Tuesday, May 5, 2009

J.Crew {New} Shoes Review :)

"Thanks!" to Summer Shoe Post (in this post) who came up with a great post topic: "How about creating a post on summer shoes? There are so many to choose from, including J.Crew and other stores. I'm wondering what everyone else will be wearing with their shorts, casual skirts, etc. I would love some recommendations on stylish sandals from fellow JCA's!"

I haven't seen too many of the new arrival shoes in my local stores, so I too would love to hear any and all reviews of them. Especially since there are so many great pieces, like the Bamboo-Tassel Ballet Flats (Item 15444; $158.00), the Augusta Ballet Flats (Item 14140; $160.00), and of course the Lyla Printed Peep Toes (Item 15447; $250.00). I would also love to know how Aficionadas plan on incorporating their new arrival shoes with their wardrobe. :)

Have you tried on any of J.Crew's latest shoes (heels, flats, & sandals)? If so, please share. Also, how do you plan on wearing your new J.Crew shoes? :)


  1. Can't legitimate spending what J Crew charges for shoes (esp. ones that I can't wear every day) until the recession is long over, and even then, having seen the face of this recession, I doubt I'll ever be able to make another on-a-whim purchase like these kind of shoes again. In the last few months, I've finally come to understand why my mother and grandmother were such sticklers about money when I was growing up. Serious bargains for serious quality are everywhere. Styles that last season after season are everywhere. Shoes and coats and bags that coordinate easily with more than one outfit or more than one shade of orange are everywhere. They were right - if you have to have something on the outside to be good enough, nothing will ever make you happy.

    So sorry, J. Crew. I thought you were the sh** when I was younger, but I think I've outgrown you. I'll hold onto my rollneck for the memories...

  2. I briefly reviewed the Augusta Ballet flats in my blog -- that are super cute for sure (I got them in Golden Yellow, I thought the color combination was perfect) but the toebox area under the bow is very stiff and they definitely need some breaking in otherwise they will be blister-city. I was leaning towards returning them because of that, but I couldn't bring myself to do it in the end; they are just so cute. (The price was also another deterrent, but I managed to order them from the red phone with the red card discount, so it wasn't *as* bad). But I'm going to need to wear them around the house with socks for a while and/or invest in a shoe stretcher to get them properly broken in before I wear them out.

    The new shoe I'm most enamored with are the Aurora T-Strap Heels in the Collection preview/catalog section. They look gorgeous -- they're the loveliest shade of lilac adorned in delicate flowers. Drool. They're not on the website yet since they won't be released until June, and there's not even a price listed for them...I'm curious and a little scared to see how much they will end up costing.

  3. The two pair of ballet flats I own are poorly made. The silk is crinkled on one toe--came that way on final sale and the pair the silk is totally mismatched on the heel and looks really tacky. I rarely wear them b/c of the "defects". I paid $89 for each pair and definitely NOT worth it. I would never buy a pair of JCrew shoes again.

    However, I do love their flip flops. The critter ones and the classic rubber ones.

  4. correction:
    meant to say...and the OTHER pair

  5. I've noticed that in the European cities I've lived in (London and currently Paris), women don't wear flip-flops-- even the more refined looking flip-flops, such as J. Crew's Capri styles. (Which I always look at every summer but remember the times when I've tried them on-- narrow, hard. Have they changed recently?)

    I have the Rimini patent flat sandals (12658) in ivory-- it's a good color, off-white, and the patent is discreet and not very shiny. The straps look well-sewn but of course the support is nonexistent so I've put on anti-slip soles. I had to go to my next size; I think it is because I have a wider foot so the straps on the next size can accommodate that better. I'm not sure I would pay $78 on it-- it was from a friend who is a J. Crew employee-- but J. Crew isn't that far off from their description: it goes with everything and is kind of a fun alternative from all the extra-strappy gladiator sandals out this summer.

  6. I live in the UK and women here wear flip flops...

  7. My two recent sandal purchases have not been JC - I ordered a pair of silver sandals (AR 395) from Boden and bought a pair of pale gold sandals from BR. Boden's did not need a break in time, but BR's did - simply b/c I have a wide foot. They were fine after wearing them once, though. While I think JC's shoes are cute, b/c they're not comfy, I only buy on super sale.

  8. I bought the Danielle sandals in deep brown before they sold out. They're beautiful and go with everything. I usually wear a 7.5 to an 8 - I ordered an 8 and they fit pretty true to size. The leather does have some give to it, so they've stretched out a smidge since I bought them, but the ankle strap at the back is adjustable so it's not a problem.

    I plan to wear them for at least five years, so the price isn't as crazy to me ($98).

    They are very flat with no arch support - more for looks than long walks, but I can wear them to work (casual attire - advertising), I can wear them to the beach, or with dressier things to an occasion. I'm very pleased with them and I've already received several compliments.

