Wednesday, May 27, 2009

J.Crew Short Trunks Featured

"Thanks!" goes to J.Crew Guy in Canada who let us know that J.Crew was spotted at Valet Magazine (click here).

In particular, the Blue Madras Board Short (Item 15170; $59.50, now $39.50) is featured in the article for its "short style with a slightly longer, seven-inch inseam". I have to say, I like both the pattern and price point (especially since it's not $135; refer here).


  1. Thanks for sharing JCrew Guy in Canada and Alexis.

    Gotta love the shorter swim short for men. Enough of the unflattering pedal-pusher look. Bring on the legs. ;-)

  2. Captain Crew: Your line "bring on the legs" made me laugh! ;)

    I am all for shorter swim shorts for guys like Daniel Craig. But definitely *not* for guys like Simon of the Real Housewives of New York (yes I do watch the show ...and I love it too!) :)

  3. I'm more of a board short kinda guy. More leg means more tanning needed and I'm pretty pasty.


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