pencil skirt. Looks just like J. Crew's from this season. Fully lined. $30 shipped

  17. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  18. Also decided to give up:

    Taffeta A-line skirts,size 4, in champagne and bronzed olive? - both NWT... $40 shipped (sorry, can't go too low on price for these - I lost weight and want to buy at least one in size 2 - they are expensive on ebay in my size...)

  19. In case anyone is interested, I posted the following on eBay:

    Spectator Mary Jane Peep Toes in Graphite Sz 7 250430340678 - starting bid $119

    Ringspun Chiffon Rose Tee (Original from Fall) in Champagne with black rose Sz M 250430587086 - starting bid $24.99

    Madeline Ruffle Dress Sz 2 Eggplant 250430364478 $129

    Goldenbleu Beige Patent Leather Clutch $49 (retail $485) 250430598904

    I'm also interested in trades (size 6-6.5 or sz0/XS) for a pair of size 7 Penelope Peep Toe Pumps in the beige/navy/red.

    and NWT Chiffon Rosette Tee in Shell XS, trades only

    Will update later if I keep finding things in the closet!

    jcbellemarie at gmail.

    Thanks to pakcola for a great transaction last week too : )

  20. EUC (worn once) Cotton Cady Daisy Dress, Black, 4, $50 shipped

    EUC Super 120s Suiting Dress, Black, 4 $70 shipped (email for pics, but it is the one from Spring 08 with a split/v neckline that still appears on-line from time to time for $139.99)

    NWT Flowy Jersey Bateau Dress, Navy, XS, $36 shipped

    NWT Claire Pants, Ivory, 6, $23 shipped.

    NWT Perfect Fit, V-neck, L/S tee, Fresh Clover, M, $13 shipped.

    Email at if you are interested in any of these items.


  21. I have for sale…


    One of J.Crew’s newest arrivals….

    Dressy jersey strapless dress
    New with tags still attached
    In Papaya
    Size: XS

    Retails for $78
    Asking $66 (shipped+paypal fees)


    Canvas atelier jacket in white
    Brand new w/ tags still attached
    Size: 0

    Retails for $148, right now $89.99

    Asking $75 (shipped+paypal fees)


    City Canvas Medium Tote
    Brand new w/ tags still attached
    Natural canvas body with patent light pink handles
    Perfect for summer.

    Retails for $68

    Asking $37 (shipped+paypal fees)


    Non J.Crew:::
    I have a perfect cocktail dress, perfect for parties/proms/future formals
    It is a Scala(collection 2008), all hand beaded, sweetheart neckline, lead/gray color, strapless/kneelength, totally gorgeous. Worn once, in brand new condition.
    Size: XS/0
    Asking $160 (shipped+paypal fees)


    Email me if your interested or for pictures of any item.

    Thanks ladies!

  22. NWT 7" Chino shorts in Sour Lemon, Size 12. $20 shipped.

    paypal only.

    andree at

  23. Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day! Here is my list of items:

    For Sale .


    U.S. Shipping and Paypal please. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  24. Looking for! Metallic Marie Clutch

    Anyone out there have one and willing to part with it? Please email me with details and $. Thanks so much!


    kyk_george at yahoo dot com

  25. Happy Memorial Day!

    For Sale:

    JCREW Collection Rosette Tee NWT Orig retail $195, Size 8. I don't know why they call it a tee as it is a very substantial top. Just beautiful but a bit too big for me. $125 shipped.

    EUC Bunny print Emily Blouse from Su'08 - size 8. $10 shipped.

    Chiffon Rosette belt - navy/yellow combo $20 shipped.

    Will consider trades as well - dress -8, shirt -8, cami -6, pants-8, shoe 9/9.5, sweater -M

    Marymoo86 (at) live (dot) com

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  27. I found 2 dresses from summer 07 in my closet NWT so I thought I'd offer them here.

    Paloma Strapless dress sz 10 (this was the white dress with red and blue dots). Asking $60 (includes shipping and paypal fees)

    White Swiss-dot Sylvan dress sz 8 NWT $60 (includes shipping and paypal fees).

    If you are interested or would like me to send you a picture please contact me at


  28. Hello all I have items on ebay for sale (mens Jcrew items) McAlister boots(size 12)color stone, Jack purcell distressed sneaker(size 10men 11.5 womens) and White bootcut Chino 32x34.These sales end in 2 days. I will be putting more Jcrew items up. I sell them cheap and my items are in super shape!If the ladies of JCA are looking for items for Husbands or boyfriends in med to small sizes. Holla Back!;)


  29. Click here
    to see items for sale

  30. hi everyone!

    i have a size four astrid berry trim jacket in dark charcoal (black). I paid full price for it, but Ijust can't use it. $150 shipped. BNWT

    i also have a size four french serge coat, $150 shipped also. it's also BNWT.

    anniepecorelli @ hotmail dot com

  31. Oh, and I also have a white (cream) primrose garden bracelet that I'm willing to sell for $70, shipped. BNWT in box.

  32. I have for sale:

    NWOB Juliet midheels - driftwood - size 9.5 - $80 shipped

    NWT Slub silk Melody dress - sweet lavender - $87 shipped (will return if not sold)

    NIB Double strand grey bead flower necklace - $65 shipped

    NWT Sour lemon pleat-front tissue top - size S - $18 shipped


    NWT BCBG cotton eyelet dress (empire waist, cap sleeves, black grosgrain ribbon at waist, really cute!) - can send pics - $125 shipped

    Please email me with any questions at :)

  33. BTW the Melody dress is a size 6 - sorry about that!

  34. OMG - I need coffee!!

    The BCBG dress is a size S :)

  35. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

    I have 2 pretty dresses for sale - don't feel like having them altered:

    NWT Cotton bow dress in bright papaya size small $40 shipped

    NWT Edie double cotton dress in chartreuse size 10 $45 shipped

    Please email

  36. Also have:

    NWT Tiered ruffle skirt, light pewter, size 4 - $80 shipped

    NWOB Juliet midheels - dusty rose - size 9 - $120 shipped :)

  37. NWT Carrie coat p0 acorn $100

    NWOT Lucinda coat size 0 charcoal $100

    NWT Corinne sweater jacket size xs deep yellow $50

    NWT Open dream sweater size xs orange $40

    NWOT lily tuxedo merino henley xs light pewter $40 (or trade for S)

    NWT small thompson leather tote tan $100

    Cashmere argyle ruffle cardigan small, yellow worn once $45

    New lucaya metallic espadrilles gold size 6 $40

    NWT cashmere argyle ss sweater brown xs $45

    NWT Katie sweater jacket xs navy $45

    NWT collection cashmere paillette ss henley sweater small yellow $65

    NWOT frances blouse size 4 white $22

    NWT Hooded pullover w/buttons small light pewter $22

    NWT Paige premium denim flare jeans size 24 $35

    Email all prices include shipping.