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  10. OT: Dr. Nancy Snyderman is wearing the waterfall ruffle cardigan (item #14175) on the Today Show this morning during the "Birth Control for Men" segment. :)

  11. I purchased a few pairs of J.Crew footwear over the winter (Glenbraes, driving mocs, crackle-metallic mary janes), but nothing for summer yet. I have my eye on a pair of Coclico sandals as well as a new pair of Chie Mihara shoes. While these brands are more expensive than J.Crew, they are all leather, totally comfortable from the first wearing, look fabulous and they last and last.

    The Palma sandals do look interesting and have a leather upper and footbed so they are a possibility. I just despise the synthetic footbed for summer shoes. Doesn't breathe and ends up getting a bit slippery if it's hot. Not very comfortable either.

    Has anyone tried the Palma sandals? I'd love to read a review.

  12. I went a tad overboard on JCREW shoe purchases @ TJ Maxx so I am not really in need of anything for the summer. Not too mention after paying those prices, it is a bit difficult to want to pay full retail for recycled styles. The Lyla while gorgeous is simply a combo of the Liza and Lulu.

  13. I saw the Magdalene strappy heels in mustard/silver in store and liked them more than when I initially saw them online. But, I really don't have any need for a dressy sandal right now.

  14. The latest pair I tried was the Avignon printed heels that have rhinestones scattered on the bow. I bought my regular size, 9, and they were a half to a full size too long. The shoe was gorgeous, and the print was fresh and very spring-has-sprung, but for the $150 price tag, I decided not to reorder in a smaller size. The fabric was thin cotton, unlike the solids which are silk, and several of the rhinestones on both feet looked ready to fall off. I wanted to wear them with my aqua swiss dot ruffled wrap dress that I got recently, and it would have been a cute look- but they're not worth the price. Maybe I'd rethink with a 30% off promo, or if they go under $100 with free shipping.

    I've been on the lookout for things to wear to my BF's outdoor wedding festivities. I'm officiating, and I need a pair of neutral, nice looking wedges probably for the ceremony. Heels will get stuck, but I NEED height (she's 6'3" and he's 6'7" and I'm... not.) JC doesn't have anything other than espadrille wedges, so I've been looking further afield. Any suggestions, JCAs?

    I do have two pairs of espadrilles from last summer that I got in the colder months and am finally about to wear. One is a peep toe slingback which are super comfy to wander the house in! They have a pink and lavender print on a cream background with a gold metallic trim. I'll wear these with solid dresses. The other pair is very similar to this spring's Caribe style but my pair has knots in the grosgrain ribbon. I've been trying them on for an hour or two at a time around the house to stretch the ribbon a bit. I got a bright yellow, which I'm going to wear with a beautiful, bright Greek blue dress with white embroidery from Anthro. Both pair of espadrilles were under $25 apiece, so I feel like they were good buys that I'll get a decent amount of wear from, even though they're NOT my usual style.

    As for the latest heels, I think there's alot of cut options on JC, but they all seem to have a fatal flaw. For ex, the Petras are gorgeous in both styles, but nubuck?! That stains like a mofo and there's no going back from that. Yes, I love dancing around the house in heels and that's over half the action some of my fancier shoes get, but I need to be able to go outside once in awhile, too! I haven't ordered anything since my aborted attempt at the Avignons, and unless there's some miracle in the next sale updates, I don't plan to order anything for awhile. I'm not on an official ban, but I haven't ordered anything for three weeks, and I bought next to nothing for myself with the red card. It's weird to not check the tracking for so long! Happy shopping to all who are having better luck than me, and sorry for the long post.

  15. Anon 1:07am your Grand & Mom spoke the truth!

  16. I still love JCrew's shoes.

    For this summer I've purchased from JCrew:

    -two pairs of the Rimini flats. Love these because they aren't overly "gladiator".
    -Fiona's in gold,
    -Danielle's in Deep Brown but returned them and now regret it because of course, they're sold out.
    -Carina's but returned them because they rub between the toes.

    With exception to the Carina's, all of the JCrew shoes mentioned above were comfortable to me, afterall the foot is mostly exposed in them (except the Danielle's have more coverage). Also, I know not to expect any arch support from these shoes.

    These are all versatile so I'll get plenty of wear out of them all summer.

  17. i purchased (and returned) the Metallic-leather twisted sandals item# 12039. the back strap did not stay on my right heel, even after using the smallest of the holes. it kept slipping out (as i was trying them out around the house). they are otherwise okay, super lightweight.

