Monday, March 4, 2013

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to sell}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves. This post is where you can mention your items and outside listing/ auction site (like eBay and eCrater & the corresponding user ID).

Please note: this posting is not for resellers, retailers or businesses. If you are a reseller, retailer, or a business, your comment gets automatically deleted & you will get publicly called out on it. :( So instead of this, simply do not post in the Weekly Exchanges. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site?

Sidenote: What's up with JCAs writing "sub" or "subscribing" as their comment? It just means they are subscribing to all the comments (which are then automatically sent to their email) in that particular thread. This way they can stay aware of all the comments posted. :)


  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have a few "Vintage" J. Crew items for sale. All in excellent, gently used condition and from a smoke-free home, all on eBay:

    Pink and White Stripe Kathryn Button-down Dress Shirt, Size XS
    From the Spring 2005 season. 100% Cotton. Slim Fit, Mother-of-pearl buttons.
    Listed on eBay here

    Purple Stripe Kathryn Button-down Shirt, Size XS
    From the Spring 2006 season. 100% Cotton. Slim Fit, Mother-of-pearl buttons.
    Listed on eBay here

    Aqua Blue Paisley Print Trousers, Size 0
    From the Spring 2005 season. 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, Low Fit, Slight Stretch.
    Listed on eBay here

    From Anthropologie:

    Moth by Anthropologie Geometric Fairisle Cropped Sweater
    Listed on eBay here

  2. I'm doing spring cleaning and have some items to share with JCAs.

    NWT Merino wool tippi, wild petunia, XS -- $40 shipped

    EUC pleated posy silk cami, barely peach, 0 -- $20 shipped

    EUC wool ribbon ravine dress, 2 petite, black -- $50 shipped

    EUC lace blouson dress, 2 petite, old lace (ivory) -- $80 shipped

    EUC city mini, heather carbon, 0 -- $40 shipped

    GUC Dream Silvie sweater dress, heather charcoal, XS -- $30 shipped

    NWT Pembridge dot silk skirt, yellow/gold, 2 -- $70 shipped

    brooklinian at gmail

  3. JCrew:
    NWT Tippi Cardigan in Shocking Pink, Sz. M - $30
    EUC Gray Lady Lace Popover (#38409), Sz M - $60
    EUC Hoodie Fairground Sweater (#34007), Sz. M - $30
    EUC Black Belt with multiple buckles & snap closure (#34614), Sz M - $15
    EUC Trouser Jean in Classic Rinse Wash (#29273), Sz. T8 - $50
    EUC Factory JCrew Silver skinny belt, Sz. M - $15
    EUC Factory Perfect Shirt in Pink Popsicle Maxi Check (#53516), Sz. M - $30
    EUC Factory Scattered Sequin Tank in Navy (#31849), Sz. M - $20

    Other Brands:
    EUC Madewell Perfect Ex-Boyfriend Chambray Shirt in Ferrous Wash (#25240), Sz. M - $50
    EUC Madewell Wallace Striped Ex-Boyfriend Sweater (#48902), Sz. S - $30
    EUC Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Small Shopper Handbag in Indigo, used approx. 5 times – looks brand new, $375
    EUC Marc By Marc Jacobs Maya Tank, white/gray, Sz. M - $35
    EUC Banana Republic Textured Marilyn Skirt with Back Zipper, Sz. 10 - $30
    EUC Loft Stripe ¾ sleeve scoopneck sweater, Yellow/Tan, Sz. M - $15
    GUC Loft Striped Boyfriend Cardigan, Sz. M - $15
    EUC SFAM Long Bootcut in NYD, Sz. 29 $40
    EUC SFAM Dojo jeans in LAD (Los Angeles Dark), Sz. 29 - $65
    EUC Citizens of Humanity Ingrid Jeans in Caspian Sea, Sz. 30 - $65
    EUC Citizens of Humanity Faye jeans in Caspian Sea, Sz. 29 - $65

    Please let me know if you're interested in any items or would like to see additional pictures. Prices above include shipping to US. Add $10 for US Priority shipping to Canada. Contact me at

  4. Before you purchase your key pieces for spring check out these gems from seasons past:

    NWT Florentine Pencil Skirt-Size 10-$75
    NWT Cocodrillo Pencil Skirt-Size 10-$75
    Ochre Ikat Pencil Skirt-Size 10-$65
    Watercolor Taffeta Pencil Skirt-Size 8-$50
    NWT Stretch Double Serge Cotton Pencil Skirt in Papaya-Size 8-$30
    NWT Stretch Double Serge Cotton Pencil Skirt in Slate-Size 8-$30
    NWOT Stretch Double Serge Cotton Pencil Skirt in Black-Size 8-$25
    NWT Gondola Stripe Skirt-Size 10-$25
    NWOT Gondola Stripe Top-Size 10-$25
    NWOT Boatneck Popover in Apricot Navy-Size M-$25
    NWOT Boatneck Popover in Cerise-Size M-$25
    Boy Shirt in Crepe de Chine-Size 8-$25
    Elinor Dress in White-Size 10-$25
    Elinor Dress in Polka Dot-Size 10-$25
    NWT Scalloped Shorts-Size 10-$25

    Shipping Included. Paypal only.

    1. I wish those Scalloped shorts were a 6!!! :)

  5. All prices are in CAD and items ship from Canada. I will consider all offers and give discounts for multiple items!

    EUC Cotton Scroll Cardigan, mint, size XS. $25

    EUC Featherweight Cotton Bling Button Cardigan, wild mushroom, size XS. $25

    EUC Featherweight Cotton Bling Button Cardigan, light pink, size XS. $25

    EUC Georgia Cardigan, light grey, size XS. $25.

    EUC Pilar Paisley Cami, size 0. $25

    EUC Calista Cami, ivory, size 00. $25

    EUC Cafe Capri in Wool Plaid (the black/red/ivory ones from Fall 2011), size 00. $50

    And some Anthro:

    EUC On the Dot Blouse, size 2. $30

    EUC To-the-Point dark denim pencil skirt, size 2. $30

    EUC Delight Blouse, coral, size 2. $35

    EUC Thousand Carat Pullover, light green, size XS. $40

    EUC Winter Beauty Pullover, light brown, size XS. $40


  6. Selling the following - all prices include shipping (US only)... Please email constantclosetcleanout (at) if interested!

    *Jacquard dot popover in Naples blue (item 85648)- size 00. Worn once, perfect condition. $55 shipped
    *Stripe button-front dress in navy (item 84297)- size xs. NWT. $20 shipped
    *Chambray clambake skirt in seaport blue (item 69587)- size XXS. Worn once, perfect condition. $35 shipped.
    *Classic mini in felted wool- brilliant fuschia (item 14275)- size 00. NWT. $40 shipped.
    *Petite double-serge wool pencil skirt in nordic blue (item 29993)- size 2P. NWOT. $75 shipped.
    *Petite stretch double-serge skirt in mink (item 24779) - size 2P. NWT. $55 shipped.
    *Oak tweed pencil skirt in natural (item 26035) - size 0. NWT. $55 shipped.
    *Denim pencil skirt in dark rinse (item 94851) - size 0P. EUC. $20 shipped.

  7. NWT J Crew Minimalist Mockneck Pullover In Dark Eggplant- XS- Holiday 2011 100% Merino Wool- $30 shipped.

    EUC Vintage J Crew 100% 2 ply Cashmere Cardigan and Shell, sold as a set- XS in Heather Camel. These are labeled as two ply on the tag and made in Hong Kong from Italian yarn. These are from at least ten years ago and do not have the year in the tag. They are so soft and made of much better yarn than today's cashmere. $40 shipped for the set.

    EUC Vintage J Crew 100% 2 ply Cashmere Cardigan in Black, XS. Labeled 2 ply on the tag and made in Hong Kong from Italian yarn. Same description as above. $30 shipped.

    EUC Vintage J Crew 100% 2 ply Cashmere Cardigan and Shell in Espresso (Dark Brown), XS. Labeled 2 ply on the tag and made in Hong Kong from Italian yarn. See description of above Heather Camel set. $40 shipped for the set.

