Monday, May 4, 2009

Darlings, is it time for a J.Crew coupon code?

Yes, it is that wonderful time!

A big "thanks!" to GoldCoastGal (in this post) who shared with us that J.Crew is offering free shipping on orders of $150+ with promo code T74KL3. This offer expires 5/7/09. :)


  1. I think after my Mickey card, I am all shopped out...for now.

  2. OMG--What a deal! NOT! NO thanks JCRew...lots of free shipping no minimum codes from other cute clothing places out there right now...and I am mad that you took away the educator's discount on sale merchandise. No shopping with you for me.

  3. I don't think I can meet that minimum, so I'll wait.

    Does anyone know if either dark mushroom or beechwood is close in color to honey brown? TIA.

  4. I have a 'dark mushroom' scoopneck corsage tee and it's close to socalled 'desert brown'. Beechwood is lighter, closer to 'stone' or slightly darker.

  5. melissamolasses:

    No, Beechwood and Dark Mushroom are not close in color to Honey Brown.

    I have a Corsage tee in Beechwood, Dark Mushroom and Warm Stone. My honey has the men's khaki's in Honey Brown.

    ->Dark Mushroom has a green hue to it; not even close to Honey Brown.

    ->Beechwood and Warm Stone up against Honey Brown do not match and have more Brown (tan) in them, whereas Honey Brown has more gold tones it. Hth!

  6. Thanks Gold Coast Gal and Alexis for posting the code. I might be able to use it on some items that are selling out.

    OT - I wore my navy superfine cotton jacket and bistro pants with the Milla tank and a pair of to&co navy pumps today. The suit looked really sharp and was super comfortable in the warm spring weather. I received many compliments, it was great. I didn't buy the matching skirt because I don't like the detail at the back hem but the pantsuit is one of those classic J.Crew outfits that I will have and wear for years. Each piece is great as a separate and all together. Love it and I want more!

  7. Thanks for the help with my attempt to find compatible colors.

  8. I don't think this one's going to influence me to buy any more... The few items I still want (City-fit Super 150s birds-eye trouser, item #13355) have to go on sale first before I can hit the "place order" button. Seriously, $275 for a pair of pants - I just can't do it, rewards card or not!

  9. I considered possibly scoring some short and such, but after a quick inventory count, I better not.

    How many pairs of shorts does a guy need? I have eleven; from chino to patchwork to plaid and seersucker too.

    I'll pass on this promo and lay low for a bit.

  10. why the hell would anyone want anything in the color dark mushroom? the name is so unappealing haha.

  11. rats on parade: don't get the bird's eye trousers. i ordered them a while back and they look much worse and cheaper in person. they fit poorly and are definitely not worth $275.


    More JCrew on Michelle Obama!

  13. Of course remember now that the educator/student discount policy has changed ONCE AGAIN, you cannot combine free shipping AND 15% off - so pick one!

    I had several coworkers get 20% off last week, plus 15% off AND get free shipping when calling a cs rep.
    I, on the other hand received multilple nasty replies which I forwarded to Mickey. I placed an order on May 1st, and they wrote to me May 2 and said the policy changed effective May 1st. Why do you change terms without notice? Glad I do not have a J Crew card! Wouldn't trust you, J Crew!

  14. The communication is so not there. JCrew needs to notify its customers about the change in policy or clearly state it on the website.

    They are hoping people order and they can make $$$ without telling us. I cancelled my order right away. If I hadn't been able to do that I would have returned everything. On a large order 15% means all the difference to me. After teaching for 10 years my salary is only 28,000 so every bit helps.

  15. Were you able to use your educator/student discount online? I've always had to go into the store or use the red phone :)

  16. JCREW should be paying you to host this thing!

    Have you ever checked how many hits you get? Sell it to them rather than waste all those hours promoting JC. Heck Bloggers GET PAID

    P.S. I choose to be anon purely for privacy. I find far too many of the JCAs let 'strangers' into their homes, closets and lives for that matter — case in point sharing when you and where you travel to, show pics of your kids (yikes). Are you not aware of pedophiles and wackos out there? All it takes is a sale on the weekly exchange and a predator can monitor your every move. THINK ABOUT IT! Fashion is not everything and many of you are obsessed. Filling a vacuum by adorning your exteriors when you should be nourishing your spirits.

    I rest my case!


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