  18. I have not purchased any new shoes from JCrew lately.
    I did purchase Silver Crackled Mary Janes for the Winter Holidays, Ingrid Peeptoes in Papaya and Jillian patterned flats for Spring/Summer. During the TJMaxx fiasco I was able to get 5 pairs of 19.99 shoes which included the fushia patent T-straps, fushia suede strappy sandals, 2 pairs of Twylas in mettalic finish and cheetah print jelly flats which I have just started to wear for Spring.
    The only pair that are comfy without padding are the Ingrids, Jelly flats and the Patent Tstraps. All the others need padding to wear for more than an hour. I really wish JCrew made comfortable leather soled shoes. Their shoes really do fit my long slender foot to a tee. For their price point I will continue to spend at Nordstroms and Nordstrom Rack to get more bang for my buck.
    JCrew does make some really cute patterned shoes nonetheless.

  19. I got the Petra heels in Pebble. They fit TTS and were pretty comfortable for heels. My feet were still fine after running errands at lunch yesterday.

  20. I find there are other better made shoes for way cheaper than JCrack.

  21. I love J. Crew shoes (I may be in the minority here) but I also tend to be very careful (not saying that is possible for everyone in every situation, obviously) with my shoes. I have been known to wear cheap slip-ons out of the house and in my car and carry my more delicate shoes in a cloth bag (sometimes J. Crew even provides them in their shoeboxes) and change into the shoes when I get into my building.

    That said, I LOVE the Pietra jeweled capri sandals--so pretty. I love the Capri style (I also love that the footbed is leather--that has not changed in all the years they have been made). These are the dressiest and prettiest sandals I have ever bought. They are 98 dollars but considering the Anacapri jeweled sandals are 238 dollars and in my opinion less pretty and less detailed, I think they are a good buy. I bought them at Tysons in Virginia and they were running a 25% off sandals promo and with the 25% Red (Mickey) card, I ended up getting them for 55 dollars.

    I have not bought any recent shoes except these sandals, so I have no opinion on any other current offerings (unless they are based on old styles, like the Juliets or Alessias).

  22. Although I love some of the ballet flats, I can't imagine paying over $100 for fabric shoes.

    For once, I am glad that my feet are so wide. I can even consider these overpriced shoes, because I know that there's no chance they will fit me. It sounds like they are pretty uncomfortable for people with normal feet anyway!

  23. i love the styles of j.crew shoes, but I have a very hard time ever spending full price on them because of the quality. If I am going to spend $200+ on a pair of pumps, I expect them to at least be leather soled and lined - not plastic. My J.Crew shoes from previous seasons (2007 and earlier) are better quality. But now, esp. with the economy, I can't justify paying top dollar for plastic shoes, especially when companies like Cole Haan, Jimmy Choo, etc are having such amazing sales (case in point, I purchased a pair of Dior pumps, Jimmy Choo flats and pumps for $350 at Saks in January - that's a no-brainer).

  24. A long time ago, J. Crew used to make comfortable, stylish shoes!!!!

    I had a pair of flats I paid a bit more than usual for and wore till the holes in the soles let the water in. I still have a pair of chunky heels from some time before 1997.

    I don't live and work in a high-heel culture at all, and ballet flats don't work in our rainy climate. The water gets in. So what's left anymore? I have to wear Clarks, Dansko, Naot, etc. I have bought J. crew shoes on sale, but seldom get a chance to wear them.

  25. I bought the Cate patent slingbacks on sale a few weeks ago. I usually don't go for patent OR slingbacks but the color of the (seashell) one was perfect with my skin tone- and they were marked way way down from the original price ($225 maybe? something absurd).

    They are decent- such a pretty feminine shape to the heel and a gently rounded toe and a great color. They're not a 'classic' or a 'must-have' but they will take me through a few summer weddings this season!

    I am still bummed that I never saw any J Crew shoes at TJ Maxx.

  26. I'd pay what they're asking if the shoes weren't made of plastic and (I find) generally poor fit, and if they made more shoes that go with non-JC clothes. I wish they'd concentrate a little more on making basic -real basics - with special details instead of making almost exclusively 'statement' shoes. On that note, I like the #150 all-leather ballet flats in glazed pecan: just what I'm talking about. Though I can't imagine why they're selling those now, and not for fall...

  27. Anon @ 8:24

    I bought a pair of the Palma heels in champagne and they are really pretty, but the toe strap is really tight. Two seconds walking in them put me in pain. They seem really stiff, so not sure about the give after so many wearings if any. I ordered my regular size and they seem to fit TTS. I got them at a great price with red card and free shipping, but took them back because of the pain in the toes. I have very narrow feet, so people with wider feet will probably not like them for sure. They were hard to take back because of the style and was really disappointed I could not enjoy them.

  28. I bought my first pair of J. Crew shoes back in January, the Caroline square-jeweled ballet flats (#99471) and I loved them, but after just a couple of weeks they started falling apart at the back seam! I couldn't believe it. I debated taking them back, but they were out of stock and I really liked them, so I kept them thinking I could deal with it. 3 months later the sole, on both shoes, is eroding away and there are holes. I was so disappointed that these fell apart so quickly. And, frankly, was surprised that J. Crew had such terrible quality in shoes. It was my first pair, and very likely my last.