    I stll have the extra yarn that was sent with the sweaters and the extra buttons are still sewn inside the cardigans.

    EUC J Crew Dark Poppy 100% Cashmere Turtleneck in XS- $35 shipped.

    Photos available.

  8. For sale jcrew and madewell sweaters:

    EUC hadley stripped sweater (worn once) $35 shipped

    EUC Madewell cableknit crewneck sweater (worn once) $35 shipped heather gray

    Will sell combined for $60

    Contact me:

  9. Hi, Everyone!

    I have a few items for sale. Photos are at Polyvore here:

    All prices include shipping.
    J.Crew Items:
    No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton, Royal Violet, NWT, Size 2.
    $50 OBO.
    Collection Marla Dress in Printed Silk, NWT, Size 2.
    $50 OBO.
    (Note: this dress is NWT, but I ordered it from a J.Crew retail store, and it arrived a bit wrinkled. Also, the inner clasp on the bodice is missing.)
    Shirred Mini in Tidepool Tweed, NWT, Size 0.
    $50 OBO.
    Attaché Dress in Linen-Canvas, Oceanfront, NWT, Size 00.
    $90 OBO.
    Glen Plaid Ruffle Skirt, NWT, Size 0.
    $40 OBO.

    I also have a Hacking Jacket in Herringbone, size 00--a recent ebay purchase. Unfortunately, the color (orange; I think it's called vibrant flame) doesn't really work for me, and I'd love to trade it for a hacking jacket in the same size but a different color. I'm also accepting offers for it, so send an email if you're interested!

    Abercrombie & Fitch Leather Mallory Skirt, NWT, Size 2.
    $50 OBO.
    Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack in Versailles (retired June 2011), NWT.
    $70 OBO.


  10. PayPal only; US shipping included in prices. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Contact me at susan (dot) vandenbergh (at) gmail (dot) com

    EUC 48895 Darlington satchel / black / $120

    EUC 42067 Crystal Venus flytrap bracelet / spiced nutmeg / $30
    EUC 31543 Stoneset bracelet / green tea / $30
    EUC 35077 Metal hourglass bracelet / antique gold / $30
    EUC Braided chain-and-pearl bracelet / antique gold / $40

    NWB 28711 Flannery ballet flats / 9.5 medium / hthr carbon / $70
    EUC 37224 Lucca suede sandals / 9.5 medium / dusty cedar / $60

    NWT 42047 Caravan pant (linen) / 12 / pearl / $50

    NWT 31935 Sunnie pencil skirt (wool) / 10 / gold multi / $70
    NWT 28387 Cord pencil skirt / 10 / golden wood / $40
    NWT 28387 Cord pencil skirt / 10 / rich brown / $40
    NWT 91380 Wool crepe pencil skirt / 12 / dark charcoal / $70
    NWT 39548 Heirloom lace pencil skirt / 12 / faded black / $70

    NWT 31937 Cashmere femme cardigan / large / navy / $80
    EUC 77388 Petit four cardigan (merino) / large / black / $50
    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / sweet almond / $50
    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / hthr caramel / $50
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / orchid shadow / $40
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / navy / $40

    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / olive moss / $50
    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / dark slate / $50
    NWT 35235 Tartan tuxedo shirt (cotton) / 12 / authentic red / $50
    NWT 12072 Stripe three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / rose / $30
    NWT 11454 Solid three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / bright hydrangea / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / bold peri / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / warm burgundy / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / dragonfly blue / $30

  11. Listed on Ebay right now (Seller name radioraven)
    NWT White Cecelia Dress Size 10.

    and one I haven't listed yet.
    ON Striped Red & Navy Dress Size M - Worn once
    See image here:
    $20 shipped

    EUC Trouper Pant, Grey, Size 12
    $20 shipped

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  15. all prices include shipping
    NWT Mini Bag in Vibrant Fuchsia (item 26524) $115
    NWT Matchstick Jean in Garment-Dyed Denim sz 24 Green (item 36075) $50
    NWT Matchstick Jean in Garment-Dyed Denim sz 24 Red (item 36075) $50
    NWT WOOL-ANGORA SNOOD in byzantine blue (item 30740) $35
    NWT ANCHOR SCARF in pearl $45 (item 23422)

    Thanks. Paypal only please. amyeshanks at gmail

  16. Prices include U.S. shipping.

    Blythe blouse in silk - Brilliant flame, size 2 - NWT $50

    Blythe blouse in silk - Iced Lilac, size 0 - NWT $50

    Fleece Nautical Colorblock Popover - Modern Red, size Small - NWT $40

    Colorblock Stripe Top (95702) in black flame, size Small (worn once) - $20

    Ruffle Button-down Tank in bright dahlia (33959 HO 10), size XS – NWOT $20

    Colorblock Boatneck Top (21838 FA 12) in Vintage Burgundy, size XS (worn once) - $30

    Boy Shirt in Colorblock Oxford (30084), soft lilac, size 0 (worn once) - $20

    City mini in black, size 00 - NWOT $65

    No. 2 pencil skirt in seersucker (factory, SP 12) - blue, size 2 - NWT $35

    No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Dot Brocade, size 2 – NWT $65

    No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Circle Eyelet, fresh kiwi, size 2 – NWOT $45

    No. 2 Pencil Skirt in safari cat (82324), size 2, $45 (hemmed from 25” to 22.5” but never worn)

    Tucked Mini (48511) in olive green, size 0 – NWOT $30

    Flair Skirt in Double-Serge Wool (47315 HO 11) in Navy, size 0 – NWOT $45

    City Mini (90289 FA 12) in brilliant blue, size 0 – NWOT $30

    City Mini (90289 FA 12) in heather graphite, size 0 – NWOT $30

    Madras plaid miniskirt (SP 09) - size 2 – EUC $15

    Linen/cotton Mini (43310 SU 11), size 2, olive green – EUC $35

    Linen/cotton Mini (43310 SU 11), size 2, rusty/brick red – EUC $35

    Urbanite Shift Dress in retro orange, size 0 – EUC $40

    Caroline Dress (44774) in faded black, size 0 – NWOT $75

    About Town Tee Shirt Dress, Small – NWT $40 (or will trade for XS)

    Nanine dress in silk taffeta, aluminum size 2 (worn once) - $40

    Cotton Cady Madeleine Dress (SU 10), leaf green, size 2 (worn once) – $30

    Amory floral castaway dress (39309 SP 11) - size 0 (worn once) - $30

    Knit Cap-sleeve Dress (Factory, 97885) in black, size 0 – NWOT $45

    Rumi dress (42820, SU 11) in white, size 0 – NWOT $40

    Beach Walk Dress (42573) in peach/coral, size XS – NWOT $28

    Jenny Dress (retail - 41478) in deep peri, size 0 (EUC) - $25

    Jenny Dress (Factory, 69378 SP 12) in deep peri, XS (worn once) - $20

    Jenny Dress (Factory, 69378 SP 12) in coral, XS (worn once) - $20

    Rugby-stripe Ginny dress in gray, size 2 (Factory, SP 2011) – EUC $20

    1. SWEATERS:
      Tippi sweater in heather sandstone, size XS (worn once) - $35

      Tippi Cardigan in Marled Camel, Small (worn once) – $35

      Tippi Cardigan in Colorblock - fuschia burgundy, size XS (worn once) - $30

      Tippi Cardigan in Colorblock – green navy, size XS (worn twice) - $30

      Button box sweater (49101 FA 11) in heather saddle, size XXS (fits like XS, worn twice) - $38

      Merino Wool Ruffle Moto Sweater (30249 FA 2010), Small in Black pine (green), worn once - $30

      Cable crewneck sweater (17267 HO 10) in black, size XS (worn twice) - $30

      SWEATERS: $15 each if shipped with another item
      Mixed Stitch Cardigan (39093 SP 11) in white, XS – VGUC