  38. happyandstylish, i emailed you regarding chartreuse nicky skirt.


  39. Oh. I have some MICHAEL by MICHAEL KORS logo wedges that I purchased on Ebay. New without box. They retailed for $98. Asking $50 shipped. Which is what I paid.

    I have pics but heres a link to the exact shoe. They are a bit darker in person but not much!

  40. The Michael Kors wedges are size 9

  41. Hey JCAs...

    I'm pretty new here, can someone enlighten me about the terminology here?



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  43. NWOT? New WITHOUT tags
    Sub? Subscribing (so you'll get follow-up messages sent to your email)
    NWT? New WITH tags
    NIB? New In Box
    NWB? New With box (?)
    EUC? Excellent Used Condition


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  45. Size 0, Hammered Silk Tank, Nantucket Fog (silver), $30.00

    Size 0, Whisper Lame Zoey Tank, Necter, $30.00

    Size XS, Cotton T-shirt, "Sieze the Day" Grey, $22.00


    JMcCrensky at gmail dot com

  46. Bria Cami, Medallion Lattice Top, Fresco Cami, Crystal Snowball Neckace, Twisted Crystal Necklace. View all details at:

  47. All items below are New With Tags

    Blue Vachetta Strappy Sandals – sz 10, $30 shipped
    -bought from ebay, label is marked, brand new and no signs of wear

    Perfect-fit Scoopneck, sz S, cerise, $15 shipped

    Watercolor Lydia Cami, sz S, $80 shipped (would love to trade for an XS!)

    Wool Rosette dress, black, sz M, $38 shipped

    Double Serge Pencil Skirt, Deep persimmon, sz 6, $60 shipped

    Let me know if you'd like more info/descriptions on anything. And feel free to make a fair offer.
    sherbie210 at hotmail dot com

  48. @jcbellemarie
    I wanted to bid on the rose tee and saw ur shipping charges
    Was $12.50 usps shipping a typo??

  49. #BRAND NEW WITH TAGS/BERRY TRIM ASTRID JACKET / 4 / hthr charcoal - $120
    #Tuxedo cocktail skirt ( retails 350) black/10- $60 shipped
    #Lovely links bracelet - $45 shipped
    # rolling ruffles tank in M (natural ) for $35 shipped.
    #crystal button cashmere argyle cardigan mustard( retails 200+) , $75
    #Ringspun cotton beaded floral tee /L/spearmint - $20
    #Merino Lea Cardigan -xs black -45
    #Merino lea cardigan - xs white - 45
    #Perfect fit flower tank L/camel -25 shipped
    #Ringspun cotton silk applique critter tee S/naural - $30 shipped
    #Mehndi graphic tee M/soft seashell- $45 shipped
    #Sumikin silk flower applique tee M/heather grey - $50 shipped
    #Quinn Cami 6/darkslate - $30 shipped
    #Quinn cami 8/pale almond - $30 shipped
    #Sunbleached applique tee M/weathered stone - $40 shipped

    All are brand new with tags.

    I dont have all he pictures but i listed pictures for most of them

    jcrewsavvy at g m a i l . c o m

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  51. I'll try this again:

    I'm selling last year's denim pencil skirt, size 16, on ebay. I hardly wore the item so it is in pristine condition.

    Click to see the listing. Size 16 Denim Pencil Skirt

  52. Virtual Sale still going... :)

  53. Happy Memorial Day!

    I have lots for sale, including:

    - New, never worn navy and natural J. Crew espadrilles, sz 8, $30

    - NIB pink suede Banana Republic ballet flats, sz 8, $30

    - NIB gold leather Banana Republic ballet flats, sz 8, $30

    - NIB silver leather Banana Republic ballet flats, sz 8, $30

    -Brand new, worn once, Polka Dot San Telmo Jacket, sz 12 - I literally wore this for an hour and I still have the original plastic! $75

    Also tops by Banana Republic and Anthropologie, a great pair of summerweight jeans in flip flop length (inseam ~30 inches), and a great suiting-style dress from Gap.

    See pics at polyvorePrices include shipping nad reasonable offers also considered. Contact

  54. I have
    Tabitha T Straps - Size 8 in blue.
    Bought of ebay, didn't work out.
    $65 shipped.

    Parisian Mary Janes - Size 8 in brown. Again, bought off ebay, didn't work out. $65 shipped.

  55. ooops! email:

  56. Hi Ladies,

    I have:

    NWOT Cashmere Biarritz Dress, Yellow, XS. $45 + ship

    Tweed Astor Jacket NWOT Sz 0 - this was from Fall/Winter 07 - a really cute and very warm jacket with the really high end interior touches they seem to no longer so - has a little silk interior pocket as well as the piping etc. I took off the tags but have never worn. Can send photos. I paid full price so would need $99 + ship (or make an offer). It is really nice but too big.

    Phoebe Dress, Black Watch tartan NWOT, Sz 0 - knee length with ruffle collar - wool, fully lined. Never worn, only tried on. $45 + ship. If ypu liked the Madeleine dress this past winter, this one is quite a similar look.

    Soiree print merino cardigan NWT, XS - the 'party scene'. Really cute. Too big for me. $50 + ship

    Banana Republic White Linen Skirt, NWOT, Sz 0 - straight style, hits at knee, cute shell buttons down the front. I took off the tag but never worn. Mid weight really nice style and nicely made. $40 + ship

    Kenneth Cole cream patent flats with "Silver technology" (not sure what this is, but really comfy leather sole) - have a cute square black trim at the toe. New without box, Sz 7.5. Just a bit tight for me. Bought in KC Store. $30 + ship

  57. Oops,



  58. Hey, I bought the copley esque skirt from target and will be returning it, but thought I'd offer it here first. I have a size 4. It was 27, and I'll sell it for 33 shipped to account for paypal fees.