    Have any other customers had their J. Crew shoes fall apart so quickly??

    Also, any other recommendations for cute ballet flats that can withstand the test of time?

  29. Hey Alexis - Maybe someday we could have a thread for JCAs to make suggestions about where they're buying their non-JCrew clothes these days, and why. It sounds like there are a lot of JCAs who are looking for tips and ideas about where else they can look for the kind of quality and style that it seems like a lot of us miss...

  30. I wish Jcrew would make some cute canvas solid-color ballet flats for spring. I would love some to wear with cute capris and printed tops. I'm not a big fan of suede ballet flats for summer. I hate sweaty feet!

  31. ZAPPOS on line is awesome for shoes! Best customer service on the planet. Many, many brands including reviews on fit and styling.

    I personally love Josef Seibel shoes: style and comfort! Shoes should look fab but they should also be comfortable and wearable.

  32. Forgot to mention another great shoe brand: Fidji. They are a bit pricey but fashion forward and I think they are really comfortable.
    Hand made and leather lined. Usually around $150 or so.

    Check them out at Nordstrom on-line and in store.

  33. natalie,

    Palladium flats are comfy, but are on the casual/funky side. Some styles to look for: Manado, Kassel (has straps), Lincoln (peep toe). Other styles are a little too sporty, but I think these can look cute with skirts or feminine tops, nothing too dressy though.

    I've been happy with my Nine West and Etienne Aiger flats (and loafers).

    I know people who swear by Earth shoes, but I've never been able to get excited about them.

    Zappos has gone downhill IMO. The selection is vast, but I don't see as many great deals as I used to.

  34. I wear Earth shoes all the time, but not when I am looking to be stylish. In fact, I will often wear those shoes and carry the pretty shoes (to change into when I get to wherever I am going). I like Earth shoes for long walks, standing in front of my classroom, and as a more dressed up option for when I am on my way to exercise class. I also wear them on the plane...

    They are very nice, and well-made. I personally feel that their claim that the negative heel (where the heel sits below the toes) makes you stand up better is true...at the end of the day I know my back feels better than on the days I don't wear them...but they are still not my go to shoes...especially when there are so many pretty options out there.

    I did wear them a lot when I was pregnant and HIGHLY recommend them to all women who are pregnant!

  35. I quit buying J Crew shoes several years ago due to the decline in quality. Great other brands I've used since:

    --For boots--Frye, La Canadienne (both pricey, but good quality--a cheap boot usually means it won't hold up or fit well)

    --For sandals--Bernardo (www.bernardofootwear.com)

    Of course, there many other cute brands out there....I could go on. But J Crew is definitely not on my list anymore.

  36. I love the designs J.Crew has been coming out with! That being said, the general comfort of the shoes leave a lot to be said. But that has, sadly, not stopped me from purchasing...

    The latest purchase I have made are the flora capri sandals in gold, and I can say that their design of capri sandals have not changed over the years. They're still pretty flat in the footbed, but I don't plan on wearing these on any long walks.

    I've also purchased the Juliet iridescents, Trixie heels, Cate Patent Slingbacks, Patent Maryjane peeptoes, all of which are not the most comfortable but are made so with the help of various accoutrement from Dr. Scholl's. :)

    As for durability, I've had two pairs of the Marsala ballet flats for two years now, and I've worn them through puddles, heat, long walks. They're still holdin' up. :)

  37. dina,

    I was thisclose to buying a pair of earth mary janes (these in almond or mahogany), but decided against it (too expensive at the time, still wasn't sure how I felt about the heel, etc.). They are very well made, though, and are great for walking or professions where you do a lot of standing/walking. It's too bad the benefits of the negative heel make for such a clunky looking shoe! :/

  38. Tastymoog, here is my secret: If you live near a Rugged Wearhouse, they sell Earth Shoes for 25 dollars. All those ones you see on ebay...they are no doubt bought at a store like Rugged Wearhouse and marked up. :)

    Maybe some of the other discount stores carry them?

  39. Dina, Rugged has some great deals (I've gotten Jackie shells there for $9.99!)! I first saw the earth shoes in a small boutique in VA, they were marked up to about $130. :( Right now, on earth's website they are $79, which isn't bad-- but you can't beat $25!

  40. I have about 10 pairs of jcrew shoes. Half are from TJMaxx, the rest I either bought on ebay for 80% off retail, or bought on the website because I was obsessed with them. Still, I got my Penelope mary janes for $79.99 on jcrew.com, but the original price was $225. How do they justify that? I agree with so many others who dislike the plastic linings and soles. They are so tacky. The lining came up off my penelope peep toes the first time I wore them. How cheap! And they wanted $225 for those? Come ON!