      Jackie Cardigan from 2006, size medium in Navy - EUC

      Jackie Cardigan from 2006, size medium in Brown - EUC

      Cable crewneck sweater (17267 HO 09) in coral, size Small – VGUC

      Factory Classic Crewneck Cardigan in Watercolor Floral (93439), size Small – GUC

      T-SHIRTS/TANKS: $6 each if shipped with another item
      Drapey Stripe Tee (38725) in gray, size XXS – EUC

      Long-sleeve Tissue Pocket Henley in black, size XS (worn once)

      Drapey Stripe Baseball Tee in cinnamon, size XS (EUC)

      Tuxedo Shell (45647) in light purple, size XS (VGUC)

      Perfect-fit short sleeve tee in black, size small (worn once)

      Featherweight Favorite Tank in white, size Small (EUC)

      Short-sleeve Tissue Tee in white (Factory), Size Small (EUC)

      Tuxedo Tank (not the ruffled one) in dark gray, size XS (worn twice)

      Factory Crinkle Flower tee (yellow, short sleeves) – Small, EUC

      Vintage Cotton Tank in black, size XS – EUC

      Vintage Cotton Tank in succulent green, size XS – EUC

      Factory Favorite-Fit Chino Capris, Navy, size 2 – EUC $20

      Mila cap toe leather ballet flats in champagne/black, size 9. New without box - $80 shipped

      Two-tone leather belt (15789) in blue/green, Small (worn once) - $15

      Two-tone leather belt (15789) in tan/black, Small – NWOT $20

      D-ring belt (blue/white seersucker with red lobsters, SP 07) - S/M - EUC $15

      Factory Crystal Teardrop Earrings (97706) – NWOT $10

      Shrunken Anorak (95062) in dark patina (green), size XXS – NWOT $40

      Factory Wool Walking Coat, Vibrant Flame, size 2 – NWOT $115

      Stadium Cloth Duffle Coat in navy, size 2 – EUC $160

    2. Non-J.Crew:
      Anthropologie: Lacy Boatneck Chemise, size XS – NWOT $50

      Anthropologie: Maeve Painted Plaid Dress, size 2 – NWOT $138

      White House Black Market: Organza Dot Dress, size 2 – NWOT $70 (strapless, black with dark red polka dots)

      Banana Republic A-Line Sleek Suiting Skirt (above the knee, SP 2010), size 2 – EUC $30

      Limited: Drew High Rise Flare Pants in black, size 0. NWOT - $25 each (3 pairs available)

      Lacoste V-neck Long-sleeve sweater in red/white stripe – EUC - $30

    3. SOLD:
      Jackie cardigan in navy,
      Blythe blouse in brilliant flame,
      Linen/cotton mini in brick red,

  17. I have three pair of Minnie pants all sz 12 for sale
    wool - black and a taupe/dark tan color (I can provide pictures)45.00
    Twill- gray. these do not say Minnie but it is the same pant. 25.00
    euc shipping included, PayPal only.

  18. Blythe in peeble dot, size 00. Worn once and dry-cleaned, like new. $50 shipped.
    NWT royal paisley blouson dress, size 0, $50 shipped.
    If interested contact me at PayPay only please. Will post more later.

  19. J.Crew Houndstooth Sweatshirt, Black/Cream, Small. Worn twice. Asking $45 shipped OBO.

    Report Marks Bootie, Sand/Beige. Size 8.5. Worn twice. Asking $25 shipped.

    Paypal only please. Contact me at

    1. Forgot to add, US Shipping only please. Thank you.

    2. Could you send me a picture of both items, please?

  20. US ship only /Paypal
    Condupuy at
    VGUC england map cardigan, Small, $30 shipped
    VGUC france map cardigan, (missing size tag-- but it is a Small), $40 shipped
    VGUC elizabeth silk halter, XSmall, yellow, $30 shipped
    EUC Madewell counting clouds circle scarf, gray and white, $25 shipped
    NWT Shutterbug dress, gray, item 49394, XS, $45 shipped
    EUC Burlington tartan wool mini, size 0, $30 shipped
    EUC Sherpa puffer jacket / small / antique stone/ item 17952/ $40 shipped
    NWT deck stripe pencil skirt, tangier orange, size 0, $50 shipped
    NWT Factory intarsia Charley sweater in sequin heart / SMALL / HEART ME/ $60 shipped
    NWOB Diane von Furstenberg Georgia Wallabee Haircalf Booties, Tan/Chocolate Ocelot Print, 7, $100 shipped

  21. Hi! I'll offer these here before I list on Ebay:

    EUC black Pixie Pants, sz. 10, shortened about an inch or so. I can give exact inseam if you request. $25 shipped

    NEW Casablanca Blue wedges, sz. 8 (I have the box, but shipping will be extra) - $30 shipped

    EUC - worn an hour? - Navy blue Banana Republic "Martin" cropped pants - $22 shipped.

    I still have a lot of shorts listed a few weeks back, sz. 12 or 32 mostly including several Madras plaid, LMK if you want details. I've been so busy, haven't had time to get stuff up on Ebay.

    ajswirsky AT sbcglobal DOT net

    1. Forgot to add:

      EUC Katie Cami, sz. 10 in mustard and white, $16 shipped, each.

      If interested in any items, as always, feel free to make an offer. Thx!!

      ajswirsky AT sbcglobal DOT net

  22. J.Crew Mila Ballet flats 6 1/2 tan navy NWB check out ebay listing here:

    EUC J.Crew Perfect shirt in Black Watch Plaid Size 6 $40 includes shipping, paypal only.

  23. Hi JCAs. Includes UPS shipping in US. Paypal please.

    Lace Love Tank, silk crepe, color Taupe, size 4, item 32747,NWOT perfect condition, $24 shipped.

    Wool gabardine suiting, color Dark Pewter, 1035 two-button jacket and City-Fit trouser, both size 4, beautiful EUC, selling as a set for $100 shipped.

    Pearl and Fireball Cluster Bracelet, perfect EUC, stored in jewelry bag included, $24 shipped.

    Tisbury Straw Bucket Bag, color Natural, item 44594, EUC and great for spring/summer, $22 shipped.

    Tumbled Leather Clutch Bag, color Graphite, from Factory, NWOT perfect condition, $30

    E-mail ruffles-crew at

  24. Crewcuts GIRLS' STARLET SKIRT size 14
    With tags
    $45 shipped US ship only
    email at rosalovesdc at gmail dot com

    Link from Jcrew site here:

  25. NWT retail tri-buckle waist belt, size M: $20
    EUC navy Nicky skirt, size 10: $15

    Everything else below is $30:
    NWOT gray city-fit stretch wool bistro pants, size 6
    EUC retail big-button Trastevere paisley mini, size 12
    EUC Coppelle paisley mini, size 10
    NWOT (with magnetic tag) retail wallpaper mini, size 8
    NWT retail double-serge cotton pencil skirt, size 6, in golden sunflower (but I think this one might be mistagged—fit is more like an 8 in the hips)

    Willing to consider discounts for purchase of multiple items, and feel free to make me an offer, too. Thanks!

    caralynnlewis at gmail dot com

  26. EUC Liquid Silk Skirt in navy blue, size 2.

    I was over optimistic--this length does not work on my short legs :) Purchased on ebay recently, just want to make the money back: $25 shipped.