    I also have 3 pairs of basic chino shorts in a size 2, EUC, 2 stone, 1 white. 15 each or 38 for all three shippped.

    my email is cakrafft at gmail dot com

  59. Florentine pencil skirt is sold.

    Still have Duchess dots pencil skirt, NWT, size 2 $60.00 shipped

  60. I also wanted to say I had a GREAT transaction with Just Visiting and Elizabeth last week. Thanks!

  61. 9" chino short in British Khaki sz 8 EUC - $15 shipped

    9" chino short in White sz 7 NWT $20 shipped

    Blue/white seersucker shorts sz 6 EUC - $15 shipped

    Emily Coat sz 8 in Camel brown EUC - $75 shipped

    Madeline Coat sz 8 in Heather Majestic Puruple EUC - $75 shipped

    Email me if interested at

  62. All prices include shipping (lowered prices from last week):

    -NWOB Juliet Patent-leather Midheels, Size 8, Light Pumpkin-$50 (purchased on ebay with 2 small smudge marks on outer part of left shoe, otherwise in very good condition)

    -NWT Skinny leather belt, Large, Bright Sherbet- $10

    Payment via paypal only. Thanks!
    email me at karynjhnsn at yahoo dot com

  63. Hi everyone! All prices include shipping and I will totally give discounts for multiple items!

    NWT Jackie Cardigan, L, spring daisy, $40.

    NWT Silk Pleated Ruffle tank, 12, slate, $50.

    NWT Rolling-ruffles tank, M, warm blush, $30.

    NIB Cate leather slingback flats, 9h, black, $50.

    NWT Dressy Jersey Empire Dress, M, tea rose, $40.

    NWT City-fit Watson pants, 12R, British khaki, $30.

    NWT featherweight merino tunic, L, ivory, $25.

    NWT Cotton Cherie cami, 8, ivory, $25.

    NWOT Bumble Tartan Mini, 10, $25.

    NWOB Blythe peep-toes, 9, dark poppy, $65.

    Worn 1x:

    Marcella blouse, 8, yellow, $15.

    Silk twill boatneck top, 10, sand, $15.

    aleedee22 AT gmail DOT com


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  67. Worn once Katie Cardigan, XS, Navy, $30 shipped.

    NWT Villa Cashmere Cardigan, Salmon, XS, $55 shipped.

    jcsusan87 at gmail dot com

  68. NWT Ringspun Critter Tee Silk Applique Bow M, champagne-$30 shipped.

    Paypal only please.
    karynjhnsn at yahoo dot com

  69. All items NWT with shipping to US; I'm happy to combine shipping for multiple items.

    - Lace-trim tank, shell, M, $12
    - Slub cotton puff-sleeve tee, natural, S, $15
    - Satin rosette belt in desert brown, $15
    - Cotton interlock Ava dress, navy, 6, $25
    - Ringspun scoopneck painter tee, shell, S, $23
    - Vintage stretch bootcut cords, faded cement, 6S, $25
    - Vintage stretch bootcut cords, acorn, 8S, $25
    - Vintage stretch bootcut cords, chocolate, 8S, $25
    - Velvet Ecole jacket, either navy or black, 6P, $45

    I also have two wool flannel wrap dresses, one in heather charcoal size 4 and one in black size 6. I was going to return them to the store, but if someone wants them for $40 each plus shipping (which is $10.35 in a Priority Mail box), I'd be happy to sell them instead. I know it's more expensive than if you found it online as a popback, but since the dress is sold out, I figured I'd offer them here first in case anyone here has been dying for them. :-)

    And a non-JC item:
    Ann Taylor mercerized cotton short-sleeve cardigan, sea jade, M, NWT from summer 2008 (I think), $12 shipped

  70. TUMC..what is your email? I am interested in the Ava dress...

  71. Oops, sorry -- I think I left my brain on holiday today. You can e-mail me at TUMC at tec dot e4ward dot com. Thanks!

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  73. Hi Ladies! All prices include shipping!

    Harbour Oxford, Capris, lt blue, size 2, $60

    7 for All Mankind Flynt Jeans, NYD, white stitching on pockets, 33" inseam, size 26, $55

    Kenneth Cole "Inner Space" classic round-toe pump (3" heel), black, size 8.5, $28

    Ebay SN is kocanez, for +++ feedback!

    kocanez at gmail dot com

    : )

  74. sorry I'm so late posting. I don't have any J.Crew, but I do have a bunch of designer stuff I'm looking to unload. These are all things I have purchased at sample sales or charity designer sales and they don't fit me right.
    - camel colored leather Burberry flats, size 7 EUC $50.00 shipped
    - Yves Saint Laurent satin slingbacks with leather ruffle trim, brand new $195.00 shipped. size 7
    - Isaac Mizrahi leather slingbacks, 3 inch heel, pointy toe, size 8.5 - gorgeous shoe. EUC. $95.00 shipped. (retail is $395.00).
    - White and Warren sundress in M in white cotton BNWT. It looks almost IDENTICAL to the J.Crew Cottage dress, which is why I bought it. It has a knit bodice, with a cotton lawn double layered skirt - one layer is a little longer than the other. It is slightly empire waist. The dress is super comfy and adorable, but since I have a toddler, I started having second thoughts about a white dress. $50 shipped. (they carry White and Warren at Neimans, Saks, etc)

    email me if interested at jeclark (at) mac (dot) com I'm out of town until tomorrow am, so I can send you pictures on Tuesday. thanks! :)

  75. Happy Memorial Day!

    I have for sale:

    Cate Slingback Flats in Dusk sz 9.5 NIB $55 shipped

    Banker's shirt (from the outlet) in yellow/white/fog stripe sz XL NWT $14 shipped

    Very gently loved Pique ruffle polo tee in pink (lighter pink but not shell) sz L $14 shipped

    Happy shopping!