    Some of my favorite pairs of shoes are from Nordstrom Rack. I agree that Palladium is a great brand. I also really like Sam Edelman shoes. I got a pair of Enzo Angiolini high heel patent leather slingbacks (like those but patent leather and in the color "natural") that are identical to the JCrew cate high heel slingbacks, except I only paid $25 for the Enzos at Nordstrom Rack. If you have one around you, I'd recommend it.

  41. I am a HUGE Birkestock fan. They do make pretty, thinner strap sandals (Sydney style) and stores care really pretty ones that are not always online. I have black patent and silver for dress up. I own about 45 pairs including shoes and they comfort is wonderful/incredible/fantastic. People are surprised that some of the ones I wear are Birks b/c of the fun designs and styles I have found over the years...even try QVC when they have big Birkenstock days...

  42. Nobody does a more perfect comfort/style combo than Cole Haan, and that's where most of my shoe money goes. I too, remember the days just a few years ago, when J Crew made high quality shoes. Of course, the selection was limited and basic. Now, the designs are darling and numerous, but the quality is on par with Payless. The boots are an exception, and are still pretty good.

  43. I've been a Dansko fan for awhile for the comfort and casual cute clogs, but hadn't bought a pair for a few years. Last winter I needed a go-to black pair for casual skirts, and was dismayed to come across bad news about Dansko. They stopped producing their shoes where they'd been doing business for years to go overseas to save a buck. Of course, they didn't pass the savings along to consumers. I went to a local store, and you could see the decline in quality just by looking at the way the shoes were stapled. Then I found out that another Danish brand, Sanitas, had the original patent on the stapled clog, and continues to use the original production facilities, so their quality has remained consistent. So if clogs are your thing, or are in a profession where you're on your feet all the time, try out Sanitas. I live in Ann Arbor, and half the med students/ dental students/ doctors, etc, from UM sport the Dansko/ Sanita look. Cuter with the jeans than the scrubs, IMO, but to each their own!

  44. Oh yeah, I second JCrew boots being an exception to the crappy quality rule. They all have leather linings and are very comfy. I have glenbraes, brewsters, and 3 pairs of rivington short and tall kitten heel boots. They are pretty much all I wear to work in the winter!

    Cole Haans are sooo comfy. I agree. You can sometimes find them for cheap at Marshalls (and sometimes TJ Maxx) too.

    Yeah, I think JCrew figured they could get away with poor quality if the designs were too cute to resist. They were obviously right to an extent... except that it sounds like many of us will only buy those adorable styles on super sale. So, maybe that wasn't such a hot idea. If they had the adorable styles (lulus anyone?) with great quality, I'd pay a hell of alot more money for them.

    Just a couple years ago they had really cute styles that were still quality. Like tie silk ballet flats, and those cute tweed pointy toe flats with the velvet bow that the model is wearing in the pic from the "shop and share" post. Those had leather linings and soles. And weren't what I'd call basic styles. I'd be so happy if they got back to that!

  45. These aren't "new" but my mom got me a pair of the posie capri sandals in the purple color. I will get them this weekend. I assume they are the same as every other capri sandal out there... but I plan to dress down the cotton cady claudine tank dress in espresso by wearing those, and the wide patent belt in blanched almond, to a casual outdoor wedding later this month.

  46. For ballet flats that typically don't cause blisters (but sometimes do, depending on the fit/style), I recommend Delman, which I get from Bluefly. This Spanish brand has been around for years--I believe it was Audrey Hepburn's brand of choice! They offer a better quality/price ratio than JCrew.

  47. I just received 2 jcrew sandals I ordered. The black patent rimini's look quite classy but once I put them on the double straps on the ankle and the dark color are too bold on me. It's like my leg is screaming look at my sandal!! They look great with jeans, but not worth it to me to have to wear jeans with them all summer.
    I also got the magadalene strapply flats in the gold/nude color, but unfortunately returning those too. I thought they would look dainty, but they make my foot look like a pancake and they are quite boring. Also uncomfortable as the seams on the straps are sewn together with scratchy plastic type thread and the sole is so flat it makes me walk weird.
    That was jcrew's chance to get my sandal money this summer. I'm heading elsewhere - just bought some cute sandals on endless.com

  48. J Crew's critter clip flops (especially the wedge) are hands down the most comfortable flip flops out there. I'm planning on getting more when they go on sale.

    Drewablank: I have 2 pairs of the Marsala flats but the elastic backing KILLS my heels. I'm glad you were able to wear them comfortably!

  49. Was there an update today? Did not see one on Monday either. Thank you:)

  50. I have a ton of shoes from J Crew, but I'm happy to say that I've never paid full price for them. (Not worth it, IMO). Never found any @ TJ Maxx, so I mostly have to go to Ebay or snag them on sale when they pop up.

    - I have the Salina flats in several colors- ok to wear if you mostly sit, but they kill my back if I wear them for long periods of time while walking.

    - Many flip flops- there are fine to wear, as long as they aren't the capri sandals, which are completely flat with no support.