    Here's a picture

    katenhfs at gmail dot com

    1. The skirt is actually a navy blue (not the bright blue pictured in the link)

  27. NWOT Matchstick Jeans, dark blue rinse - Size 10Short - $25

    Factory Intarsia Fair Isle sweater - Size Medium - $35 (only worn once, like new)


    1. Sorry, the jeans are size 32 Short, not 10.

  28. I need to sell and make room! Best offers considered, so please email me. Thanks!
    tararoach at gmail dot com

    EUC (worn once) Collection Garden Ribbon Shift Dress Size 0 $59

    NWT Firework Metallic Jacquard Dress Size 0 Black $49
    EUC (worn once) Cliffrose Print Blousy Dress Size 0 $39

    NWOT Collection Bead-embellished Merino Wool Sweater $49
    NWOT Collection Shimmer Cardigan Size XS Bronze color $25
    NWT Ripplestitch Blue and White Size S $25
    NWOT Cotton Camp Shirt Size 0 White $19
    NWOT Scalloped Zipper Cardigan Black Size XS $19

    NWOB Fringed MacAlister Boots Size 7 Light Gray $29
    EUC Sardinia Wedge Espadrilles Size 7 Natural Color $25
    EUC Sperry Top Sider Cormorant Rubber Shoes Size 7 White $29
    EUC (worn once) Collection Sabrina Pave Crystal Sandals Size 7 Silver $29
    EUC (worn once) Collection Jeweled Sandals Size 7 Black $35

    NWOT Sequin Snowflake Tshirt Size XS $25
    NWOT Striped Jersey TShirt Size XXS Flame $25
    EUC Floral Blouse with Flower Collar Size 0 Coral/ White color (email for pics, I'm not sure of the name) $29
    NWT Boy Shirt in Sailor Stripe Size 2 $25

    Coats/ Vests:
    NWOT Gloverall Plaid Toggle Coat Size 0 Navy and Gray Plaid $175
    NWOT Ribbed Ruffle Vest Size XS Gray $25

    Jewelry/ Accessories:
    NIB Drop Gem Necklace Smokey Topaz $19

    NWOT Wool Lolli pants Size 00 Bright Dahlia $29
    NWT Cailey Cord Short Size 0 Navy $25

    NWOT Mini Corudroy Skit Size 00 Camel $19
    EUC (worn once) Neon Madras Over-died Shorts Size 00 Neon $19
    NWT Cadette Cotton Flannel Pants Size 00 Olive Green $19

    Non JCrew
    NWOT Anthropologie Time to Gather cardigan Size S $29
    NWOT Anthropologie Plaid Petals Skirt Size 0 $29

  29. For sale - all purchased from J. Crew online store.

    Tees & Tops
    1. NWT Sailor stripe always cardigan, ivory with white stripe, Small. Each $20.

    2. NWT Drapey sequin tank (this season), size XS, black, $25.

    3. NWT Tulipe silk cami /tank(winter 2010), dark charcoal, size 8, $25.

    4. NWT Tulipe silk cami/tank (winter 2010), sweet almond, size 8, $25.

    5. NWT Novo stripe tank (winter 2010), charcoal/offwhite stripe, size 8, $25.

    6. NWOT Collection peplum top in fresco floral sateen, from Winter 2011 collection, midnight green (dark blue and green floral). Size 6. $100.

    7. NWT Silk camisole, soft sandalwood (nude colour), size M. $35.

    8. NWOT Daphne silk chiffon tie-back tank (summer 2008), academy purple (deep purple), size 8, $25.

    9. NWT voile tuxedo shirt (spring 2011 collection), size 6, website description is baby stripe which is an ultra fine alternating red and blue stripe on white background – colour is barely visible unless viewed up close. $30.


    10. NWT Bonheur cardigan, ivory wool blend with black silk tulle trim on collar, front placket and pockets – a Chanel-inspired design. From winter 2010 collection. $100 obo.
    11. NWT Featherweight cashmere boatneck sweater in flame/navy bold stripe, fall 2012, size Small. $80.
    12. NWT Cashmere boatneck sweater in thin stripe, azalea with navy blue thin stripes, summer 2012, size Small. $90.

    13. NWOT Bling button cardigan, lightweight wool/alpaca blend, winter 2009, heather fossil (light heather grey), size M. $25.

    Bottoms: Skirts & Pants
    14. NWT Flair skirt in floating rose, winter 2011, size 8 (runs small, probably best fits someone who wears size 6). $60.

    15. EUC (worn twice) Café Trousers in cotton, fall 2011, desert, P8. $25.

    16. NWT Factory silk/cotton accordion pleat “maxi” (more like a midi) polka dot skirt, melon (appears as a cantaloupe orange colour with white polka dots). $125.

    17. NWOT Collection crosstown flannel circle skirt, winter 2011, heather grey, size 8 (runs small, probably best fits someone who wears size 6). $125.

    18. NWT No. 2 cotton pencil skirt in leopard print (from fall 2011), size 4. $50.

    1. Dresses
      I have started going through my summer dress collection - these are perfect for resort wear right now!
      19. NWOT Saturday twist dress (summer 2010) – sleeveless shift dress in jersey with twist front, v-neck – colour: shadow (dark grey), size M. $35.

      20. NWT Dressy jersey twist strap dress (summer 2009), pewter (light grey), size S, $35. Deep v-neck wrap over front, deep v back, twisted straps.

      21. NWT Promenade jersey gown (summer 2010), size 8, dark pewter. $70.

      22. NWT Attaché dress in superfine cotton (summer 2011), white, size 6, $75.

      23. NWT Printed embossed cotton Aubrey halter dress, size 6, slate (abstract white floral on pale grey background), $50.

      Suiting and Dress shirts

      24. NWT Super 120s wool cropped trousers in city fit (winter 2010), size 6, black. Flat front, beautiful wool fabric, unfortunately too big for me. $50.

      25. NWOT 1035 Nouvelle Jacket in bi-stretch Italian wool, size 6, black. $130; EUC matching 1035 bistro pants in bi-stretch Italian wool, size 6, black, professionally hemmed to 30” inseam, $50. Both items from fall 2011 collection. I prefer to sell the items as a set – asking $150 for the suit.

      26. NWOT “Marissa” stretch wool cropped jacket with ¾ sleeves, black, size 6; matching pencil skirt in stretch wool with double back vents, black, size 6; NWOT stretch wool 3-button blazer, black, size 6; NWOT stretch wool trousers (flat front, full straight leg), black, size 6, professionally hemmed to 30”. All four items from spring 2010 collection. I prefer to sell as a set, please contact me for offers and photos. This is the perfect suiting set for anyone who might be starting a new job or entering the workforce.

      27. NWT Perfect stretch shirt, long sleeves, misty aqua (appears as mint green), size Small. $40.

      28. NWOT Stretch perfect shirt, long sleeves, mini windowpane check in fuschia and purple on white background. Size Small. $25.


      29. EUC Squall coat – heavy weight washed cotton twill with ribbed cotton cuffs, hood, detachable sherpa vest. Size 6. Faded olive. $50.

      30. NWOB Mona patent pumps, size 8, poppy. $75.

      31. NWOB Crushed glitter wedges, 7.5. $225 (only negotiable if purchasing other items).

      32. NWB Sydney sandals (summer 2012), size 8, poppy. $60.

      Shipping from Canada. Please email me at stylishchemist at gmail dot com for photos and exact shipping costs. Offers welcome, particularly if you wish to buy multiple items. Also, I will provide discounts on shipping if you are wish to buy multiple items. Paypal please.

  30. Good morning. All items lovingly stored in smoke and pet free home. Prices include US shipping.

    Cotton Cady Erica Dress in Fresh Mint. Strapless with pockets. Size 0. $50 shipped. Stock pic (it is the last dress).

    Angular eyelet top size xxs color citrus lime
    $25 shipped.


  31. I'm doing a big closet cleanout, most of these are older J Crew items, I also have a couple of Boden Petite Dresses-

    J Crew Collection Soiree Sweater, Gray, Size Small $30 USA Shipped
    J Crew Library Bookshelf Cardigan, Size Small, $20 USA Shipped
    J Crew Bateau Wool/Cashmere Sweater (from 2007), Gray/White Striped, Medium $20 USA Shipped
    Boden Petite Mimi Dress (from 2012), Gray, Size 6P, $25 USA Shipped
    Boden Petite Roma Dress (from 2012), Lavender, Size 8P, $25 USA Shipped
    Check out the photos and measurements on my sale blog. The two cardigans have some condition issues. if interested, thanks!

    1. The library and soiree cardigan are sold, thanks!

  32. New With Tags J.Crew Tiered Shift Dress in Raindrop Lace, Size 8, selling for $95. This dress cost $188 and is completely sold out - stunning!

