Thursday, May 21, 2009

Off On A Tangent: Gap's Offer For Memorial Day

Don't worry, I am still all about the Crew! But sometimes there are codes from other retailers that might be useful for some J.Crew Aficionadas & Aficionados, like now...
Gap is offering 25% off any purchase of $100+ AND free shipping when you spend $150+ with promo code SUMMER. This offer expires 5/25/09.

Happy {Memorial Weekend} Shopping!

P.S. How much would you l-o-v-e it, if J.Crew offered this promotion?!?


  1. Received an email from Kate Spade for xtra 30% off sale for anyone interested. In stores and online - no code needed AND free shipping!

  2. @MaryMoo
    Yes please! It would be great if u can send me the code
    happylife.ut at gmail


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