    - A few of the Juliets- actually pretty comfortable to wear, suprisingly, for a higher heel. The only gripe here is that the leopard ones run smaller than the solid colors. Go figure!

    - A few pairs of the higher heels; their names escape me right now- although I do recall Gayle and Penelope. Again, not too comfortable for long periods of walking, but ok otherwise. I find that I have problems with heels over 3" tall.

    - Driving mocs- ok for comfort, but run WAY big and they stretch out.

    - A couple of pairs of the Liv flats- pretty comfortable once the toe box stretches out- the strap is in an odd place.

    - Perfect patent flats w/ the point toe- again, they run large, but ok overall for comfort

    - Lulu's (heels)- run at least 1/2 size too big- haven't taken these out for a stroll yet! The bow needs to be trimmed on them- it drags on the ground.

    - Joley peep toes in patent- suprisingly comfortable and the orange color always gets attention

    - A recent pair of suede flats- can't remember the name- get dirty way too fast.

    - Isabella heels- haven't worn them yet, but they might be a bit too high for me to wear for a long period of time.

    I don't have a local store in my area (Baltimore) that carries shoes, so it's hit or miss online. I would also have to agree that most of the shoes would not be comfortable on wider feet. (Mine are pretty narrow and they still pinch).

    I think I mostly have them all covered- I'm a shoe junkie, what can I say?

    Can anyone comment on the Brigitte heels? I'm lusting after the patent orange ones, but they don't seem to be selling well.

  51. I second the recommendation of Zappos.com...their CS is amazing. You get free shipping on ALL orders, and orders are shipped out almost immediately after placing them. I buy most of my "Indigo by Clarks" shoes (my fave brand) from them.

  52. J. Bird: I did a mini-review of the brigitte heels on March 22, 2009 on my blog. I bought the metallic atlantic. I think that neon orange is striking and could really make a neutral outfit sing!

    Good reviews of the shoes that you have, by the way...

  53. Thanks Dina! I'll check out your review.

    I should have mentioned that an insole might help some wearers. I think the pain in wearing the shoes, for me, comes from my feet. Others have reported no problems with some of the ones I have difficulty with.

  54. Someone posted in the Looking to Find that there were a bunch of new ebay listings for Lulus yesterday. Did anyone get them? I'm curious, but can't check at work. They were all BIN.

  55. Thanks for the tips everyone!! I will definitely use the suggestions! Seems like I'm not alone in my disappointment in the quality of J. Crew shoes. What a shame it's so poor - especially given the price!

  56. My favorite brand for classic, feminine shoes with a retro edge is Kate Spade. Great quality and fit. Retail is in the $300 range, but worth it on sale.

  57. I saw some Kate Spade shoes at tjmaxx in the $99 range.

  58. There was an update today. I noticed the double serge pencil skirt magically reappeared in black size 2. But now it's gone...

  59. i highly recommend kate spade shoes as well. i have both the "party" and "nappa" flats and i live in them during the winter.

  60. I bought the size 2 double-serge. I put it into my card earlier in the morning. When I came back during lunch break, it was still there, so I checked it out.

  61. I finally found a pair of regular (i.e. non flip flop) pair of JC shoes that work on me - the Joley flat. All the others I've tried have been too narrow in the toe box. The Joleys are amazingly comfortable in spite of the fact that they don't seem to offer much in the way of support or cushioning. I have been pleasantly surprised. I got the bronze twig color, which is a great neutral. Of course, I paid about $60 for them ($79 sale + Mickey card) I did a mini-review of them on my blog on 4/23, but I have posted all the same info here. :)

  62. I really like some of the older Fall shoes (lulus, glenbraes, spectators), but from the new shoes I have:

    -Patterned fabric + Grosgrain printed flip flops (LOVE! SO CUTE! and only $8! Wore 1/2 size up from regular.)

    - Capri flip flop/sandal - I have a pair from last year that I really liked in metallic silver but the finish wears off (so I now have no shininess where my toes are). Not worth full price for that. also has absolutely no support or cushioning, so it's basically only a step up from going barefoot.

    I like the older Amelia espadrilles that tie/buckle around the ankle and have the cute twisted silk toe better than the Caribes - more secure footing and cuter on by far.

    finally, the Spectator Mary Jane Peeptoes, even though they were from fall, are PERFECT for spring/summer!


  63. jbird - are the perfect patent flats 1/2 size large, a full size large, or just a bit large?


  64. Sjulvr-

    I found them to be a half size large. I'm a true 8.5 and got an 8 in them. They were still even a little bit. I wouldn't go a full size down, but definitely half. HTH!