    EUC J. Crew Madras Plaid Skirt, Size 4, $25

    Postage included to anywhere in the world. Happy to provide photos. Email

  33. For swap:
    J. Crew Swiss Dot Tippi (worn a handful of times), size XS, for the same in a size S

    For sale:
    EUC J. Crew Solid Merino Boatneck Sweater Dress, Black, size M, $40 shipped
    Lightweight merino wool in a 14-gauge knit. A refined, of-the-moment look that doubles as a tunic. Buttons at shoulder placket. Fitted at bust, straight through body. Elbow-length sleeves. Falls to midthigh; 18 1/2" from natural waist. Import. Dry clean.
    See the red version on Shop with M here:

    EUC J. Crew Felted Wool Adrian skirt, ivory/cream, size 4, $30 shipped
    Italian felted wool/polyamide/cashmere. Straight skirt. Sits lower on the waist. Side zip. Functional side tabs with button closure. Off-seam pockets. Fully lined. Hits at knee; 21 1/2" long. Import.
    See the red version here:

    Paypal only, please. Happy to send pics and measurements!

  34. Good morning! I just majorly reduced prices :)
    To purchase please email me with "JCA" and the item you're interested in, in the subject heading and provide your paypal email address. An invoice will be sent right away. Please be sure to pay promptly. All items are available unless otherwise noted. Please do NOT email me asking if an item is still available, if it is still listed, it is still available. Committed buyers only please! All prices are firm.

    Thanks for looking! trestippy (at)

    PART 1:

    Striped cashmere scarf 100% cashmere (brown/grey/cream) $15 shipped

    Holden stacked heel boot (Fall 2006) size 7.5 Brown $65 shipped

    Colorblock turtleneck sweater XS $35 shipped

    Linen V neck sweater in a gorgeous shade of blue size XS $15 shipped

    Shawl Collar Fleece Popover Red size XS $15 shipped

    Drea sweater dress size XS $25 shipped

    Maritime dress (the lighter blue/white stripes) size XS $35 shipped

    NWT Tipped Peacoat in Cabernet size 0 $110 shipped

    Wool Tuxedo Tie Pant size 0 $35 shipped

    1. Colorblock turtleneck sweater SOLD
      shawl collar fleece popover SOLD

  35. Replies
    1. Hi Tippy! I emailed you according to your directions about the anchor belt but you didn't invoice me or write back. thanks :) brooklinian at gmail

  36. Hi JCAs!

    I recently lost a bunch of weight and am now going through a major closet purge. I've started listing items on eBay here. J.Crew, Anthropologie, Madewell and a few designer items to come. Most are NWOT or very gently used.

    Among the J.Crew items currently up:
    - Starry Donegal Tweed Pencil Skirt, moss (retail)
    - Timber Tweed Pencil Skirt (retail)
    - Madewell Gingham Shrunken Boy Shirt

    With more to come this week!

    For JCAs interested, I am happy to pull auctions early and waive the shipping fee. Payment by Paypal only please. Message me through eBay or at snapsparkchik at gmail dot com.

  37. Polyvore set here for photos/details.

    Shearling hat, S/M, NWOT (sample, but same is retail version - SO SOFT) - $29

    Secretary blouse, 8, nwt - $39

    Verona calf hair mocs, 10 - $49. These are new in the box.

    Factory candy wrap dress, 6, nwt - $29

    Factory gallerista dress, 6, nwt, - $20

    Nightwatch dress, 8, nwt - $39

    Stadium cloth mod coat, 6, $99

    Tall blythe blouse, 8, $30

    Cashmere boyfriend cardi, size small, NWOT (cut them off before trying on, that was dumb) $55

    jca 837 at gmail

  38. For sale:
    Silk Evening Primrose Top Size 2 EUC $25

    Primrose Cardigan (Not factory, original in merino wool) Size S EUC $25

    Juliet Patent leather midheels turquoise color Size 9 EUC $35

    Gabby Top Silk Top Size 00 black NWT $25 or trade for 0 or 2 any color

    Any offers considered please email me at
    paulaverdegaal AT gmail DOT com

  39. NWT Invitation Clutch in Leopard (55193) Toffee. $70
    NWT Liberty Perfect Shirt in Blue/White Floral (65520), Size 4. $70
    NWOT Perfect Shirt in Chambray Polka Dot (89276), Size 6. $55
    NWT Linen Perfect Shirt (44921) Pacific Blue, P6 $40
    NWT Perfect Shirt in Animal Print (10691) Brown, Size 4. $40
    NWT Colorblock Check Mini (22236) Chestnut, Size 6. $30

    EUC Bow Ring (18855) Size Large. $20
    EUC Boucle Mohair Lucille Jacket (96407) Orange, Size 4. $60
    EUC Trudy Peacoat (67590) Lemon Twist, Size 6. $60
    EUC Boy Shirt in Indian Voile (62765) Purple, Size 4. $30
    EUC Tessa Top in Safari Cat (82061) Size 4. $30
    EUC Suzannah Shirt in Liberty Fabric FA 07 (85791) Size Med. $20
    EUC Lace Tee (31958) Black, Size Small. $40
    EUC Silk Bow Cami in Garden Floral (83779) Size 4. $40
    EUC Factory Hayworth Giraffe Cami (19737) Size Small. $40
    NWT Peplum Stripe Top (30589) Size Small. $25
    EUC Jackie Cardigan (29350) Navy, Size Small, (fits more like XS) $20
    EUC Coastline Stripe Tee (51155) Vibrant Flame, Size XS. $30
    EUC Summerlong Sweater (44165) White, Size XS. $20
    EUC Dream Crewneck Sweater (64547) Camel, Size Small. $40
    EUC Cafe Capri in Abstract Leopard (64914) Size 4. $50
    EUC Cafe Capri (57064) Bright Peach, Size 4. $25
    NWOT Cafe Capri (57064) Bright Raspberry (?) Size 4. $30
    NWT Cafe Capri (57064) White, Size 4. $30
    EUC 4 inch Chino Shorts (82043) White, Size 6. $20
    EUC No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Multicolor Tweed (94050) P6. $40
    EUC Malta Midheel Sandals (64502) Seashore Beige, Size 8. $50
    EUC Lila Patent Platform Wedge (64039) Black, Size 8. $40

    Non J.Crew
    Loft Enamel Zebra Bracelet. $25

    Email me at:
    Prices include shipping.
    US shipping only/PayPal only, please.

  40. Raindrop Lace top, Size 2, Navy. NWT. $59

    Hutton Chinos in beechwood, Size 0. Style # 44456. NWT. $10

    Crochet Lace Front tee.- Size Mdm. 2 tops, one is Modern Red and one is Navy. NWOT $10ea.

    7" CHINO SHORT #20890 (2010), Size 2, 2 pairs: one in Nickel Grey and one in Mauve #20890. $10ea.

    Jester sweater, turtleneck, purple/green (2011/2012 F/W) Size small. NWT $25

    Here's a photo-

    Paypal/US ship only. $2.50 shipping contribution :0). Smoke free/pet free home.

    1. adding...

      Factory ankle skinny jean in white, #78635. size 26 (fit true to size). EUC. worn/washed once. $25.

