Tuesday, May 12, 2009

J.Crew Seen In Martha Stewart Magazine

"Thanks!" to Belle de Jour who was kind enough to not only let us know that J.Crew was featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine (on page 58 of the June 2009, Number 187 edition), but also scanned the image for us to view.

The article includes the following:

Three-piece suit A dark mix-and-match suit in a medium-weight fabric, such as this one by J.Crew in merino wool, remains wrinkle-free and can be worn most of the year. Launder the ensemble together to make sure the colors continue to match. Jacket, $230, skirt, $118, and pants, $135, jcrew.com.

I believe the suit they are referring to is the Super 120s Two-Button Jacket (Item 86034; $230.0) and the Favorite-fit Super 120s Durham pant (Item 96108; $135.00). The "flutter skirt" appears to be a new arrival.

I own three suits from J.Crew and I love them all. They are classic in style, always providing me that professional appearance. However, I never considered washing the suits in a washing machine, or by hand, myself. What do you think the article meant by "launder"- to have the suit cleaned at a dry cleaner, or for customers to wash the suits with their washing machines, or by hand?

What are your thoughts on the suit? What are your thoughts on J.Crew's suiting in general? Would you recommend their suiting? How do you care for your J.Crew suits? :)


  1. i've never been a suit girl because i've never had to be. but i love their jackets. I just recently bought Summer linen button-tab jacket.. it fits perfectly!

    when i see them pair a suit pants with a tshirt and white converse i ALWAYS want to try but never do. sigh! one day

  2. I own one J.Crew suit, which actually seems to wrinkle quite a bit in comparison to my other suits. I'm not sure which style it is though. Can anyone recommend a style of J.Crew's suiting that doesn't wrinkle much?

  3. I have a couple of wool gabardine suits which I adore. They are both very classic and timeless, and all the pieces (jacket, skirt, pants) can be worn as separates. I don't have any problem with mine wrinkling throughout the day. The best part for me and the fact that sells me on them again and again is that both the pants and the jacket come in tall. Thank you J.Crew! :)

    P.S. The only way that I have ever considering cleaning my suits is by taking them to the dry cleaner. Plus, I just love that sharp crease they can get in the pant leg!

  4. "Launder" does not necessarily mean machine-wash.

    Take your wool suits to a dry cleaner, not a dry cleaners.

  5. I agree with Kelly, I really like their jackets. I don't own a whole JCREW suit but I do use their jackets and pants to create work outfits.

    By the way, I'm organizing a JCREW party at the Towson mall with my PS Tonya. It will be May 14th at 8:30pm. (I had so much fun last time that I thought I'd organize a new one :) If you can make it please let me know at khatt13@hotmail.com. Oh and we can get 20% off with the shop and share program!

  6. Even when you take your clothes to a dry cleaner, they can come back looking different. That's what happened to one of my old suits. I think the magazine meant to make sure they all go together when you do launder them.

    I agree with it's.a.southern.thing - the thing that attracted me to J Crew was that the jackets seems to have a nice fit AND they came in tall. Early in college I used to buy Victoria's Secret suits. But for some reason they sold their pants in long lenghts nut not their jackets (makes no sense to me). When I graduated, I seriously worked hard to save up and buy a full J Crew suit-- and I love it.

  7. I would never dream of throwing any of my J.Crew suits (wool Crepe, wool gabardine and Super 120s) in the laundry - but maybe I'm just in the dark as to how to do it right. Seems that something that needs to look that polished and sharp shouldn't take the risk of whatever the washing machine decides to do to it. Plus, I've had some of those suits for at least five years (or more? can't remember when I got them!) and they all hold up incredibly well - still look like new!

  8. I have several J.Crew suits and this spring bought the superfine cotton jacket and bistro pants. Both are machine-washable but I haven't washed the jacket yet. Looking at the construction it should be as washable as any other lined jacket and will likely require pressing of the cuff and hem fabric and lining to give it a crisp finish.

    The pants are unlined and washed up fine. I use mild soap and cold water to keep my darks from fading so hopefully the jacket and pants will stay close enough in color for a while. No big deal to me if they fade unevenly and turn into separates after they've had a decent run as a suit.

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  10. I own more J.Crew suits and suiting dresses than I would care to admit, and I am a big fan. I like being able to buy multiple pieces in the same fabric.

    I have to believe that Martha meant dry-clean. I would never launder a tailored garment--the dry cleaners are brutal enough. At the risk of sounding like a dirty girl, I air out and spot clean my suits until a trip to the cleaners simply can't be postponed. I think frequent cleaning can shorten a garment's life.

    My favorite suiting fabrics are the wool gab and the super 120s. I don't find that they wrinkle mcuh during wear. The wool crepe wrinkles the least and has a nice drape, but I find that it is a lint magnet. (Why oh why did I ever allow a white cat in my house?)

  11. I'm guessing they meant to take all 3 pieces to the dry cleaner when you go so that if there is any color variation from cleaning, they will all still match. The salespeople at Talbots and Brooks Brothers also recommend this with suits. I try to do it but sometimes it just doesn't work out right.

    I have one J.Crew suit and would love to have more, but they need a-line skirts in order for me to do that. Maybe someday they'll come back. :)

  12. Love J.Crew suiting and have several, the wool crepe is my favorite. I almost always wear as a suit and take the pieces to the cleaners together. I have only two suits that have both skirt and pants and take all three pieces for cleaning when due. I remember back in my father's day, he bought some suits with a jacket and two pairs of pants. Presumably because the pants wear out faster.

  13. I love their suits. They're the only ones that fit me right and aren't too granny. I think they mean dry clean -- I would never wash them. But, I usually don't wash the jacket as much (it's not on most of the time). I hope the colors don't mismatch so much.

    The wool gabardine don't wrinkle as much as the super 120s.


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