    mommymoo3 (at) comcast (dot) net

  76. NWT Belle Satchel that I bought off ebay for $395. Willing to part for $299 including shipping.
    Brand new with tags and no marks on labels
    chistyullal at gmail dot com

  77. Metallic Vita Cami in Silver/Pewter, Size 0, worn 1x: $30 shipped

    NWT Old Navy High Waist Skirt (similar to the J.Crew Cotton Taffeta Belle Skirt), Size 4: $25 shipped


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  79. happy and stylish- I sent you an email about the nicky skirt- please let me know if you didn't get it. thanks!

    cakrafft at gmail dot com

  80. Happy Memorial Day! Just wanted to say I had a great transaction with MaryG last week. Thanks again!

  81. Hi,
    Please check out my new JCREW auctions:

    Yellow feather and brooch peeptoes:

    Purple sz 10 ruffel silk pattern dress:

  82. Hi there, I'm cleaning out my closet so here goes; most are from some time ago but a lot are new!

    Kelly Green summerweight cashmere pleated sleeveless shell, xsmall, 93397, BNWT, 65 shipped

    Navy and gold brushstroke tunic, medium, 93356, BNWT, 50 shipped

    Fiji floral cardigan, medium, 94370, BNWT, 45 shipped

    Yellow beaded dot cardigan, large, 94398, BNWT, 55 shipped

    Khaki cord jacket with peter pan collar (I forget the name...), sz 4, 96652, BNWT, 60 shipped

    Heather silver soiree jacket, medium, 96125, 100 shipped

    hot pink abigail chiffon pleated cocktail dress, sz 2, 89385, 85 shipped

    navy blue pleated jersey tank, xsmall, 96524, 20 shipped

    cherry blossom ruffle blouse, sz 6, 91804, 55 shipped

    black and white striped grosgrain collar stretch jacket, small, 94251, 50 shipped

    light pink cross empire tank, small, 94432, 15 shipped

    cerise holiday silk tank (button up, red flower print), sz 4, 10022, 50 shipped

    if you have any questions or need pictures feel free to e-mail me at; if you're buying more than one item i can give a discount and may consider shipping for free...!

    thanks, Kate

  83. I have:

    ~Cooper Chino Jacket~ in British Khaki, Size 2, worn a couple times, like new - $40

    ~V-Neck Henley Sweater~ in Key Lime, Size Small, NWT - $35

    ~Pansy Jacquard Dress~ Size 2, NWT - *make an offer* I paid full-price minus 20 or 25% a while back, plus rediculous JC shipping. I was finally able to snag a 0 last weekend, which is the size I really needed, so I can finally let go of this one! LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!

    UGG Classic Cardy Boots in Grey, Size 8 US, worn a couple times, basically new. $85

    PayPal or Money Order

    Shipping in US is $5 ($8 for the dress and boots for Priority mail and insurance!)

    Email me with questions or international shipping price

    lindseybrodsky at live dot com

  84. Have a NWT sz 2 Serengeti dress from the collection. Willing to trade for another sz 2 NWT dress....something comparable.

    Also selling my serengeti tank, sz 2. Bought from another JCA and never worn. I believe she sold it to me NWOT. $40 shipped

  85. I have the following items all are NWTs

    1. Grey Sequin Zebra T - size Med
    $85 shipped
    2. White ringspun rose tshirt - S
    $55 shipped
    3. Shell ringspun rose tshirt - S
    $55 shipped
    4. Shell ringspun rose tshirt - M
    $55 shipped

  86. Petite strapless silk Florence dress in Sweet Orange (with removable braided sash belt), size P2.

    Item description: "Silk. Strapless silhouette. Fitted bodice with pleating, full skirt. Straight neckline. Removable braided self-belt. Interior corset for a flawless fit. Back zip. Fully lined. Falls above knee."

    Retailed for $250. Purchased last summer and worn only once. Selling it for $55 shipped.

    Kate Spade Tracy Bucket Tote in white from the Foster's Crossing collection.

    Similar to bag pictured but white and slightly smaller on bottom like this Tracy model. Size is 11" L at top, 15" L at bottom, 9.5" H, 7.75" D. Handle clearance 6.5".

    Email me at Contact at 3pennyprincess dot com.

  87. deco dot cardigan
    rosette tee

  88. Belle satchel in pink. NWT in original plastic with dust bag. $300 shipped.


  89. Editor Tote, Sandalwood, NWT, $200 shipped. I'll take offers too!

    emilyeeg at

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. Hi Ladies

    I am looking to sell:

    1) Brand New Never worn Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) hazelle ruffle dress in a size 0 - Pink - Spring '09 collection for $160 incl shipping.

    2) Brand New Never Worn Ali Ro Peacock Blue Battenberg Lace shift dress - Size 0 - Peacock blue over cream silk - Spring '09 collection - $160 incl shipping.

    Contact me for pics and shipping -- I only deal via paypal and will ship anywhere in Canada or US.

    Email me at sjaswal at "atb" dot com

  92. I have two XS tissue ruffle cardigans in colors natural and slate. I am asking for $45 shipped for both, or $25 each.

  93. - Floral locket, gold, new but no tags (have picture I can email). I think it was from the fall of 08. $40 shipped.

    - 4 v-neck painter tees, also from the fall. Colors are rust (burnt orange), light grey, dark grey, and peacock. $35 for all four. Each worn lightly, but all EUC. All medium, but they do run big, so they would easily fit a large.

    redhed_01 at hotmail dot com

  94. Hello....

    I am selling my MacBook Pro (Gen 3) which I bought refurbished from Apple in October 2008. It's a 15 inch, matte screen in excellent condition and still under the one year warranty. The reason why I'm selling this is that I have bills to pay and someone out there will give this baby a better home! Since I do not have the original box, I have the installation CDs, remote, and the batteries and I will also throw in a laptop sleeve and iWork '08. Asking price is $500 with shipping. Seriously inquiries only. If you need photographs please ask. Thank you.

  95. I have brand new Giraffe shorts, size 2 for sale. $50 including shipping. email viktoriyasd at

  96. Isn't this a jcrew exchange/resell? I'd like to sell my old car, but I'm not going to post it on here. Let's stick to clothing please and thank you! :)

  97. NWOT Kayla dress in Papaya, size M. Tried on only. Asking price $32 shipped via USPS priority mail, original retail $78. Will consider all offers. If interested please email iyl82 AT yahoo DOT com!