  41. Hi Ladies. I’ve lowered some prices. Items are from a smoke free, pet free home. PayPal only please. Happy to email pictures of the actual item. My email is

    JCrew Factory:
    EUC (worn once) Factory Two-Pocket Chambray shirt, size Small, style #32043. $25

    JCrew Retail/Online:
    NWT Bubble Necklace, style #92687, color White. Purchased a few months ago but haven’t worn it yet so I’m selling it. $75

    NWT Collection Trompe L'oeil Lace Blouse, size 2, style #33645. $70

    NIB, Sutton Midheel Leather Booties, size 9, color Brownstone, style #28666. Made in Italy. (Have been sitting in my closet, never worn.) $70

    EUC (Like New) Tenley Tall High Heeled boots, size 9, dark brown color. Made in Italy. $55

    EUC Marlene CrissCross Suede heels, color Birch, size 8 1/2. Worn once. (a 3 1/4" self-covered heel with a 1/4" platform) $25

    EUC (actually never worn but did cut off tags) Lace Dobby Skirt, White, size 4, style #35081, Holiday2010, 100% cotton. $25

    EUC Silk Evening Primrose Brynn Dress, style #18137, size 2. (Silk strapless dress.) $45

    EUC Matchstick cords, size 30S, color Sand, Fall11. Only worn a couple of times. $20

    NWT JCrew Radiette Cami, 100% silk, size 0, color Popsicle Pink. Style #38242. (Spring 2011) $15

    NWOT JCrew Collection Sequin Tank, size XS, color Shadow. Style #26046 (Spring 2010). It is New Without Tags (it arrived from JCrew without tags); however, the security tag is still attached. It is handwash. $20

    EUC Breakers Plaid shirt, size XS, 100% cotton. Style #26018, SU10. $10

    EUC Bettina cami, size 2, ivory-the light beige color. 100% cotton. $10

    For shipping rates – please email me your zipcode or postal code and I will calculate the shipping charge. Items are being shipped from Canada and I will ship to the U.S. or Canada. I will combine shipping if buying more than one item.
    Thank you.

  42. NWOT Hothouse Floral Blouse sz 10 / $80 shipped
    (I have the tag and extra button which I will send with blouse, thought I could get away with wearing it and it's just too tight)

    EUC Double serge wool pencil skirt in bronzed ochre SP 2011, sz 12 / $55 shipped.
    I think I've worn this once.

    kirchmurphy at gmail dot com

    US shipping only / Paypal only, please
    Will entertain offers as well. Thanks!

  43. Size 4 EUC Wool Double-Serge pencil skirt in Bronzed Ochre, HOL'08, $60, hasn't been worn more than twice

    Size S EUC Cashmere Crewneck Cardigan in Classic Pine, worn once, $50

    Size M NWOT Tartine Cardigan in Black, $27, is missing the size tag

    PayPal and US shipping only, please contact me at if interested or you have questions.

  44. Good Morning

    I have a few items listed on eBay right now. All items size MEDIUM, size 8, and shoe size 10.
    I only ship to the USA, USPS Priority.*msdidas*/m.html

  45. I bought a few items last summer after having my baby, I am now back to my pre pregnancy weight and they no longer fit, I didn't wear them long and a few I never got to wear.

    5" Chino, Modern Red, Sz 6- $20
    5" Factory Stretch Chino, Ikat(Purple)Sz 6- $25
    Fanfare Short, Sz 6- $25

    Anthropologie Shorts, Meadow Rue, Gold and Cream, RN: 66170, Sz 6- NWOT- $30

    NWT, Wool Café Capri, Yacht Blue, T4- $30
    NWT, Cotton Café Capri, Foulard, T4- $30
    EUC, Coton Café Capri, Warm Jade, $20
    EUC, Linen Café Trouser, Beige, #26280- $25

    All prices include shipping to the US. Pics available upon request.

    1. Sorry left the size out for the Warm Jade Capri, Sz T4 and the Linen Café Trouser, Sz 6.

  46. EUC Talitha Patchwork cami-size 6-$18

    NWT Arrow Sweater Jacket-
    Heather Elm-Medium-$45

    NWOT Arrow Sweater Jacket-
    Heather Acorn-$38

    EUC Rowboat Dress-blue/cream-size S-$22

    NWT Short Sleeve Casbah Print silk blouse-size 6-$30

    All prices include US shipping

  47. All items listed are J.Crew. My email is if you are interested in any of the items listed.

    Prices do not include shipping.
    Willing to accept best offer as well.

    EUC Sequin Mesh Bell Skirt
    Item number: 30310
    Color: Gold (the darker of the two colors)
    Size: 2

    NWT Marigold Jacquard Bell Skirt
    Item number: 30108
    Color: Midnight (Black and gold)
    Size: 4

    NWT Goldenrod Jacquard mini
    Item number: 29561
    Color: Gold
    Size: 4

    NWT Denim Minnie Pant
    Size: 2

    NWT Toothpick Cord
    Color: Cabernet
    Size: 30T

  48. Item prices include shipping & tracking via USPS - payment accepted via PayPal:

    NWT Ruffled celosia cardigan XS (heather grey) $36
    Indigo stitch / Siesta dress 2 (factory) $40
    NWT No.2 pencil skirt in neon tweed 2P $50
    NIB Love-me-knot suede platform heels 8 (black) $60
    NIB Sydney patent sandals 8 (gold sunflower) $70
    Matchstick jeans 27S (factory) $30
    Scout chino 4P (neon peach) $25
    NWOT Scout chino 4P (mint) $30
    NWT Garden floral cardigan XS $40

    Check it all out on my blog sale at:

    Or e-mail me at:

  49. NWT Toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill
    Item No. 62443
    Color: neon violet
    Size: 25
    $30 (include shipping
    E-mail me at: issylovescrew[at]gmail[dot]com

  50. Hello -- I have a few JCrew items on ebay this week including an EUC denim pencil skirt size 6, an EUC navy Sophie peacoat sweater size small, and NWT Tiki 3" shorts, size 6.

  51. Pencil skirt SALE!!!!! PRICES REDUCED!!!
    All are NWT!! All prices include shipping to the US.

    Ink-dot pencil skirt / indigo/ #44205 Size 4 $60
    Canterbury bells pencil skirt /abyss blue / Size 4 #26359 $50

    And a non pencil skirt! Size 4, NWT!!

    Paillette mirage tweed mini / 4 / warm pebble / #28948 $70

    Edie Purse - Flame NWT $90
    NWT Neopolitan Merino Cardigan, size Medium $40 item# 23061

    Will consider combo prices for more than one item!!
    Email me at mollyjvincent at gmail dot com

    Reasonable offers will be entertained. Thank you!!

    1. Also!


      item 37032 color code :ADR (kind of a greyish color?)
      Originally $298, will ship to US for $100.

  52. EUC Satin bow tie / ONE SIZE / BLACK / $30 shipped

    us ship, paypal

  53. EUC Black Bella Velvet jacket in 2P. Worn only a few times. Willing to part for 65 shipped in th US. Contact belwong at gmail.

  54. Hi, there!

    Double Cloth Lady Day Coat with Thinsulate, perfect condition, in Vibrant Flame, size 4T: $80.

    Please email me if you're interested! Feel free to make me an offer as well.

  55. I have a few J Crew items to sell, pictures are available upon request and I'm open to reasonable offers:

    NWT Collection Luxe Silk Crepe Blouse, Neon Rose Size 0, $50 Shipped

    NWT Stovepipe Trousers in Saddle Size 4 Regular, $30 Shipped

    NWT Stovepipe Trouses in Boulevard Green Size 4 Tall, $30 Shipped

    NWT Schoolboy Blazer in grey and cream wool tweed material, size 2 (this item is from Fall 2010, never worn and still has the tags and extra button - I never wore it because it was a gift and I am too sensitive to wool to wear it), $50 Shipped

    NWT Matchstick Cord, Frosted Lilac, size 28 Short $25 Shipped (purchased these thinking they could be cute and cropped, but they ended up being too short)

    EUC J Crew Collection Silk Pajamas, Navy with Cream Stars size XS top, S bottom, $35 shipped

    EUC J Crew Collection Silk Pajamas, Slate Grey, size XS top, S bottom, $35 shipped

    EUC J Crew Collection Silk Pajamas, Kelley Green with navy piping, size XS top, S bottom, $35 shipped

    NWOT Shoreline Stripe Dress, red and white, $20 Shipped

    EUC J. Crew Classic Flare Jean - Dark Wash, size 26 $25 Shipped

    EUC J. Crew Downtown Skinny Jean - Dark Wash, size 26, $25 Shipped

    EUC Cashmere Shell with Beaded embellishment, Grey, $35 Shipped

    Please email: if interested. Thanks for looking!