  65. First, I never bought Jcrew shoes FP. I can spend a lot of money on other items but I cannot push myself to buy their shoes FP. This season I bought the satin rosette metallic sandals and the Cate patent slingbacks, on super-sale. I have worn the Cate and I'm very pleased with them (I walked many blocks while pushing the stroller and didn't get any blisters). The rosette sandals go with many JCrew outfits this year so they are a good investment for the price that I've paid.
    I will consider the Greer pleated satin sandals and the Petra heels when they go on sale, they are both beautiful but I mostly wear flat sandals in the summer.

  66. Natalie: re ballet flats

    Tod's are cute and v. comfy in my experience.

  67. More to add:

    -Dauphine T strap sandals. They run TTS and aren't too uncomfortable. They are flat, however, so they can't be worn for lots of walking.

    - Ingrid (heels)- Run 1/2 size big, but they are super comfortable- I think the ankle strap helps with the comfort

    - Ingrid (flats)- definitely TTS on these. Not too bad, comfortwise, but they get dirty easily (I wore mine in a suprise rain shower) :-( They're canvas fabric w/ a patent trim- the patent irritated my skin the first couple of wears, but they are ok now.

    - Kinzie heels- Suprisingly, one of my favorite pairs (Collection item- calf hair w/ patent trim). Got on Ebay for a song! Super comfortable, even though they're heels. Wore them to a bar/restaurant and stood for quite a while with no pain.

    I actually had to go look in my closet to remember which pairs I had. Something tells me I might have too many shoes...

  68. I just recently tried on the Augusta heels and flats. Thought they were pretty comfy in store but not sure how they would be for a normal day at the office. I will buy the heels when they go on sale.

    Other J. Crew shoes that I own rated on a scale of 1 to 10 for pain factor (1 being most comfy and 10 being the most painful):

    Lulu’s(heels version)- 2
    Perfect heels - 8
    Juliet’s- 4
    Cate’s- 5
    Trixie’s- 8
    Penelope’s- 8
    Salina flats- 4

  69. Has anyone tried the Lyla's yet? They are so pretty, but look hard to wear. I have a narrow heel and I'm wondering if it would slip out.

  70. I've been very happy with the Joely peep-toed flats I got a couple of weeks ago. I usually wear an 8.5 in close-toed shoes and an 8 in sandals, but for the Joelys, I got an 8.5, and they fit perfectly.

    I also agree with Anonymous at 11:21. Suggestions on where else to buy clothes would be great. So far this year, I haven't been thrilled with anything I've seen in the stores.

  71. Congrats anon @4:25! I check on that skirt every day to see if any pop up in my size in a color I don't have. Occasionally, it does...

  72. For those of you who are ballet flat fans, a better made, more comfortable but just as stylish alternative to JCrew, is the French make Bloch. This company has been making real ballet shoes for nearly a century and now make street shoes that are very lovely. My favorite pair look like newsprint. Tina Fey's character in 30Rock recently made reference to the baby versions which are adorable.

  73. I looked up the Bloch shoes on line and they are cute!

    Where do you usually buy them from?

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. I just received my first and only of Lulus (honey glaze flats) off ebay. So cute! I hope they hold up for years and years. They're a real departure from my usual; I'm a big fan of Fly London. Love the funk.

  76. Hey, Alexis: I don't know if you are reading this post and its comments, but I have to say everyone stayed nice, helpful, and encouraging here. :) It was a delightful day talking about shoes. Hurrah!

    I didn't even go over to that other post today so I had no idea that stuff was happening to you. Sadness. :(

  77. yes dina you are right... this thread is great today. everyone has had great suggestions and comments. goes to show you that women just love their shoes! :)

  78. Okay, my favorite pair is not among the "new" shoes. But here is a shout out for the Peep-Toe Mary Janes. I've been loving mine. They fit just like the patents from the fall. (TTS in IMO.) My foot is a wee wide and I have found these to fit well and be very comfortable (not something I always find in JC shoes, or other store brands for that matter). And the dusk and blush are interesting neutrals.

    JC shoes are expensive and that keeps me from buying more of them (maybe that's a good thing). Unfortunately, I never seem to be able to find suitable copycats, so I stalk the sales and watch for discounts. I am so envious of those JCAs who get great deals on shoes at their B&M.

  79. Going slightly OT-

    I placed an online order a while back and forgot to email CS about applying my student discount. I finally got around to it, and their reply seems to support what others have been saying about their policy change and the student/teacher discount. I've copied the email below (redacted the some personal info). Hope this helps someone!

    We were delighted to apply the student discount to your order xxxx. The 15% accommodation was made and xx was credited back to the original card that was used on the order.