  98. Hey Stephanie,

    I'm interested in your ruffle tissue cardigans. Could you email me at Thanks!

  99. I currently have 3 J Crew items listed on ebay:

    2 chiffon rose belts - one in slate/fuschia and one in navy/buttercup.

    1 silk twill python print dress Size 6

    All are New With Tags. Search seller clschnak123.

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. I have a few more items !
    NWT seafoam treasures necklace - $70 shipped
    NWt seaside wave locket - $50 shipped
    NWoT Enamel ring bracelet/navy - $35shipped
    NWT Dangling gold bead necklace - $50 shipped
    NWT pansy jaquard pencil skirt -4 - $150 shipped

    happylife.ut at gmail

  102. Anon @ 10:50 - love your comment. So true and if things hadn't changed recently, I imagine there would be even more comments along the same line and much more, shall we say, colorful. LOL

  103. Thanks anon @ midnight. I guess Alexis' weekly exchange does give us an open to sell just about anything. Just trying to do my part to keep this clean and not "craigs list". Any single white males here? Kidding.

  104. Candy tee - blade - size XL. $35 shipped


    mackenzie_0007 at yahoo dot com

  105. oops - candy tee is NWT.

  106. NWT Cashmere Peyton Dress, size XS in Ruby (bright red) $65 shipped

    EUC Kya cami, size 4 in gold $25 shipped

    NWT Michelle Cardigan, size XS in Beechwood/Mushroom color $30 shipped

    farr0146 at

  107. Sanur three way convertible dresses in papaya and raspberry, size small - both worn only once and washed - EUC. $20 shipped.

    Lisa dresses in navy and kelly green, size small - both NWT. $25 shipped.

    Strapless embossed beach dress in a reddish color, size 4 - worn only twice and washed - EUC. $15 shipped.

    Jersey tank dresses from last year in navy, papaya, and sour lemon. All worn only once each and washed, size small - EUC. $15 shipped.

    Shipping includes delivery confirmation.

  108. LLeila: I want several of your dresses, can you please give me your email address?

  109. Never worn Navy Lisa Dress 30$ shipped. MED.

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Jcrew Avery silk cross-back long dress in Ivory -Sz 2 - NWT with tags

    $120 or best offer

  112. NWT Clara chiffon cardigan, heather acorn, size small. $25 shipped.

  113. lleila -

    I'm interested in a couple of your dresses - drop me an email at if you check this!

  114. Ileila- are Any dresses still available?
    Cakrafft at gmail dot com

  115. Jcrew White cafe Capris 2008 season sz 8! 15$ shipped. Worn once... washed and hung to dry.

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. Here is what I have (includes shipping and paypal fees):

    - Emily dress in espresso NWT size 10 $38 shipped

    - Dark Chambray swing skirt EUC size 10 $18 shipped

    - Burnished rubber riding boots EUC (worn once) size 9, color dark charcoal $28 shipped



  118. Good Morning Everyone! Here is my updated list: Click Here . (The Grey skirt is from Old Navy but similar to the J.Crew Cotton Taffeta Belle skirt).


  119. Spring cleaning, still in effect. Some prices have been reduced (help me get these out of my closet :) ):

    - J. Crew size large, Frankie pop-on skirt with pockets, brown polka dot, excellent used condition, $20

    - J. Crew size large, Frankie pop-on skirt with pockets, maroon plaid, excellent used condition, $20

    - Size L/8 - Brown Oval Ring (from Paris catalog) EUC - $20

    • Light blue, strapless, special occasion dress, size 14, excellent used condition, $35

    • Cotton Cady Lyndsey Dress, Green, V-neck, size 16, excellent used condition, $35

    • Black and white striped polo shirt dress, size large, excellent used condition, $15

    • New without tags, size 12, olive green shirt dress, $20

    • Grey, A-line skirt with pockets, from Fall, 2008, excellent used condition, $20

    • Wide-strap yellow madras baby doll tank, new with tags, $20

    · Size 14, short sleeve maisley blouse from Spring, 2008 collection, excellent used condition, navy blue pinstripe, $15

    · Size XL, mushroom print, three-quarter sleeve shirt, excellent used condition, $15

    - Size 12 Yellow Stretch Pencil Skirt (from last spring) - NWOT - $15

    - Size 12 Raisin Stretch Pencil Skirt (from last spring) - NWT - $15

    - Size 12 Yellow Strapless Beach Dress - EUC - $15

    - Size 12 Bright Pink Strapless Beach Dress - EUC - $15

    - Size 10 Pink Starfish Print Wrap Skirt - Summer 2008 - EUC - $15

    - Yellow Plaid bag from Spring 2008, front pocket, plastic circle handle, EUC - $10

    - Small Beach Tote (2008) Blue and White Polka Dot with Green Trim - NWT - $10

    And the following non-J.Crew items for sale:

    - Kate Spade Nylon Sam Purse (red) NWOT - $30

    - Kate Spade Nylon Sam Purse (pink) NWOT - $30

    Thank you to all of the aficionadas for great transactions!

    Please email at butterfly_ag at yahoo dot com for pictures or any questions. Thanks for looking :) Have a great day!!

  120. I have decided to sell my double strand jeweled flower necklace in fresh guava (item 96997).

    I have never worn it, and I bought it full price at $135. I would like to recover that cost, so I am looking to sell for $140 shipped. I will also entertain reasonable offers.

    Please email if you are interested :) Thanks!

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. Looking to sell a royal blue Juliet dress, size 2. Brand new with tags!

  123. I have a new Plisse Dress in this beautiful rosy pink color, Size Medium.

    I also have gorgeous vintage ivory FRYE boots with original box and papers.

    plumaplomb at gmail dot com. Thanks!!