  56. I always forget at least one thing!! I also have one more item for sale:

    NWOT Toothpick Jean in Garmet Dyed Twill in Shallow Sea, size 28 regular. $30 Shipped

    1. email at if interested

  57. EUC Bella wool herringbone in heather coral, size 0

    EUC Bella brown velvet, size 0

    EUC Twill Minnies in black, petite 0

    EUC Twill Minnies in british khaki, petite 0

    NWT Prabal Gurung Exploding Bow Dress in emerald green, size 00

    VGUC Collection Editor's Tote in antique ivory

    VGUC Collection Jamie Bag in taupe/grey

    EUC Wool-Cashmere Plaza Coat in camel, size P0

    EUC Vintage Violet Silk Clutch

    NWT Bonnie Taffeta Floral Dress, size 0

    NWT Khloe Jacquard Cami in cobblestone,size 0

    NWT Coralie Cami in orchid shadow, size P0

    EUC Bronzed Leopard Perfect Shirt, size 0

    If interested, you can make me an offer at:

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. EUC Library Shawl Cardigan (cotton/cashmere), #13377,Putty, XS $29
    EUC Cavalry Skirt, #47321, Mossy Oak, 0 $49
    NWOT Loophole Cardigan, #44224, Dark Charcoal $25
    EUC Polka Factory Polka-Dot Halter Sundress, #92175, brown with white polka-dots, 0 $25
    NWOT Black Blossom Blazer, #22561, tan w/ black blossoms, XS $30
    NWOT Factory Ebmroidered flower tee, #29752, black, greys and white, XS $23
    NWOT Whisper Linen V-Neck Pocket tee, #71290, Turquoise Green, S $29
    NWOT Sequin Stripe Henley tank, Seashore Beige,#26531,XS $25
    NWOT Metallic Vintage Military Belt, #32922, Gold, $14
    EUC Skimmer Pants, #22526, Olive Moss, 0 $25
    EUC Silk Faded Paisley Flouncette Blouse, #30742, White Ash, 2 $35

  60. EUC The Downtown Field Jacket, size S, color Mossy Brown (last years). This jacket has been worn only a few times and is in near-perfect condition, bought last summer. Asking $60 shipped.

    NWT COACH Legacy Crossbody, color Black Cherry. Currently selling online for $348, asking $225 shipped.

    If interested in either item, please email me at Thank you.

  61. opps, email for previous listing is

  62. J Crew and some Anthropologie items for sale from continuing closet cleaning, see Polyvore sets here:


  63. Hi. I have a few things for sale!

    J.Crew Pixie Tuxedo Pants - $90 OBO
    Size 6 NWT

    J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Herringbone - $100 OBO
    Size 2 Tall in Neon Pink NWT

    J.Crew Double-cloth Chesapeake coat - $200 OBO
    Size 6 in a green color bought from a sample sale

    If anyone is interested in making an offer or would like more pictures or have a questions, just email me at

    I have an ebay and paypal account but I don't have these items on sale there.

  64. One more thing I just realized I have to put up for sale today:

    The Collection Lustre Shell in the beige color. Size 0 that is just a smidge too small for me. $35

    If interested, please email

  65. A few more...

    Allie Dress (13281)in modern red, size 2 - EUC (worn once to a wedding) - $80 shipped

    Perfect-fit boatneck tee (3/4 sleeves) in heather gray, size small

    Perfect-fit boatneck tee (3/4 sleeves) in dark green, size small

    Both shirts are $6 if shipped with another item (see longer list above).

  66. Forgot to add a few things earlier:

    NWOT J. Crew Tipped Hacking Jacket in Navy size 00 $150 shipped

    EUC Madewell high road sandal SZ. 7 in english saddle $80

    Non J. Crew

    BCBG skirt lot in purple size 0 (contact me through email and I'll waive shipping)
    seen on my ebay page:


  67. I just want to add that (after much research) I figured out the exact name for the 2010 Schoolboy Blazer in tweed I am selling:

    It is the Schoolboy Blazer in Donegal Tweed, size 2. Asking $50 shipped.

    Thanks ladies!

  68. Hi,
    NWT J Crew Collection Supperclub Dress, size 2.
    Just purchased off ebay and asking what I paid.
    $55 shipped.
    It is too small and would rather have a size 4.

  69. I have three fabulous, sought-after J. Crew items for sale on eBay with great starting prices. Please check them out:

    A Limited Edition Creature of the Wind Broken Stripe Cashmere Sweater - Small

    A pair of Strappy Wyatt Buckle High Heels - Size 8

    A pair of Harvest Tweed Cafe Capri Pants - Size 6

    See all three items here:

  70. I have a few items listed on my eBay. Sizes Medium, 8, and shoe size 10. Also a few J.Crew jewelry pieces being listed in the next hour.*msdidas*/m.html

  71. I have one Wool Oxford Jacket from HO07 in bright orange, size 10. The jacket is in like perfect condition, I have only worn it twice. Additional buttons are included. $250 shipped, please email me at with questions or for pictures. Thanks!

  72. NWT Perfect Fit Tank Top w/Built in Bra, size XS, 100% Cotton
    $15 shipped, Available in 2 colors: Black or White
    $28 shipped for both

    NWOT Nordstrom Tasha Bow Fringe Scarf in Natural, $25 shipped
    - sold out, new but wrinkled from storage, no rips/tears

    Please email if interested. PayPal only.

  73. Paypal/ US shipping ONLY

    NON-JCREW items:
    EUC Joie sweater cardigan vest: $75 includes ship

    NEW Tretorn Rain/Snow boots: $30+ship


    For pics, please see visit,

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Hi JCAs ~

    GUC JCrew Francie Coral Felted Wool/Cashmere Skirt, Size 2, $20

    NWOT JCrew Mint Drapey Sequin Tee, XXS, $15

    EUC Banana Republic Wool A-line skirt with sheer ruffle at hem, Size 0, available in both black and ivory, $15 each.

    Email me at Pics available upon request. All prices include US shipping. Thanks!!

  76. Hi,

    I have a few JCrew items for sale (prices include US shipping and tracking):

    JCrew Two-tone waffle cardigan, EUC, size M, $45 (really like it but fits a little big)

    Collection Cafe Capri in Black Tie Silk, NWOT, size 8, $130 (bought full price back in Dec but never used and took tags off so can't return)

    JCrew Peacoat, black, Winter 2008, EUC, size 6, $45

    If interested email me at


  77. j crew patent bow flats in black, size 7.5 - slightly worn - 40 shipped
    red biennial satchel - 115 shipped.

    non j crew:
    BNIB vera wang lavendar lillian luxe patent leather shoes, 7.5 - 75 shipped

  78. One more item:

    NWT JCrew Tippi Rugby Stripe Sweater in Purple/Grey, XS, $35, US shipped.

  79. hey, i'm selling three J crew items (both from the retail store, not factory). All EUC. Email if interested!

    j crew FA08, orange tartine merino wool cardigan, size small. $40 OBO
    j crew FA 08, grey v-neck cashmere BLEND cardigan, sparkly buttons. size small. $40 OBO
    j crew SU 11, blue seersuckered gingham, perfect fit shirt. this is wrinkled and needs a good steam but is in perfect shape. this is not the checkered shirt that came out around there, but rather a softer less structured blouse. $25 OBO

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. lot of 6 (5 J Crew and 1 madewell) necklaces-- good/ very fair used condition
    constellation locket, item 19503 -- 1 crystal is missing
    troca strand, item 29072
    turtle bauble, starting to tarnish a bit
    blooming bead pendant, item 74442 (NWT)
    vintage flower and ribbon necklace, item 23765
    1 silver beaded madewell necklace-- not sure of name
    all 6 for $25 shipped-- as is condition for all
    US ship only-- condupuy at verizon dot net

  82. I have a Double Cloth Slim Trench, Camel, 10P for sale--$70 shipped. mjbeet at gmail dot com

  83. NWT citron-trimmed ivory lexington blazer, size 4, $65 shipped (see jacket here:

    EUC bright pink wool juliette jacket, size 4 (body lined in silk), $45 shipped (see the jacket in this JCA post:

    both for $100

    kikkicee at live dot com

    1. Juliette sold. Lexington still available. Thanks.

  84. EUC Tipped Peacoat in the Cabernet/Navy colorway, size 2. Style #92050(currently sold out). EXCELLENT condition -- worn 2-3 times. $80 or best offer, includes shipping with tracking. Happy to send photos. Thanks!

    urajagopal AT gmail DOT com

  85. For exchange:
    -> Size XS, NWT cashmere stripe boat-neck (#75636) in Bright Flame/Navy for your Size XS, EUC or better in Green/Navy.

