Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Memorial Day! {celebrating with J.Crew?}

Happy Memorial Weekend Everyone! Okay, once again I am early with this, but I still wish everyone a great Memorial Day and safe travels. :)

Since a lot of us will be attending various outdoor parties, parades, and traveling to visit family and friends throughout the weekend- I thought it would be fun to get ideas of what to wear during the weekend.

Depending on how the weather turns out, I plan on wearing the Dressy Jersey Grecian V-neck Long Dress (Item 12613; Regular $88.00; click here for product review) in "Chocolate" with a pair of "White Nappa" Leather Capri Sandals (Item 72868; was $49.50, now $39.50) on Memorial Day. This way I can be dressy but comfortable. (I still have no clue what I will wear the other days.) ;)

What are you planning to wear this Memorial Day weekend? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. I love that dress! :) It's the perfect warm weather dress. You'll look fabulous!

  2. i don't know what ill be wearing but i want that blue jacket!

    I would love to see a post of what you'll be wearing!

  3. New Arrivals are up! Some pretty items, but nothing a must for me. Received my 4th corsage tee (lavender) today and am happy with it!

  4. Yep -- new arrivals, including the "Hammer Time" cardi (15139). Looks better on the website than the As Seen In pic.

  5. New Arrivals are online:) I just looked through them and there are many pretty things but no must haves! The couple of things I really like are limited in color selection and none work for me.

  6. The new catalog is outline as well.

    As for the actual topic for this post I am going to wear my blue jacket with the fancy dancy buttons like you have pictured on the main post area with a gray tank. I really like and it is still cool where I live:) Also, a great pair of JCrew jeans:)Happy Memorial Day!

  7. First of all, I love your red, white & blue pics - so clever!! My Mem day weekend will probably involve the very easy Dressy Jersey strapless dress. No idea about the rest as I am still trying to plan son's Backyard Splash Party for his birthday on Sunday, so that's where the mental energy is going right now.

    I may try to work in the cashmere cabin popover one evening if it's cool enough, since I just got it (thanks to 3-Penny Princess' excellent sizing recommendation). myabe with cargo shorts?

  8. Sunday I am going to an outdoor, casual wedding... so I am wearing the Cotton Cady Claudine Tank Dress in Chocolate, the Wide Patent Belt in Blanched Almond, and the Posie Capri sandals in the pink and purple color... and one of my Michelle cardis on top if it's chilly.

    As for the other days, I have no clue. 2 Bachelorette parties to go to... probably not going to wear JCrew to those!

  9. I'll be camping, but will still manage to wear the cashmere shawl collar sweater (bright fuschia) over a v neck white tee and Levi's.

  10. Cute post, Alexis! Love your picks for a very chic red, white and blue holiday. :) Also love the dress you plan to wear! Gorgeous! :)

  11. I don't know what I'm wearing (will actually be going to the office + class that day), but I just want to second Heidi's comment that I love your red, white, and blue picture :)

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  13. Toast: Thanks so much!!! I think the dress will work too. :)

    Kelly: That jacket is pretty! I believe it is from last summer. :)

    jcbellemarie, GigiOfCa, Genny: Thank you so much for letting us know about the new arrivals! I just created a post with that exciting news! ("J.Crew Updates Website With Summer Arrivals ")

    HeidiG: Your outfits sound great. And congrats on getting the cashmere cabin popover!!! :)

    Em: A wedding! That is exciting!!! Also, I love the Cotton Cady dress!! I own one and I love it. :)

    Tina: Love the cashmere shawl collar sweater in fushia- you will definitely be stylish while camping!!! :)

    AltaGracia: Thanks! :)

    JTS: Thanks for the nice comment about the pic! :)

  14. not sure what I will wear this weekend... probably my new bistro orange chino shorts during the day and my mod mini at night.

  15. On Sunday we are having a bbq. I will wear my new seaside chambray pants with one of my piper camis- not sure what color yet- and the leather flip flops.

  16. cute outfit, alexis!

    unfortunately, we're in school for memorial day. we missed so much due to snow that they made it a make-up day. how cruel! have a great one, ladies! :)

  17. I have that blue jacket. It's really cute. I'll just be hanging out with my fiance during the day and then going to a Cubs game so probably my cubs t-shirt and jeans. I'll bring a J.Crew or Mike & Chris hoodie with me if it's chilly.

  18. It's supposed to be 82 here on Saturday. I'm wearing the perfect fit chiffon tank with white shorts for a casual grad party. It fits great and makes me look really thin!

  19. Hi all,

    Thanks Alexis for the great topic & photos. Memorial Day & Vets day are red-letter days in my family calendar. My Da lost 2 Uncles in WWII & my mother's father served in the U.S. engineering corps. Even though I don't live nearby, it's become a tradition to honour them.

    So, I usually visit either the local vets hall or a monument to visit or leave flowers - depending on the holiday. It's near impossible to find red poppies here in the U.S. so I buy a red, white, & blue mix.

    I'll most likely be wearing my blue Sydney dress with a navy & white seersucker jacket for the visit. Then most likely a navy & white seersucker pencil skirt (from 2005), a navy jackie & a dark poppy tee for the rest of the day.

    I'm delighted to see that so many JCAs plan on spending the holiday with family.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  20. The Grecian dress is really a winner on so many levels.
    For Sunday services I will be wearing my JCrew sateen pencil skirt with gray slub tee, a colorful scarf around neck with my crackle Mary Janes. I have a play to attend after church services so I will wear my Matilda dress with T strap flat sandals. On Monday I will be with the family bbq'ing so I will wear my chambray Wendy skirt, perfect fit white tee and red sandals. I need to get my menu together for Sunday and start preparing now.


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