  124. I have a few items. All prices include shipping. Paypal please ; )

    1. Etincelle Tee, Citron, XL, JC Collection, NWT, $35
    2. Honey Glaze Tissue Turtleneck, L, NWOT, $10
    3. Lightweight Cocktail Capris, Charcoal, 12, EUC/Like New (worn once), $25
    4. Gap Denim Perfect Trouser Jeans, 12, EUC/Like New (worn once), $25

    Here is the polyvore:

  125. Meringue blouse in ivory size 2. NWT. Asking $30 shipped.

  126. NWT Cotton Cady Strapless Claudine Dress, Teal, size 4, $70 shipped.

    Paypal only.

    Email me at agtpop at netscape dot net if you're interested! Thanks.

  127. Items for sale this week:

    » NWT Tissue Ruffle Tank, Slate (Light Grey), M $60

    » NWT Tissue Ruffle Tank, Pink (Blush), M $60

    » NWT Primrose bracelet Capri $75

    » NWT Primrose bracelet Natural $75

    » NWT Fireball necklace cornsilk $95

    » NWOB Pewter Flats in Size 8, $80 (I think they are the City Metallic Flats)

    » NWOT Metallic Sherbert Skinny Belt ($20) Size M

    » NWOT Cashmere Tees in Pink & Grey in Size L ($45 each)

    » NWOT Dream Silvie Dress in Graphite in Size M ($45)

    » NWT - Twinkle/glitter belt in pink (raspberry) M/L ($15)

    » NWOT Rosette tissue top, item 94483, white, M, ($26)

    Please feel free to make reasonable offers.I Bought all from eBay or JCA’s just trying to recoup costs. Shipping is included

    goldcoastgal at gmail dot com

  128. Hi all - I'm hosting a Swap & Sell on my blog every Wednesday. It's an exchange post like this one, but is for all stores/brands. Please stop by if you would like to sell any other clothes, or just to check out what's being put up! Thanks! (And thanks to Alexis for allowing me to post :))

  129. NWT Jcrew blush leather wallet $15 shipped


  131. Happy Life, what color is your short sleeve v neck cardigan?

  132. NIB desert floral necklace - $80 shipped
    happylife.ut at

  133. @ Desert flower
    Its putty ( beige)

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. New with tags Pansy Jaquard Pencil skirt /4/pink $130 shipped
    Bought it on 20% off promotion

    chistyullal at gmail d o t c o m

  136. Hi all --
    I just got the Golden Roses dress in a size 10 and it's a no go for me. NWT, $55 shipped.

    aleedee22 AT gmail DOT com


  137. -NWOT Red/coral shift dress from Anthropologie (by Tabitha), size 0: $60 shipped
    -NWT Blue flower-print dress from Anthropologie, size 0: $60 shipped

  138. Looking for....

    Secret Wash lightweight point-collar shirt in large gingham



  139. Embossed Cotton Piazza Dress Sz 10 sea green -$75 shipped

    Pique Pavillion SHift sz medium color is hibiscus (pink)- $35 shipped

  140. Selling...

    NWT Tissue Chiffon Tuxedo Tee - Bright Fuchsia - size XS - $15 shipped

    NWT Wool Madeline Ruffle Dress - size P0 - Black - $169 shipped

    Email -

  141. Hi,

    NWOT Oasis-print shorts from last summer, size 2, $25 shipped

    NIB Colorblock necklace (the first one with big beads red, yellow, grey) $59 shipped (price not negotiable)

    NWOT shoreline beaded tunic, desert brown, size XS, $19 shipped

    NWT pleated luxe top (long sleeved), ivory, XS, $20 shipped

    NWOT tuxedo-front top, ivory XS, $15 shipped.

    Chino jacket, light grey, size 0, $25 shipped.

    I also have two men's ripstop cargo shorts size 32W bought at the sample sale (no tags but brand new) that I'm selling for $15 each (one is cement gray and the other one khaki).

    Additional shipping for Canada, PayPal only, thanks.

    If interested, email me at crazyaboutjcrew at

  142. NWOT Gladiola Silk Garland Cami Sz 4 $75 (includes shipping)

    NWOT Silk Linen V-Neck Sweater in champagne Sz Small $55 (includes shipping)

    email if interested:

    payment: paypal

  143. Happy Life, you have mail ;-)


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  145. Hi ladies - I have two of the printed silk chiffon whitney dress - one in yellow and one in aqua - both are size 4. They are brand new with tags. I was going to just return them (they don't fit - sad!) but I noticed size 4 is sold out already so I thought I'd offer them up here first! $375 + Shipping. puppal08[at]gsb[dot]columbia[dot]edu

  146. updates:

    -NWOT Marcella blouse in ivory, size P0: $24 shipped
    -NWOB lucia flat sandals, size 7: $21 shipped
    -nwot jcrew caterina top in navy, size 0: $13 shipped
    -nwot bcbg jersey wrap top in brown (pictures available), size xs: $15 shipped
    -Worn once blue Lacoste two-button polo, size 34 (size 2): $18 shipped
    -Worn once Stuart Weitzman slingback golden lace heels, size 6.5: $20 shipped

  147. I'm returning the target version of the Coppelle skirt tomorrow in a size 4 if anyone wants it. Its the skirt Gigi did a post about earlier in the week. 33 shipped.

  148. I have 2 brand new J.Crew dresses with tags still attached. Prices include shipping. PayPal please!

    J.Crew Slub Cotton Cottage Dress, XS, Black, $65

    J.Crew Plisse-Strap Dress, XS, Dark Charcoal, $75

    send an email if interested :)

    rwsxoxo @

  149. Jcrew bubble necklace -papaya New with tags - $70 shipped
    Jcrew Bubble bracelet- matches the above necklace New in box - $50 shipped
    Free shipping if both are bought together
    happylife.ut at

  150. Sorry, I meant $5 off the entire purchase if both are bought

  151. HI All,

    i have a golden roses pencil skirt that I boguht off ebay that just doesn't fit. It's a size 6 and would be shipped for $200.

    Let me know if you're interested!

    anniepecorelli at hotmail dot com

  152. Little late but lots of goodies...does not include shipping/paypal fees. Email enstowe at hotmail dot com. Most pictures available.