    -> Size 4, NWT Collection Lux silk crepe blouse in Sand Dune (#59569) for a size 2, NWT/NWOT.

    -> Size 0, EUC Solid Lexington Jacket in Heather Nickel (gray) #88573 for your EUC or better Size 2.

    -> Size S, NWT Collection cashmere tee in Heather Dusk (gray) for your NWT/NWOT Size XS.

  86. EUC (like new) herringbone stripe tunic in navy, XS $42 (#17220)

    NWT nightshirt in flannel stripe, Vintage Kelly, size xxs $18

    NWT schoolboy blazer in wool flannel, Heather Caramel, size 0 $80

    nib sardinia wedge espadrille in modern red and bright sun, size 6 $40 each


    NWOT Banana Republic silk tie-front blouse in pale yellow, size 0 $30

    NWT GAP Ponte academy blazer in white (has black tipping), size 2 $40

    prices negotiable, shipping included

  87. NWT Tipped Peacoat in the Antique White/Navy. Size 6. $110 including shipping.

    kariannharvey at gmail dot com

  88. Hi
    I am cleaning out my closet and have a number of items to sell, most are listed on ebay under seller sonip2010 but I wanted to reach out to the friends here too. Most are size 4or 6, a few are size 8 as I have grown through the ages.
    A few are also new and unused with tags attached as I have not got around to wearing them.

    Leslie lace tank
    Scalloped taffeta shorts
    Pembridge dot skirt
    Taffeta rugby stripe pink orange skirt
    Golden bubbles pencil skirt
    Antonia linen dress
    Fresco mini skirt
    Fresco silk dress
    Washed tiered silk fleur cami
    Cecelia cami
    Astrid boucle jacket in green
    Python print jacket lucia
    Zebra print cardigan
    Casbah Mia dress
    Whisper lame zoey tank
    Brushstroke handprint sweater
    Sow leopard cardigan
    Lattice capris
    Lattice skirt
    Copelle paisley mini skirt
    Gold fold over clutch
    France's cherry blossom blouse
    And a few more whose names I don't remember. They are lovely and I have really enjoyed owning and wearing some of them. Please take a look or email me at

  89. I have a purple Natasha blouse in size 4, new with tags. A navy merino wool tipped cardigan in small (piping is beige), new with tags. Also have a grey sequined heather tee in medium, new with tags, as well as a neon fuchsia Tippi in medium, new with tags. Lastly, a Silk Colorblock Cami, new with tags, in black with white panels. Please email Thanks! :)

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. I am selling a j crew pencil skirt in Caribbean tweed on eBay. Size 6. My seller name is pinkandgreenpreppy.


  92. I have a friend who is unfamiliar with this website, but she asked me to post this for her, since I am a JCA regular. She is looking to sell an $844 gift card (which she received after sending in a huge box of returns past the recommended return period). She will sell it for $800. My friend's email address is, and her name is Shelly, if you're interested in contacting her about it.

  93. All prices include shipping!

    NWOT Maritime dress in skinny stripe, small, blue/white, $40

    NWT Jules Dress in Wool, sz 2, brilliant flame, $50

    NWT Black Wool Swing Jacket, Factory, Size 10, $35

    Worn Once Twyla Gold Metallic Midheels, sz 9-$35

    Worn once Avery Silk Halter Dress (knee length version), sz 4, espresso- $30

    Cashmere "sample"ivory long sleeve popover,deep V with ribbed collar size is like a medium, $30

    NWT Caroline Silk Halter Dress (also knee length), sz 2, kelly green color-$30

    Like new, Citizens of Humanity Faye Wide Leg Trouser jeans, size 31, hemmed to a 30" inseam, $20

    sallynicol at gmail dot com

  94. NWOT tipped boy shirt in pink shocking pink, size 00, $42

  95. Selling JCREW SCHOOLBOY BLAZER IN VELVET (black) size 4. It's from few years back but on worn few times. In perfect condition. $55 shipped.

    Paypal/US only
    Email at
    Thank you!!

  96. Late to the party :)

    I have a mother/daughter matching opportunity! NWT Garden floral pencil skirt in size 6 and matching garden floral halter dress in 3T. I am expecting #2 and this won't fit by Easter :(.

    $80 shipped for both
    marymoo86 at live dot com

    Pinterest Link

  97. NWOB Viv patent flats in black, size 11. They have the black line on the insole. $60 incl. shipping. jca 837 at gmail

  98. This comment has been removed by the author.

  99. I have a Crystal-button colorblock cardigan (the style Mrs. Obama wore on the Tonight Show) in size XS. I have worn it a handful of times. It does have some pilling that I think a sweater shaver would take care of.
    I'd want it to go to a JCA before I'd list it on ebay since it is a special piece. $60 Shipped.
    amyeshanks at gmail dot com

  100. I have a couple listings for sold out Kate Spade necklaces up on Ebay...

    Black/Gold Bourgeois Bow:

    Gold Long Skinny Mini:

  101. price reduction:

    EUC (like new) herringbone stripe tunic in navy, XS $30 (#17220)

  102. looking for Madewell Sequin pants in smallest size!

  103. NWT Giovanna wedges size 8
    Rainy Day Ballet Flats size 8
    Cashmere lined leather gloves size M
    Mint Tillary purse
    Red Havana clutch

    and a whole bunch of stuff in sizes xxs, xs, 0, 00, petite here:

    also selling for friend, Factory Pleated Shift Dress in size 6 NWT Retro Yellow - $50

  104. Trade Requests:
    VEUC Black Lexington blazer size 10 for same (or Iris) in a size 4, 6 or 8
    NWT Herringbone Excursion Vest in small for XS

    NWOB Cristobal heels, blueish-purple, size 8.5 (would fit 7.5 to 8), $50
    EUC Batik Turtle Clea tank, orange, size 4, $40
    NWT Navy velvet toothpicks, size 28, $60

    Thanks so much!
    bobster33 [at] shaw [dot] ca

  105. Prices include U.S. shipping. PayPal please.

    Pop Art Dot Tee in venetian green, size XS – NWT $33

    Sleeveless Popover blouse (factory 91603) in vintage champagne, size 0 – NWOT $40

    Loomknit sweatshirt in dried papaya, size XS - EUC $25

    Scallop Sateen Skirt in grape, size 2 – NWOT $55

    Classic mini in double serge cotton (natural, size 4) – EUC $35 (Washed but never worn. I cut out the size tag because it was itchy)

    Skinny patent leather belt in black, size small – NWOT $15

    Price reduction: Anthropologie Maeve Painted Plaid Dress, size 2 - NWOT $120

  106. good used condition penelope peep toes in canyon, size 8, $75 shipped

    us ship, paypal
    condupuy at verizon dot net

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. Paypal/US ship only

    NWOT JCrew Herringbone Hacking Jacket in Charcoal, size 4. $80 It's a bit small on me.
    Thank you!

  109. Kate Spade Irving Place Shoulder Bag - NWOT

    Bidding ends this evening.

  110. Added to my sale blog this week-

    J Crew Francie Skirt in Ivory colorway -Size 4, $35 USA Shipped
    J Crew Factory Tweed Pencil skirt - Size 6, $20 USA Shipped
    J Crew Winnie Dress in Gray colorway - Size 00, $35 USA Shipped

    I also still have the Wool/Cashmere Striped Bateau Sweater - Gray/white Size M $20 USA Shipped
    Details and photos on my sale blog- if seriously interested, thanks!!!


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