    We have been delighted in providing this special discount for those of our customers living and working in the academic community, and look forward to continuing this service. As of May 1, 2009, however, the basis for determining qualifying orders has changed. The education discount will continue to be applicable to all regularly priced and promotionally priced merchandise selected for purchase at ourJ.Crew retail stores, at jcrew.com, or via a phone call. Any merchandisethat is sale or clearance-priced and ending in 99 cents, will not qualify for the additional 15% price reduction. We hope you will continue to enjoy the ongoing, money-saving aspects of our student/teacher discount program, and we look forward to continuing its benefits to you during your active status in the academic community. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know by responding to this email at contactus@jcrew.com or calling a J.Crew Associate at 1-800-562-0258. Sincerely, Barbie

  80. Can those who own the Lulu peep toes comment on whether it is necessary to go down 1/2 size or is it iffy, depending on the person's foot? I am considering some on ebay but they are my usual size. Would appreciate some advice.

  81. JBird - do the Joley heels fit TTS?

    Thanks for all your shoe reviews!

  82. Anons- ^^

    - The Lulu heels run 1/2 size big. I ordered my normal size (8.5) and they are wearable. I'm not sure what you mean by "depending on the foot". You can't go wrong by ordering your regular size, even if they do end up being a little too big. The Lulu flats are TTS, by the way.

    - I'm sorry, but I can't comment on the Joley heels, b/c I only have the flats. Sorry! The heels are gorgeous too!

  83. Thanks JBird. I should have been more clear. By saying "depending on the foot", I meant that if someone has a wider foot would they fit the regular size better than say, a narrow foot.

    I don't know how you didn't get that from my comment, or that you couldn't read my mind. *sarcasm* LOL

  84. The Lulu's don't seem to be narrow, like a lot of the other shoes, if that helps. I know that it can be helpful to order at your normal size or order up if the foot is a little wider. I slipped mine on and there seems to be a little extra room on the sides.

  85. I agree with jbird on the Lulu's - the leather seems to be more forgiving than the usual leather J.Crew uses for most of their shoes. I am usually a size 6.5 in most brands/designs of shoes but usually a 7 in J.Crew shoes. In the Lulu's, I took a 6.5 and was very comfortable. Does that help?

  86. Anon @ 9:45pm: I agree. My peeptoe mary-janes are some of the most comfy shoes I have from J.Crew. They're not too narrow and not too high. I have two - one in the fuschia and one in yellow. Both I took in my regular J.Crew shoe size, a 7. (I'm a 6.5 in non-J.Crew shoes.)

  87. I've been having some trouble w/ J.Crew shoe sizing since the late late fall and winter and it seems to continue--

    I allllways wore a sold 7.5 in J.Crew heels and for whatever reason a 7 in flats.


    I finally stalked down a pair of the Isabella heels (suede & patent leather) and they were waaay too big. Even when I went down to a 7 they were still roomy but a 6.5 seemed out of the question.

    Then the Claudia crackle-metallic shoes fit the same big way.

    BUT NOW---

    the Cate sling backs are crazy small! An 8 seems perfect on me.

    And usually I am on the smaller half of 7, but I HAD to get the Danielle sandals in an 8 (only full sizes)

    The worst part of not knowing your size is that sometimes you have a once in a lifetime chance of finding a pair in your size at a decent price. The other horrible part is that the stores don't carry more shoes (or any at all) and the high cost of shipping.

  88. ITA about the hit or miss sizing on J.Crew shoes. It's frustrating when you can't try them on and have to ship both ways when they don't fit. A little standardization would go a long way for me. I can't justify full price for most of the shoes. Once they are on sale it can be a scramble to get your size. Thank goodness for the weekly exchange. Except if you buy the wrong size from a JCA you need to try to resell or make them work somehow.

    I do not have the sizing problem with the boots. I buy my regular size, but if that is not available I have been able to go up or down as much as a full size and can still make them work. Maybe it's because there is more structure and support to the boots.

  89. JCREW should be paying you to host this thing!

    Have you ever checked how many hits you get? Sell it to them rather than waste all those hours promoting JC. Heck Bloggers GET PAID

    P.S. I choose to be anon purely for privacy. I find far too many of the JCAs let 'strangers' into their homes, closets and lives for that matter — case in point sharing when you and where you travel to, show pics of your kids (yikes). Are you not aware of pedophiles and wackos out there? All it takes is a sale on the weekly exchange and a predator can monitor your every move. THINK ABOUT IT! Fashion is not everything and many of you are obsessed. Filling a vacuum by adorning your exteriors when you should be nourishing your spirits.

    I rest my case!

  90. Ok Anon 3am the boogieman is going to get us all one day. LOL

    I have to agree that Kate Spade does make really special pretty patterned shoes with leather soles. I have about four pairs from back in 2001 that are still going strong and in style. They are so unique, comfy and worth paying full price. I always check out Loehmann's for discounted shoes also.

  91. I have always loved JC sandals. This year I bought;

    Palermo in Honey Glaze and Tea Rose
    Brynna in Orange
    Pietra in Black and Gold
    Rimini in Chartreuse and Coral Reef
    Patent Rimini in Shell

    I also bought the Coralie patterned shoes in Paisley & Mango. Beautiful and well made shoes.

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