Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jenna Lyons & Shoes: "Shiny Ponies" {swoon!}

"Thanks!" to JSR (in this post), who let us know about a new video posted by J.Crew over at their website and on their J.Crew's 770 blog (check out the "Meet Etta: A Love Story" post).

 we love shoes—and so does Jenna (she has about 289 pairs…). she takes us to Pisa, Italy, where we’ve been making our shoes for 22 years, and shows us around her very own collection…

I love these behind-the-scenes videos from J.Crew. In particular, the image of shoes lined up in a row... gorgeous! And all those floral fabrics and glittery heels! This video is candy for the eyes (& feet!)

What are your thoughts on Jenna Lyons in the video? What shoes from J.Crew would make your "ugly dolly" and "shiny ponies" list?


  1. Gorgeous. I loved this, and heaven help me, I do love Jenna. Shoes aren't shoes, they are "shiny ponies," and that brand aesthetic is what makes the J. Crew things in my closet a little more special to me.

    Thanks for the visual treat on a dreary midwest afternoon, Alexis.

  2. Goodness, I loved this video. Much like Jenna, I too have lots of pretty shoes and some that have not been worn but I enjoy looking at them all, lol!

  3. Heaven help me, but this video seems so easy to relate to, despite "only" owning 20 pairs of shoes. Jenna seems like such an endearing character.

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  5. I like that she knows how many shoes she has and doesn't play coy about it. It's funny when she models a pair and calls them "business in front, party in back" - depends on the business, hmm? I do think J.Crew shoes are pretty, but I find the lack of quality support so unbearably uncomfortable, I just press my nose against the window and admire.

  6. I also enjoy looking at J. Crew shoes, but I can't wear them as they are extremely uncomfortable. They are more like closet art than practical, aren't they?

  7. Such a fun video for a fun shoe! :) I love J.Crew shoes and think the Etta is one of the most comfortable. With toothpick jeans or a pencil skirt, Etta is a perfect final touch. Looking forward to adding another pair to my collection soon. :)

  8. Cute video! I wish J.Crew would bring back the Liza Peep-Toes and the Brewster tall boots. I like the Everlys though I need an insert to wear them comfortably. The Monas have also been a great shoe for me. I get compliments on my Wyatt High Heels and the Wyatt sandals all the time! They weren't the kind of shoes you'd expect to find at J.Crew but I love them.

    Unfortunately I find the Ettas extremely uncomfortable. Sad to see so many pretty designs that I'll miss out on!

  9. It sure is a pretty video to watch and drool over her collection-even her Nike Airs.

    Funny, after watching the video, it made me want to collect J.Crew shoes even more. Very impractical at this stage in my life, I am always on campus shlepping around heavy textbooks.
    My big regret was not buying the Viv in heels.

    I also love seeing a glimpse of some of the shoes that hasn't debuted. Like those stripe pumps. I am crushing on the one from Fall 13' that was shown at NY Fashion Week - the gold metallic heels with the double straps.

  10. They also have this on the instyle site and a blurb about jcrew shoes in the latest issue. Just got it yesterday!


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