    Crystal Pillow Ring – size medium – worn a few times - $30
    Crystal bow necklace – crystal with black ribbon – worn once - $45
    Wide Crystal Garden Bracelet – color metallic graphite – NWT - $60
    Skinny double wrap patent leather belt – color spearmint – size medium – NWT - $35

    Chino 7” short – color shell – size 12 – NWT - $15
    City fit Luxe stretch cotton twill trouser – color stone – size 12 – worn once - $45 or make offer
    Café Capri – color cerise – size 10 – NWT - $20
    Mahali-dot café Capri – color ocean – size 12 – worn once - $20
    Favorite-fit Academy pant – color navy – size P12 – NWT - $45
    Favorite Fit woven University Pant – color navy – size 10 – NWT - $75
    Faded chambray Seaside pant – size 10 – NWT - $25
    Favorite Fit chalk-stripe University pant – color heather flannel – size 8 – NWT - $30

    Stretch Sateen Pencil Skirt – color slate – size P12 – NWT - $45
    Cotton Limoncello mini – size 10 – NWT - $42
    Charmeuse Pencil Skirt – color bronzed twig – size 10 – worn once - $25

    Hudson Fresco shell – color washed shell – size 10 – NWT - $25
    Tissue Tuxedo tee – color ivory – size medium – NWT - $10
    Joelle Cami – color navy or warm citron – size 10 – worn once, from store not outlet - $20
    Polka dot Lana top – color spiced mustard – size 10 – NWT - $25
    Polka dot Lana top – color light pewter – size 8 – NWT - $25
    Shirred V-neck tissue tee – color white – size medium – NWT - $10
    Ringspun V-neck painter tee – color light blade – size medium – worn once - $10
    Tissue chiffon-rosette cami – color champagne – size medium – NWT - $12
    Solid Daphne Blouse – color yellow – size 10 – worn once - $20

    Wool Gabardine Dress – color dark slate – size 10 – NWT - style 96279 - $60
    Campo de Fiore dress – color yellow – size 10 – worn twice - $75
    Cotton Poplin Sydney dress – color black – size 10 – NWT - $80
    Slub cotton cottage dress – color tea rose – size medium – NWT - $45
    Slub cotton-silk Melody Dress – color sweet lavender – size 10 – NWT - $70

    Serengeti Capri sandals – color burnt sienna – size 7 – worn once - $30
    Cate Leather Slingbacks – color deep brown – size 7.5 – NWT - $70

    Crystal colorblock Cardigan (like worn by Michelle Obama) – color silver honey – size large – worn once - $50
    Merino Rose Cardigan – color snow – size large – NWOT - $25
    Crystal button cardigan – color snow – size large – worn a few times - $25
    Featherweight Cashmere argyle cardigan – color silver olive- size medium – NWT - $45
    Tipped argyle cardigan – color cantaloupe – size medium – NWT - $45
    Candy Tweed Jacket (J Crew Collection) – color natural – size 10 – worn once - $90
    Crocodile Cocktail Jacket – color pewter – size 8 and 10 – NWT - $90
    Soiree Sateen Blazer – color soft seashell – size 8 – NWT - $60

    Non-J Crew
    Banana Republic Cotton Chainlink jacket – color brown and cream – Size medium – worn a few times - $30
    Coach Legacy Handbag – color raisin with stripe lining – style 11128 - EUC - $150

  153. Hi, let me know if anyone's interested in these items. I'll return them if no takers.
    All prices include US shipping.

    NWT Silk-linen ruffle cardigan , Pewter, XS, $45, item 12946 (I really love this but I need a Small)
    NWT Cotton-cashmere waterfall ruffle cardigan, Light Pewter, S, $52
    NWT Classic cotton ruffle tunic, Light Pewter, Size S, $52
    NWT Petite Liberty Art Fabric Perfect Shirt, Size P8, $48 (price I paid before tax & shipping)

    Take $5 for 2 items. Paypal only.
    Email me any questions at prana49 at gmail dot com

  154. Update:

    NWT Chiffon Ruffle Blouse, Crisp Celery, 0, $20 shipped.

    NWOT Airy dot Blouse, Grey, 0, $20 Shipped.

    NWT Meringue Blouse, Navy, 0, $35 shipped.

    NWOB Glenbrae Suede Flat Boots, 6.5, Root, $100 shipped.

    jcsusan87 at gmail dot com

  155. NWT Tall XL blazer, brown, 100% cotton, lined, three buttons, $75 shipped. Fall jacket with detail behind collar.

    Banana Republic cream colored corduroy blazer, 97% cotton 3% spandex, lined, size 16, three buttons, gently worn twice, $65 shipped. Great for late fall or winter.

    Email for pictures

    Paypal only

  156. updated list
    1)NWT seafoam treasures necklace - $70 shipped

    2)NWt seaside wave locket - $50 shipped

    3)NWT Ringspun rosette tee/shell/M - $50 shipped

    4)NWT Jenna bracelet - $100 shipped (bought off ebay, new with tags)

    6)NWoT Enamel ring bracelet/navy - $35shipped

    7)NWT Dangling gold bead necklace - $50 shipped

    8)NWT chiffon pleated cardigan/L/honey glaze - $49 shipped

    9)New Jewel striped cobra enamel bracelet - $49 shipped

    10)New Cobra enamel bracelet -$39 shipped

    11)NWTCrystal pillow necklace - $39 shipped

    12)NWT Crystal pillow earrings - $45 shipped

    13)NWT Crystal pillow ring/m -$39 shipped

    14)NWT Hayworth Giraffe Cami - sz2 - $60 shipped

    15)NWT Lea Cardigan blk/white/xs - $45 shipped

    16)NWT Henna graphic tee/ navy /S- $20 shipped

    17) NWT printed strapless beach dress/4 - $45 shipped

    18)NWT victoria ruffle blouse/white/sz 2 - $55 shipped

    19)NWT ecole jacket /2/burg - $ 45 shipped


    1)NWT BR suede flats/elephant - 8.5 - $45 shipped
    2)NWT BR Bold bib necklace -$50 shipped
    3)NWT luncheon necklace - $105 shipped

    Most of the pics at

    happylife.ut at gmail dot com

  157. I still have my Editor Tote in Sandalwood. Really trying to get rid of it! $175 shipped.. that's $120 off the JCrew price, plus free shipping. Just in case anyone's interested.

