Wednesday, May 13, 2009

J.Crew Email: Up to 30% off shorts + free shipping extended

"Thanks!" to Toast (in this post) and Kalimarie (who shared with us the email above), for letting us know about J.Crew's latest promotion for their shorts.

J.Crew is offering up to 30% off Women's shorts (click here), Men's shorts (click here), Boy's shorts (click here), and Girl's Shorts (click here), both online and in stores.

Once again, I did *not* receive this email, so I appreciate the "heads-up" on this offer from Toast & Kalimarie. I really appreciate everyone's willingness to contribute and help. :)


  1. I don't know when this sale began, but I ordered 2 pairs of 5" chino shorts on Saturday for $29.50 each (bistro orange and pewter). I just noticed the back button thread is sewn on in an anchor pattern--cute! :) I don't recall seeing that on my chino shorts from previous seasons.

  2. Tastymoog: How cute is the anchor pattern!!! I love those little surprise details- it makes the purchase even more special. :)

  3. Finally a promo that includes some items for men. No more shorts for me, I've got literally dozens and can't even wear all the ones I have. That said, if they come out with the rip stop ones again this year I'll likely buy more. Resistance is futile.

  4. I love the shorts, maybe have to break my ban for a pair of white ones...

  5. I'm with CaptainCrew; great to see the guys getting some love from J.Crew with this promo. I ahve too many shorts, but I've been eying the hammock ones.

  6. I am pretty irritated at J.Crew right now. I am a teacher and enjoyed their extra 15% off all purchases (I don't make great money, so it came in handy). I recently made a purchase and they denied me the discount because the item was on sale. This went into effect on May 1. Just another way to screw the consumer.

  7. I just ordered a few pairs of 7" shorts, plus Juliet heels to try on. Maybe they will have that cool stitching that Tastymoog is talking about!

  8. While the anchor stitching on the back buttons sounds cute, how close would you have to be to see that level of detail?

    But I guess the important thing is, you know it is there.

  9. CaptainCrew, I have two pairs of ripstop cargo shorts that I've bought for my husband at the sample sale in NYC and he doesn't want (one is khaki and the other one is gray). He has a pair that he bought in store this year and they look exactly the same.
    I'm selling them for $15 each plus shipping, if you are a 32 and you're interested email me at Thanks!

  10. Thing is tonight when i made my purhcases etc etc, I used my JCREW card and showed my teacher ID for the discount. Thing is i paid for it with my J. crew card which had not as yet been used. I thought you were supposed to save 10% on your new purchase w/ the new card, but all my receipts say is teacher promo discount. I was robbed!

  11. Just thinking about my comment regarding the button stitching. It sounds a little be-atchy, which is not the intent.

    There are a lot of little detail touches that make JCrew special. The tie-silk piping in jacket lining, for one. No one sees that but me, and people standing close by when I open my jacket. I know it's there and I love it and that's part of the appeal.

    The wearer loves the detail and that makes all the difference in the confidence and pleasure that goes with wearing beautiful clothes.

  12. I've been getting emails but did not receive this one.

    Speaking of special little details, I wonder how the Jeweled chino shorts, item 15024, are selling. Has anyone purchased them? I guess they had to bump up the price on these little daisy dukes since they added the 'jewels'. :)

  13. Caesar - Was this the first time you used your J.Crew card? You're supposed to get 10% off your first use of it, unless J.Crew changed that policy. You should call customer service and ask.

  14. It is my understanding you get the bigger of the two discounts--Not both anymore. You get the 10% off with the first use OR 15% student discount. Maybe you can call JCrew and get lucky and find a CS rep to give you both! Good luck.

  15. Juice Newton,
    Yes, there is a whole post about this....believe it was discussed in detail just last week...I am happy to get any discount. The sale stuff is already on sale so that is fine with me. (I am a teacher.) It is nice to still get the discount on promo items (yeah!) as well as full priced items.

  16. baybaybay,

    I totally got what you meant! I had to practically put my bum in my bf's face to show him the stitching on the button... which was kinda funny, but I'm not going to go around pointing it out to everyone like that, lol. ;)

  17. My buttercup color shorts from a few months ago had the same button with 6 holes. Other shorts from last year didn't have them. I just checked the online pics. Choose backside of the shorts, zoom in and you'll se what rhe buttons looks like.
    OT, but has anyone seen the new top the model is wearing with
    Ikat Monterey skirt?
    $65.00 item 14839

    The skirt is not under "new arrival category. I found it from "skirt" category.

  18. mavian,

    thanks for the clarification! I only bought one pair of JC chino shorts last spring, and they did not have the sailor button, so I was wondering when it started. :)

    When I do a search just for
    "ikat," I see the skirt you are referring to (monterey drawstring version, I think it was in the May catalog), but if I click on it, it's a different skirt (item 16062, ochre ikat pencil skirt). Weird.

  19. oops, you wanted info on the *shirt*. Sorry I haven't seen it, either!

  20. tastymoog,

    Ochre ikat skirt looks so pretty!
    I wonder why it doesn't show up under "new arrival" or "skirt" tab.
    Is J crew website playng with new arrivals too? Not just with sale items...?

    BTW I'd really like a pair of 3" bistro orange shorts. I can't... I got 4 pairs of 3" shorts since last fall, white, khaki, olive, buttercup(with the anchor button)


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