    I also have the Slub Fresco Mini, NWT, Size 6. Decided I just don't need another mini even though this one is so pretty! $35 shipped.

    emilyeeg at

  158. I always wear a 4 in JCrew bottoms... but the size 6 fresco mini fits me. Just FYI :)

  159. Also, size 4 Keaton pants, navy pinstripe. Worn 3x. Washed and ironed. $12 shipped.

    emilyeeg @

  160. Hi all,

    A little late but I got a shipment of stuff that just isn't working for me :( All prices include shipping, and I'll give discounts for multiple items :)

    NWT Soft Tee Ruffle Top, M, fresh melon, $32.

    NWT Dressy Jersey Cinched Dress, M, tropical palm, $65.

    NWT Misted Gladiola Mini, 12, flax, $60.

    NWT Cotton Eliza Skirt, 10, natural, $70.

    NWT Silk Flower Shell, 12, warm shell, $80.

    NWT Surplus wide-fit Trouser jean, 12, clean fade wash, $30.

    Plus what is still available from Monday:

    NWT Jackie Cardigan, L, spring daisy, $40.

    NWT Silk Pleated Ruffle tank, 12, slate, $50.

    NWT Rolling-ruffles tank, M, warm blush, $30.

    NIB Cate leather slingback flats, 9h, black, $50.

    NWT Dressy Jersey Empire Dress, M, tea rose, $40.

    NWT City-fit Watson pants, 12R, British khaki, $30.

    NWT featherweight merino tunic, L, ivory, $25.

    NWT Cotton Cherie cami, 8, ivory, $25.

    NWOT Bumble Tartan Mini, 10, $25.

    NWOB Blythe peep-toes, 9, dark poppy, $65.

    aleedee22 AT aol DOT com


  161. NWT gold linen J.Crew Collection jacket, S.

    I'm not sure what the name is but it is a similar style to the Lucia blazer. Last season, I paid $80 for it on sale. I'll sell it for $40 shipped.

    I'll send pics :)

  162. Alyssa: I emailed you about the jacket. :)

  163. Abstract rose strapless dress Size 2
    Erica Cotton Cady Spiced Wine size 8
    rosewood luxe beaded sash
    Melon Jackie sz M 100%cotton version
    Crisp Cotton Pleated Beaded Top Med
    Tartine Mushroom Cardigan size Medium
    Kate Spade Brown Satin Lover Heels Size 8
    Kate Spade Pink Suede Heels Size 9
    Sophia silk tricotine Navy size 10
    Sophia silk chiffon vintage blue sz12
    Whitney silk faille Black Size 6

    polyvore 1 set 2 set 3

  164. @stellabella
    I am interested in a couple items
    Whats ur email?
    Or can u email me at happylife.ut at gmail

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  166. stellabella, very interested in your abstract rose print dress if you haven't sold it yet. please email me!

    also selling:
    NWOT Jackie cardigan, S, weathered stone. Bought it Thursday and cut off the tags to wear it to work on Friday, then realized I need an XS. $62 shipped (to recoup what I paid plus s/h).

    NWT Sanur dress, S. Spring '09. Color on tag says "TRO"- not sure what that stands for but it is the same as the papaya color they are offering in other items this season. $58 shipped (sells for $68).

    darashapiro (at) gmail (dot) com

  167. forgot one more!

    NWT Clara chiffon cardigan, S, heather acorn. $25 shipped.

    darashapiro (at) gmail (dot) com

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  170. This comment has been removed by the author.

  171. Good Morning Everyone! I'm headed to my J.Crew today to return the Watercolor Crawford Cami...if you are interested in it please email this morning.

    $55 shipped

  172. Hi Ladies!

    I typically post JCrew items, but I thought I would offer up jeans I had for sale. A friend purchased a few cases of jeans while in NY and we have about a 1/2 case left and we just want to get rid of them!

    True Religion - Billy Big T - $40 shipped. (womens only)

    They have stretch to them and are super comfortable and really cute. Please email me with any questions or for pictures of the jeans!

    Thanks so much! (at) gmail (dot) com

  173. A few more items to add:

    Cord Charlie jkt, 0, acorn - worn once and laundered per instructions. $40 + ship.

    XS V neck tissue tee, NWT, brown (-$15 + ship

    J.Crew Gold link bracelet with enamel hot air balloon charm - blue with crystal accents - NWT - not an outlet item. Very cute. In J.crew box. Can send pics. $35 + ship

    Non JC:
    Serfontaine jeans - this is a 'hot' designer brand out of California - called the next "It" jeans. Brand NWT black skinny style with concealed ankle zip detail, size 24, style Rocksteady. Retail for $195+ tax, asking $125 + ship


  174. One more item:

    Sz 0, worn once and laundered per instructions - Liberty Shirt - store only pattern - deep ink blue/navy, with white flowers, peter pan collar, fitted. Very pretty. From Fall 07. $70 plus ship.


  175. Please note that all items are NWT, in original J. Crew Packaging. All prices include shipping.

    Astrid Berry Jacket Charcoal, Size 4 ($125)

    Silk Gladiola Print Cami: Size 8, ($45)

    French Serge Day Coat: Size 4 ($150)

    Golden Roses Pencil Skirt: Size 6 ($200 - or best offer)

    Primrose Garden Bracelet: Natural ($50)

    Victoria Ruffle Cami: Navy P10 ($40)

    Tartine Crewneck Sweater: Black M and Rhubarb M ($40)

    Please e-mail at Couturieralamode @

  176. I have 2 Michelle cardigans-1 orange, 1 light green-all from spring 2009, and a favorite fit tank-light green.

    Michelle cardigans-2 for $55-SHIPPING INCLUDED-or each 30.00

    Favorite fit tank-10.50-shippping included.

    All items-never been used!

    I am open to bargaining as well!

    email me at


  177. oops-all items I just lited are xs


  178. Desperately seeking a Cotton Cady Erica Tea Rose Dress in size 6 for a wedding THIS weekend. I live in NYC but am willing to pay for express shipping. Please contact if you can help me!!!

  179. hello jcrew fans..i am selling my speedy louis vuitton for $500..used it for less than ten days.shipping is on you. if interested email me @



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